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1999 Lexus GS

Overall rating:  Product Rating: 4.5

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Lexus GS300 1999

by benjilios:      Dec 15, 2008

Product Rating: 5.0 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Nice luxury, very roomy, nice ride, enjoyment to drive and be in.
Cons: Gas mileage 15-21, uses plus or premium fuel, transmission, radio display
The Bottom Line: Great car, lacks mileage and here and there problems, but a good buy for a used car. excellent ride and fun to drive.

Well the lexus wasn't my first car, it was my dads old car, got it with over 100000 miles. I have to say its a beautiful car, and if your looking for this car as a used car it isn't a bad car. Buying it with over 50000 miles or under 150000 isn't a bad idea as long as your buying from a lexus pre owned dealer like others I know have. The car overall is a beautiful, smooth, and fast ride. I enjoy the car myself, and had a honda accord before. I got the lexus because I wanted more performance than the accord I had gave me.
It's alright with performance, but its a sedan so I wasn't expecting much, but it sure proved me wrong. With sport mode, normal mode, and snow mode, this car is very impressive with its features and specs for being a sedan, gives off good horsepower and a nice racer edge to it in sport mode. I did run into problems when the car hit 115000 miles. The head gasket on the car warped (probably from the sport mode being on too much) so the radiator blew out also and the timing belt so it was in the shop for about a month for a roughly 8000 dollar repair. Of course I didn't go cheap on those parts so I got the best aftermarket you could get on that, and ever since that bump in the road the car has worked amazingly better. I also recommend that you avoid lexus dealerships to fix any problems, because they will most of the time over price and over charge you for a part or fix so look up or ask around for a local shop that works on lexus (they are hard to find, lexus are very odd to work with under the hood). Also recommend that you get the brakes upgraded when getting a brake change saves you in the long run and makes a smooth ride and fast braking. Just upgrade the pads and your good to go. The biggest disappointment on this car was the radio! It gave out at around 60000 miles when my father had it, and it was such a shame that a beautiful lexus with all the money you pay for luxury to have the radio display give out and the CD changer having trouble. Lexus didn't spend much on the radio deck, with a simple look and cheap display that barely works past 60000 miles. When I got the car from my father I went and upgraded the radio with an aftermarket radio myself. The speakers and sound the car puts out are very good (which they should be) but the display on the radio was cheap and annoying. The last thing I have to say about this car is that the transmission isn't as smooth as I thought when I got it at 100000 miles. It would shift hard sometimes especially in sport mode, and other times act completely normal.
Overall the car is great, might have to invest in some aftermarket if you plan to keep it till it dies, and the car has a decent resale value. Not good with gas mileage so if you want a luxury lexus that will not eat your wallet on gas, go with the ES series, for smaller preformance that will save a little more on gas the IS series.
The car is great and depending where you buy from I recommend lexus pre owned for any used lexus, because they extend your warrenty and don't give you a cheap or broken car.
Amount Paid (US$): 40000
Condition: New
Model Year: 1999
Model and Options: GS300
Product Rating: 5.0
Recommended: Yes 
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