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1998 AM General Hummer

Overall rating:  Product Rating: 4.0

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by tuffinc:      Jan 29, 2000

Product Rating: 5.0 Recommended: No 

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The hummer is definately the "ultimate driving
machine." You can take this puppy over sand
dunes, snow piles, curbs, trails, logs, ice, or
anything you can imagine. What else would you expect from a
car that takes up two parking spaces at the mall?
As rugged as this beast appears, the interior is just as
impressive. In most cases, you will find 4 captains seats, 2 in the
front, 2 in the back, with unlimited leg room. This is easily the
most comfortable car I have ever driven in from a passengers
point of veiw. The monsoon sound system in this car was
amazing, and while listening to Reel Big Fish, I felt as if I was
right front row in their concert. ALso, in the back, you can fit
anything you can desire, from bikes to luggage to spare tires.
There are only a few setbacks to this masterpiece of a vehicle.
Gas mileage is horrible, so urban driving is a definate problem. A
car this size definately will not be as quiet others, but it is not as
loud as a Jeep Rangler, for example. I actually found riding in this
car very soothing. As intimidating and massive as this vehicle is,
size restrictions (parking lots, garage, etc) may be a problem, so
be ready to have ample size for this baby.

Product Rating: 5.0
Recommended: No 
Handling And Control:  

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