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1995 Lincoln Continental

Overall rating:  Product Rating: 4.5

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A beautiful riding luxury car, even after many years

by lovehifi:      Apr 1, 2008 - Updated Apr 3, 2008

Product Rating: 5.0 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Every option you could want. Exceptional riding comfort. Excellent quality.
Cons: air suspension may require repair or replacement.
The Bottom Line: A simply beautifully riding car, even after 13 years. Rides like new. What better sign of quality is there?

I just purchased a '95 Lincoln Continental. I was looking for a cheap used car and ran across this one on the internet. I am assuming it was sold because of the price of gas (this car has a V8), and it may need a costly repair down the road.

This car has some faults, especially used. Read the end of my review.

I love the way this car rides and I love the "toys". This car has more options than either of my previously owned Chrysler Concords.

Buying this Lincoln reaffirms my belief of buying a used, well made luxury sedan, because it will more likely have withstood the test of time, the mileage and so on.

Every option on this car works. And, oh boy, are there options. Here is a brief list:

Pwr windows/locks/mirrors/sunroof/steering/brakes. Heated mirrors. Ride adjustments and stabilization (firm, plush and normal, as well as 3 steering options). Digital climate control to adjust the temp inside to your specific liking, just like at home. High end JBL sound system with subwoofer amplifier, a separate amplifier for the door speakers and 6 speaker system. Two-way speakers in front doors, up high, speakers in rear doors and dual subwoofers (6x9 inch) on rear shelf. 6 CD changer in front, along with a digital radio/cassette head unit. Separate digital clock. Pwr front seats (even on bench seat). Heated seats with choice of seat only or seat and back heat. Powered lumbar adjustable support. Memory seating for 2 different drivers. Just set the seat how you like, and press the memory button to return the seat to your favorite driving position. The driver's seat will even automatically move back to help you exit and enter the vehicle, then move to its last set position. Powered reverse mirrors will automatically turn downward to help you guide this car into a parking space when backing. Electronic rear-view mirror lessens glare from car headlights behind you. Beautiful leather seats are still like new even after 13 years. Extremely comfortable seats. Cruise control with illuminated controls located on the steering wheel. Driving computer tells you how many miles remain before empty. Dashboard lighting and dials are similar to much later model cars. LED digital odometer. Gigantic trunk. Air-ride comfort suspension can be adjusted to firm or plush ride, 3 settings total. This car has everything.

I'm still finding more options on this car. As I've corrected above, there are 2 amplifiers in the trunk. This JBL sound system sounds excellent, even by today's car audio standards. Original speakers are still in excellent condition. That is a triumph for a car from 1995.

This car features front side 'headlights' of sorts. When turning left or right, if you turn on the turn-signal, not only do the turning lights blink, but there will be a front side light which illuminates the road in the turning direction to which you are moving. That's another really useful option.

This car features a system check computer system. Press the button and the car lets you know all basic systems are ok, such as oil, voltage, washer fluid, exterior lights, doors closed, etc, etc.

The ride is beautiful. On the highway, going 65mph is like going 20mph. You simply don't feel it. Noise is very low. You really do feel like you are riding on air.

Comfort is at a maximum. I think this '95 Lincoln Continental is more comfortable than even the 2002 Concord LXi I had purchased, and is now driven by another family member.

Quality is top notch. The carpeting is still like new after a good cleaning. The quality of the mats is exceptional.

What a great trip car. Rear seat reading lamps. Rear seat fold-down arm-rest. Plenty of rear seat room. Comfort seems to be the number one goal of this vehicle.

The Bad.

This car is not all good. Especially when purchased used.

The air-ride system can malfunction and is expensive to repair/replace. Watch out for that. You can buy conversion kits which will convert the air-ride suspension to a conventional spring suspension.

The air-ride is actually 4x "air springs" which are pumped up via a built-in compressor. By pumping up the individual air springs, the car can be raised or lowered, and the firmness of the ride can be altered pretty dramatically. But, the air springs can develop leaks, which obviously is not too good for a system requiring air. Sensors which detect the amount of air in a particular air spring can also go bad.

This car does not corner as well as the Concord mentioned above. You can feel the body weight and centrifical force more so than the Concord.

Obviously, with a 4.6 L V-8, gas mileage is not great. As with all larger cars, some of the gas mileage is attributed to the driver. If you floor the pedal a lot, you will pay at the pump. This car uses Premium gas.

The front end is long, especially compared to later model sedans, again, such as the Concord, which utilizes Chrysler's cab-forwarding design. Not a big deal, but may be a little more difficult to judge and park for the less experienced driver.

Overall, this is still a beautiful car, even after so many years. I don't care what anyone says, a well made American car will last a long long time if properly maintained. At 13 years old, this Lincoln Continental rides nicer than many new cars could ever hope to achieve. The creature comforts and quality are simply outstanding. The power plant is amazing. You will never have trouble getting onto a highway or changing lanes again. Whereas a low priced car shows appreciable age and wear and tear on it's suspension and comfort over the years, this Lincoln Continental still drives like new. There really is a difference.

The difference is not only in the ride either. A lower end vehicle will show other signs of age, such as seats which have lost their 'springness' and cushion. Carpeting will be horribly matted. On the other hand, the seats in this Lincoln still feel like they've hardly been sat upon. They are just that comfortable. I've already mentioned the fullness of the carpeting. I'm only pointing this out because of the age of the vehicle. This Lincoln may cost more to drive, via the current gas prices, but the ride will be much more comparable to a new car ride. That was my deciding factor in buying this car. A new car ride for a tiny fraction of the price. Pay more at the pump, but no car payment. Just my opinion.

Amount Paid (US$): 1100.00
Condition: Used
Model Year: 1995
Model and Options: Lincoln Continental
Product Rating: 5.0
Recommended: Yes 
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