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1998 A6

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get ur audi!!

by marcus1701:      Oct 29, 2006

Product Rating: 3.0 Recommended: No 

Pros: Big, roomy, modern, huge trunk, okay depreciation means you can find a good price
Cons: slow, could end up with a lemon, maintenance,
The Bottom Line: love this car, so do my friends, but not my dad. Its looks keep it up with the best new ones.... but is looks worth it?

This is a 98' Audi A6 nonquattro with the 2.8L V6. I bought this car back in November of 04' with 99,000mi. It's been about 2 years and the car now has 155,000mi. I have driven the car on probably 30 trips that encompassed around 280miles (5hrs) for schooling. Just some key facts, 98 was the year the A6 had a major restyling. It came with 1 engine choice 200HP, very well equiped, and no quattro.

So now begins the story of my passion for Audi. I had bought this car for 10,000$...hmm too good to be true? Well it was...The owner was in his late 20s who had bought a BMW. To be honest I was looking for a 96-2000 A4 but I saw this car in the classifieds and obviously liked the price. I had it inspected, and was told there was an oil leak that could be fixed for around a grand (what he told me). Okay...so basically I bought it, and with these cars you have to realize in order to see anything you need to take it to a german ASE specialist. It requires the front removal of the bumper in order to get anywhere. So I found out it had around 3 grand worth of repairs needed. I had it fixed and it ran great. Well it wasn't that easy, I first took it to the dealer and it was originally 4 grand, and then I made friends with a body shop guy who recommended a German Auto shop. Two weeks later I got my car.

Okay so now the best part. I get to talk about this wonderful car. Let's start with features.

Options and "cool things":
If you get a 98.....your car may come with the front and rear solar tint (purplish color) that you see on many S-Class Mercedes and BMW 7 series cars. You also get double paned glass for added security and reduction in windnoise (same as A8). These 2 features may be a 98 A6 only feature as the 02 A6 and Allroads only have single paned glass and 98 is the only year the solar tint was available. The car also has a solar sunroof which recirculates air when the car is off. It may also keep the battery charged. The rear defogger is electric but doesn't have the lines like many other cars do which obstruct viewing. Instead there are very fine honeycomb shaped lines inbetween the glass that take a trained eye to see..very cool! The rest I will list:
Red ambient light (everything is red except courtesy lights), dual zone climate controls, rear power sunshade, BOSE, dual front and side airbags, xenon headlamps, 16" alloy wheels, footwell lights and puddle lights, power seats, 60/40 rear split seats with center pass through, 4 cupholders. Tiptronic (first year!) Leather

Driving and performance:
The car is torquey but only after 3500rpm. Zero to sixty time is reported as 9sec. Yes it is slow but it's hauling a lot of weight. I consider it pretty peppy and it definitely doesn't feel slow. The car's tires give good contact to the ground while feedback is similiar to a Lexus...not much at all, although I rather like this as it makes driving easy and effortless, and it's no sports car, it's all luxury. So this is not for an enthusiast of driving but rather of the brand. It is front wheel which IMO is good because Quattro will rob power, and adds another 200lb to the weight.

Pictures will not do it justice. When I saw this silver car it looked great, and the thing was....it was dirty and the interior wasn't even vaccumed. I was thinking, c'mon does he seriously want to sell it? The thing is it's so good looking and modern that people were asking if it was a 2001, and couldn't believe how old it was. I also got many admirers driving down the road with thumbs up....but that was because I made changes to it...more on that later.

So aside from those biggest reasons to buy the car here are some bad things about it, and probably why it was so cheap.

This car had 1 working xenon lamp and the other was halogen. I replaced both with 2 new headlamps 800$. The belts were 1000$, cams, valves and basically everything on the engine was 2000$, and it was in the shop for 2 weeks. The thing is, is that it takes a lot of time getting inside so you want to make sure you do it right once! The tiptronic stopped working (not the transmission) so I couldn't shift manually, some gunk seeped inside. The Info screen on the dash is faded (very common) and is 600$ to replace the whole dash (i did not do this). Window actuators started acting funny, so I had software refreshed. I bought a second key fob off ebay ($125 from dealer, 30$ to reprogram, 15$ to have cut) and tried reprogramming the car to accept it, and messed it up. Quote from dealer was 800$ to replace all door mechanisms, and reprogram all my keys. Uhh...I ended up going to Best Buy and getting a Viper Alarm with remote startup and LED remote ($475) and it works with my stock alarm. So now I have stock blinking door lights, stock horn alarm, stock motion sensors, and on top of that a vibration detector, and alarm chirp. The Bose sound system was good for 2 weeks until I blew the right side, yes I like it very loud. It's 250$ to replace at BOSE.com. So I took out all the speakers and tweeters (made of plastic!)and replaced with RF Component Speakers made of rubber and paired with a 4 channel amp 3 times bigger than the BOSE one. I also took out the stock 8" sub and replaced it with a 12" RF Power series made of Titanium and paired it with a Kicker amp good for 1400watts, and got a new battery, and 2.0 farad Capacitor all for around 3500$. Yes the 250$ Bose speaker got me mad off it was made so cheap. Also the pressure sensor or something is off, because I need to put the gas nozzle as hard as I can in the car pointing down otherwise it automatically shuts off as if I have full gas. I have taken it to the dealer 4 times and they are clueless, I am going to try Audi of Oakland on next visit. The rear taillamp bulb was out also and I spent 4$ on new bulbs. The glass on all Audis for some reason seem prone to rock chips and make the windshields look as if they went through a sand storm, My 2002 TT has that problem to. I don't know why it's really an Audi glass thing,So I replaced it with new front glass for 375$. Looks sharp, and much better than that ugly purple tint. The special rear defogger back has grown some slight mildew or bacteria inbetween the glass but that costs 1200$ to replace so I didn't do it. Other maintenace I just had all belts replaced (recommended you do this every 50-60,000mi) and new CV joints on front wheels replaced by dealer. Price was $2800, they also found 3 recalls which for some reason the other dealer did not do!!

Changes I've made: I put an RS6 rear spoiler in back, and 19" RS6 wheels, and tint. Made the car look sportier and much better. I've had people come up to me and say, is that an S6, they obviously don't know their Audis. It looks like a 50,000$ car and it was much less.

So all this sounds expensive yes....I did not know this obviously but I hope this helps. Also don't get the 2.7t as that is prone to many problems also. Remember my car is a first generation everything. First year for tiptronic, xenons, 2.8 V6, it wasn't groundbreaking but that was the best of the best back in 98.

What I would get right now:
Okay if you got 15,000$ to play around with and you are looking for an Audi and you want an A6 for looks, space, and not another A4, I would try to find a 4.2 300HP. It might be around 17,000$ but try looking 2000-2001. There is no difference in styling except you get the 2002-2005 front look and you get wider fenders, side blades, 17" rims, and it's fully loaded!! Other than that try to find a car with no more than 75,000miles and if at all possible get an AUDI warranty!! Last thing, Don't buy a 98, get a 99...its better trust me.

Amount Paid (US$): 10000
Condition: Used
Model Year: 1998
Model and Options: 2.8
Product Rating: 3.0
Recommended: No 
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