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1999 Dodge Dakota Club Cab 4WD ~*~ truckin' in memory of roadiem

by Lisa_J:      Apr 14, 2001 - Updated Apr 17, 2001

Product Rating: 5.0 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Durable, Reliable, Comfortable
Cons: Gas Mileage, Rear Seat Cramped
The Bottom Line: I recommend the 1999 Dodge Dakota Club Cab 4WD! Errands, long road trips, jaunts to work ... This is a durable and reliable vehicle!

1999 Dodge Dakota Club Cab 4WD
2 door extended cab

When deciding to downsize to one vehicle it was apparent the 1999 Dodge Dakota Club Cab 4WD would become our only motorized vehicle. This splendid truck had already provided us with two years of reliability. Other than user selected preventative maintenance, this road king has been maintenance free. The problem was letting go of the 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport, which was my vehicle and growing accustom to my husbands truck.

Let me tell you, at first (being used to mini-vans for six years & sedans prior to that) it felt like the 1999 Dodge Dakota Club Cab 4WD didn’t fit on the road. I remember those anxious moments when I just wasn’t certain I would get used to driving the beast! Prior to liquidating the van, I had only driven his truck a few times.

I was partial to my girlie van complete with lipstick tubes, baby wipes for the kids, yadda… The importance of mountain biking to our family joined with the ability to easily tote our bikes and related gear aided the decision
of truck vs. van.

Five months later, I can honestly say that I really do like our truck! The 1999 Dodge Dakota Club Cab 4WD provides a smooth ride, and is reliable! We purchased this truck brand new with approximately 2 miles on it.

November 1998
After intense research of the trucks on the market, my husband was firmly set on purchasing a 1999 Dodge Dakota Club Cab 4WD. He obtained the necessary pricing figures and we ventured out in pursuit of the best deal. Many dealers later (I am persistent with regard to price!), and hours at the current one … they realized we were serious about the price we insisted on (features included) and we closed the deal at 20,000.

We purchased this rad truck at:
Greg Rairdon, Inc.
16610 Smokey Point Blvd.
Arlington, Washington 98223-
360 653-5664
Wonderful dealer with the best sales staff & support staff in this region! If you are located within driving distance to this dealer, give them a try. You will not regret it!

Our 1999 Dodge Dakota Club Cab 4WD is Forest Green Metallic, and the paint has endured very well! Of course my husband (a painter by trade – automobiles for 10 years – now 747’s), takes impeccable care of our 1999 Dodge Dakota Club Cab 4WD! The gray cloth interior has withstood a variety of uses, and the carpeting has held up well too.

The 5.2L V-8 engine is powerful, reliable, and has a record of longevity. Be warned though, that this truck gulps the gas! Not exactly a plus with current gasoline prices. Oh well, the get up and go is rather fun! *wink* Acceleration baby!!!! Um, don’t let my husband know that I am aware of how easy the back wheels spin. We will let him continue to look at my shocked face when he does this. *grin*

We have utilized the manually shifted 4wd a handful of times. Snow isn’t frequent in this region, but when it does occur this feature is wonderful. We don’t take the truck off road, so I am unable to speak of off road performance.

The 31 x 10.50 -- R15 tires are still the original Goodyear Wranglers. We would have no qualms about purchasing this same tire set when necessary. An added bonus: the spare is the same tire type!

One of the downfalls of sharing a vehicle is the difference in height between my hubby and I. Understand, I just am easily irritated with inconvenience. However, I must confess that it really isn’t a big deal. With the easy to adjust tilt wheel, smooth gliding seat, power mirrors, and simple to move rearview mirror, our 1999 Dodge Dakota Club Cab 4WD is comfortable to ride / drive for my 6’ significant other and for petite 5’1” me. The front seats easily move forward with the upper portion tilting forward to provide easy access to the rear seating.

The cup holders (two in front, four in back) hold a variety of sizes. The front two adjust to hold a slender sleek latte mug, and spring loaded maneuvering allows you to open that baby wide enough for a big gulp cup! In the back you find four non-adjustable, molded holders. Two of these are perfect for juice boxes and the other two conveniently hold standard size cups.

The bench seat lifts up to expose lots of storage space. We make use of this! In the middle of the front seat, a moveable armrest doubles as a modern array of organization splendor. Attached to the middle, bottom of the front seat a beverage holder moves out. This becomes unusable if someone is seated in this passenger spot. A slight irritation, but the convenience of the third seatbelt spot is worth it.

