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1995 Oldsmobile Aurora

Overall rating:  Product Rating: 3.5

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Big, Fast, Hungry, and Injury Prone

by badclown:      Dec 12, 2006

Product Rating: 3.0 Recommended: No 

Pros: Luxurious, feels great to drive.
Cons: Horrible mileage, expensive to fix.
The Bottom Line: Skip it, for the gas and repair costs you can manage to get a much newer used car. Still its a tough car to give up.

I picked this up from my dad, as a handme-down. It needed some work, as the engine was overheating. It took a couple trips to the dealer to get it back into survivable shape. The ride is gentle, the noise is quite, the acceleration is smooth, when the tachometer is at 4000 the acceleration is impressive. Passing at high speed is a breeze. Everything in the car is automatic, the headlights turn on as needed. The seat adjustment is really outstanding.

The car guzzles the gasoline. The shift stick is flakey, it can slide into a sorta-there position really easily. The ignition is disturbing, with a full battery, sometime it will choose not to start the first time, or the next, it doesn't crank away, it just feels like your battery is gone. The turning radius is huge, most pickups can manage a tighter u-turn. The door / rear window trim is goofy, as it is one huge piece that it a monster to replace. Most of the parts are expensive, and a bit weird.

The car has some weird design choices, the battery is under the rear seat. The dash has a great readout on everything, but sometimes it doesn't register an oil change, so it will nag you to change oil for 3 months.
To sum it up, The car is a dream once your on the highway, and a frustration when your in the parking lot.
Amount Paid (US$): 500
Condition: Used
Model Year: 1995

Product Rating: 3.0
Recommended: No 
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