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1996 GMC Yukon

Overall rating:  Product Rating: 4.5

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Yukon SLT

by nealfix:      Dec 17, 2009 - Updated Dec 17, 2009

Product Rating: 5.0 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Tough/powerful/limited slip rear diff is great/lots of comfort and room.
Cons: Rear end sags with even a small load.
The Bottom Line: Excellent vehicle. I would sell it to a friend or family member.

I bought my Yukon in 2003 to replace a 4Runner I bought factory new(sold at 150,000 miles due to $1200.00/year repairs, high fuel burn and lack of power). I broke the same things on the Yukon as the 4Runner. I took out the front end in the 4Runner three times in 120,000 miles and took out the front end in the Yukon once in about the same milage. The repair on the Yukon runs about $800 and in the 4Runner about $1200. Overall repairs for the Yukon are about $800/year. The rear end went out at about 190,000 miles. The leather seats needed repair at about the same time. I had some holes sewn up and painted by a pro and they still look good at 220,000 miles. The interstate battery is ten years old and is better than the new battery in my Lexus car. The Yukon is driven off road for work and pleasure. Both summer and winter. I blew a power steering hose at minus forty last year after the GM mechanic told me to replace the fluid because it was old and thick. I should have listened. I did replace all other fluids at 120,000 miles and should do it all again. (front/rear diff, transfere case, transmission, cooling). I had some problem with one fuel line and a bumper rusting. Most I have seen do not have this. Overall I would give my old 4Runner a 2 out of 5 and my Yukon a 5 out of 5. When I see foresters, miners and oilmen using imports for work I will consider buying one again. I learned the hard way why they use domestic vehicles. I paid about 1/2 the purchase price for my used Yukon as a 4Runner of the same year and it has been great. I only get about one mile per gallon less overall with the Yukon (expense account tracking of vehicle use). The Yukon has way more power and space than the 4Runner and has never made me walk home. The 4Runners rear end seized. Overall I break the same things on vehicles but the GM is about 2/3 the cost to repair and I can do alot of things myself on it. The owner manual explains clearly how to change light bulbs and do small things that cost a lot to have done at the dealership. The Toyota warranty was excellent. They fixed stuff on the 4Runner with no hassel. Even stuff that I broke and was not really their responsibilty. And I broke a lot of stuff. I went to three different Toyota dealerships while on the road working and they were all excellent. I cannot comment on the GM warranty because I bought it after the warranty had expired but I have it serviced at the local Chev dealership and they have been excellent. The Toyota was sold because it was rusting out badly. The GM I replaced the rear bumper from a wrecker for $250 installed and it has no body rust. The GM will start at minus 40 without being plugged in for a week. There are not always places to plug in where I park. I hve 191,580 miles on my Yukon and have not done the engine or transmission yet. The biggest repair bill has been when I asked for all hoses, belts and fluids to be changed at 120,000 miles. I will do that again at 220,000 miles.
Amount Paid (US$): 10,200
Condition: Used
Model Year: 1996
Model and Options: Yukon SLT 5.7 litre/350 ci
Product Rating: 5.0
Recommended: Yes 
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