The glove box accommodates the manual, four sunglasses, hand sanitizer, and other items very well. I do miss the drawer compartments that graced the bottom of my van seats, but they would probably hold his stuff anyway. Added storage trays grace the perimeter of the 4wd gear shift. Please don't store loose change here. It may go down into the gear shift ~ my hubby wasn't happy with that one!

To counter that comment let me add that our decision to downsize has been a wise money decision. With some careful planning, this has not been a challenge. When the occasion arose that we had to have a second vehicle (once), we rented from Enterprise. With the coupon provided, and the splendid customer service they gave – this was a valid option. I work in-home, thus another determining factor to keep the truck as our uno vehicle.

Storage galore is available within the bed of the truck! I really like the canopy with door feature. It locks, never leaks, and looks kewl. Seriously, we daily carry an array of cargo. An emergency kit, umbrellas, snack & water kit, first aid kit, outdoor recreation kit, and seasonal items are consistently available. With little league season upon us, we have three baseball gear bags, two luxury folding chairs, three golf umbrellas, and more. The rhino lining prevents items from sliding around. Shopping is never a problem, just open to door and shove it in!

Extra, Extra
One of the initial complaints I possessed pertained to the fact that I am 5’1” and it felt like I needed a step stool to get in! Installing factory running boards quickly alleviated this challenge. I highly recommend this accessory. We looked at after market availability, but the saving wasn’t worth the loss of sleek aesthetics. The factory boards arrived color matched to the truck and were easy to install.

We initially installed a Penda bedliner (this is the same company that makes the factory bedliner – but this one is $100.00 less!). This served the initial purpose of protecting the bed, but just wasn’t the look we desired. So, an appointment was made with Rhino Lining. We researched the difference between the Rhino Lining and the Line-X. The Rhino Lining is pure polyurethane that can be color matched to your vehicle (ours is green ~ like the truck). The Line-X is rough and plastic feeling and has been known to fade. We are very pleased with the Rhino Lining!

The next accessory to adorn our 1999 Dodge Dakota Club Cab 4WD was a Pilgrim fiberglass canopy. We purchased the optional full door. Off with the tailgate, and on with the door. Personally, I like this for visibility. You can really see what is behind you. And, this gives the truck an unique look. Sort of like a Durango, but with the convenience of a truck bed.

We also added factory mud-flaps. The stereo will be a future upgrade.

This truck came with a passenger sun visor with a vanity mirror. The driver’s side has the sunvisor but no mirror. What’s up with that?

One of my concerns for the future is the ability to transport my girls comfortably. The cab area is more spacious than some, but still a tight squeeze. This passenger seat is considerably low. So, you end up having your knees higher than your posterior. This has not presented a challenge with our children to date. I have rode back there a couple times and OUCH!

I am able to recommend the 1999 Dodge Dakota Club Cab 4WD! This truck meets our families needs. Whether that be errands, long road trips, jaunts to work ….. This is a durable and reliable vehicle!

Engine: V8 5.2 Liter
Trans: Automatic
Drive: 4 Wheel Drive
Mileage: 36,000

Equiped With:
Air Conditioning
Power Steering
Power Windows
Power Door Locks
Tilt Wheel
Cruise Control
AM/FM Stereo
Dual Air Bags
ABS (2-Wheel)
Sliding Rear Window
Running Boards
Pickup Shell/Cap
Bed Liner
Alloy Wheels
Oversize Off-Road Tires

Please note: Always use seat belts. Remember a backseat is the safest place for children 12 and under in Dakota Quad Cab. In Dakota regular cab and Club Cab, children in the front seat only with the passenger airbag turned off.

So, Why Did I Veer Away From K&F and Children's Books?
This epinion was an uncomfortable stretch for me. Most of my reviews consist of Kids & Family and Children's Books. I possess a strong love for kids, work with them daily & adore writing reviews. Normally I would go read vehicle reviews by other epinionators. Such as those by: Roadiem.

Having a passion for life I develop a closeness to those on my WOT at epinions, and to online friends. I was stunned upon notice of roadiem's passing! He was a gracious man, authored excellent reviews, and was willing to help all! Rest in peace Mike!

I would like to thank Wolfman309 for all the time he spent hosting this write-off. All proceeds from these epinions will be donated in memory of the late roadiem to his family.

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Amount Paid (US$): 20,000.
Condition: New
Model Year: 1999
Model and Options: Sport~SLT~4wd~Extended Cab
Product Rating: 5.0
Recommended: Yes 
Build Quality  
Ease of Loading:  
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