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1997 Honda Passport

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by akshundude:      May 8, 2004

Product Rating: 1.0 Recommended: No 

Pros: Looks awesome! Perfect size! Amazing in the snow!!!
Cons: Weird options. Oh yeah, the engine goes bad at about 90K. No biggie! :P
The Bottom Line: Don't buy this car! Looks good but won't last long. Remember your first girlfriend in college? Yeah, kinda like that.

Greetings from the mountains of NC!

First of all, let me say that Honda has made great cars for many years. They have made the accord, which is probably one of the best and most reliable cars ever. So, please don't get Honda quality confused Isuzu. Here's the deal:

Honda passports are not hondas; they are re-badged Isuzu rodeos. Once again, Honda passports are Isuzu Rodeos. Now that that's out of the way, the following is a little of my story.

Good stuff:

First of all, I think that the passports look great! The shape of the car along with those big 16's look cool cruising down the road.

Second, the size is absolutely perfect for just about anyone for a variety of activities. Between my wife and myself, we are involved in a variety of activities: Playing music (in my case, drums; in her case, bass guitar), ballet, skiing, mountain biking, and camping. Awesome size.

Third, the 4wd works amazingly well. Living in the mountains of NC, having 4WD is a necessity, not a luxury. I always felt safe driving in the snow and so did my wife. Go Honddauh....err...I mean..Go Isuzu!

Bad stuff:

First, this car had the strangest options of any car I've ever seen. For example, this car had the premium car stereo but didn't have intermintent wipers. It had 4WD, but it didn't have a rear-window wiper. It had power doors and windows, but it didn't have cupholders or a roof rack. It had a great A/C, but it didn't have an front or rear armrest. I am convinced that this car had been special ordered by a camel that never drove in the rain, didn't have a right arm, and never anticipated going skiing, biking, or hauling anything else on the top of the car.

The worst of all is the engine. After doing much research on the internet, I found out that the majority of engines in the 1997 passport start "ticking" after about 90,000 miles. Normally, I don't mind some engine noise. However, after having 3 different mechanics look at the car, each stated that the rocker arms INSIDE THE ENGINE were going bad. Long story short, this car needs a new engine. Did you read the other review that said something about a "ticking" engine? Well, here it is! Please, learn from my mistake. Don't buy a 1997 Honda Passport.

Granted, I have an uncle-in-law (is that even a word?) that has a isuzu rodeo from the early 1990's that won't die! However, we couldn't keep ours alive. Do yourself a favor and buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee!
Product Rating: 1.0
Recommended: No 
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