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1995 Oldsmobile Aurora

Overall rating:  Product Rating: 3.5

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Old's 1995 Aurora

by supahonda:      Dec 10, 2001

Product Rating: 4.0 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Inexpensive luxury; nice engine; quality car.
Cons: Underwhelming acceleration.
The Bottom Line:  The Olds Aurora is good well made car that provides luxury at a low cost.

In 1993, Oldsmobile was getting worried. Sales were down 1,000,000 vechicles (down to 400,000) and Olds needed a way to get back at the market. Enter, the Aurora. The Aurora was a last ditch effort by Olds to create a car true to the old Oldsmobile feeling, but with a sportier look and a larger engine, hoping that it would apeal to the younger generation. The first Aurora set the tone for all Olds cars for the rest of the 1990's.

The Design

The Aurora is a sleek, expensive looking four door. The tubular shape of the car seems to be very much like the old 1966 Toronado. This shape allows the Aurora to have smooth lines all around the car, and it really emphisizes the wheels.
The marketers for this car decided that they would not put any indication that this car was and Olds, except for the word Oldsmobile on the inside CD player. On the exterior, Oldsmobile doesn't exist. Marketing thought that the word "Oldsmobile" would make younger generations look down on the car because of the word "Old".

The Inside

The interior of the Aurora is obviously cetered around the driver. The whole center console is slanted towards the driver, and the driver also controls all the mirrors and windows in the car.
The inside of the Aurora has the tell tale markings of a luxury car. The plush, leather seats and burl walnut accents really make you feel you are sitting in a Mercedes or a Bentley!
The Olds Aurora seats four people very comfortably, with ample head and leg room in the front two bucket seats. There is a good amount of head room in the back, but when the driver seat is pushed all the way back, you almost have to sit cross-legged. The trunk in the Aurora is a fairly good sized one, with a door opening into the rest of the car, accomedating long objects like skis and ladders.

The Ride

The Aurora has a 24 valve, 4.0L DOHC duel overhead cam V8 engine, which is a derivitive of the Northstar engine in the Cadillac. The Aurora engine is called the "Baby NorthStar", due to its smaller size (the Norhtstar is 4.8L).
With 250 horses pulling this baby, you would think that acceleration would be excellent, but the Aurora is a heavy car, therefore giving the acceleration an underwhelming feeling. At top speed though, the Aurora does pretty well.

The Price

The Aurora was fairly cheap in price when it come out. For $32,000, you would get all the luxury of a Japanese of European car, plus twice the engine! Now, you can buy a 1995 Aurora for about $10,000, and it is worth it!


Overall, the Aurora is a good car with many features of more expensive cars. If you are getting older (or are young and want to be cool), pick this one up. It's a real fun ride!
Amount Paid (US$): 23,000.00
Condition: Used
Model Year: 1995
Product Rating: 4.0
Recommended: Yes 
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