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1999 Galant

Overall rating:  Product Rating: 4.0

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Galant, the change to put them back on the map

by spooon:      Jun 2, 2007 - Updated Jun 2, 2007

Product Rating: 4.0 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Good transmission, price, and solid build
Cons: Cheap small parts, weak brakes and awful seats
The Bottom Line: Excellent first car or if your in the market at that price range.

7 years of ownership with 75,000 miles
Mitsubishi Galant 1999 DE

Some Specs
Cost: $14,500
MSRP: $17,000
Fuel: Unleaded
Fuel Capacity (gallons): 16.3
Curb Weight (lbs): 2835
Built in USA

Single Over Head Cam (SOHC) Inline 4-Cylinder Engine
2.4 Liter
145 Horse Power
155 Ft-Lbs of Torque
4-speed automatic
21 mile per gallon city/28 miles per gallon highway
Front wheel drive (FWD)

NHTSA Crash-Test Results
Front Impact, Driver 4 (10%-20% chance of serious injury)

7 Pretty good years of service

Fuzzy Logic engine – Mitsubishi was the first to use the fuzzy logic engine computer programs to allow the drive train to anticipate high acceleration driving or slow economy gas saving driving. This helps control the down and up shifting of the transmission as many automatic transmissions down shift too quickly or slowly. There were previous versions used by Mitsubishi but this new version was better in the 1999+ models. I thought this was pretty well implemented in the car, as it was responsive enough.

The engine was nothing to brag about but the weight to torque ratio was descent enough to get around traffic in. The transmission helped out a lot in tight situations but don’t fool yourself into thinking this is a V6 because this is the bottom of the barrel in terms of performance. It feels a bit faster then other older sedans I’ve driven but comparing, but that isn’t saying much because I drove some of the Volvo tanks back in the day.

The interior is a bit cramped even for my 5ֽ” frame and even smaller for passengers in the back. At least there was a plastic shield in the back of the seats which was pretty handy when people kicked your seat getting in our out of your car. If the passenger behind the seats had longer legs they would be pressing up against this plastic shell which would be very uncomfortable.

The hardware and general materials used in this car did NOT last very long. I have a black metal strip that goes on the top of the car on both sides and both are peeling some plastic from it. Not sure if that was like a clear plastic coat to protect the metal but it’s like speckled with white residue or something and looks worn. The main center dash on top is crack all the way down. I’m not sure when it happened but it happened after my 5 year warranty expired, fantastic! The giant crack is very troublesome as it’s connected to the passenger front air bag and also goes all the way to the driver side instrumentation panel. The replace this place dashboard would be expensive due to labor and I just don’t have enough in me to get it fixed.

I haven’t been in any major accidents, but I have banged up the car pretty good in parking and with people hitting my stationary car. All in all it’s held up pretty good. One instance on the highway I hit a 16 wheeler’s blown tire and my car literally flew in the are like it was going over a speed ramp for stunt cars. My car landed and the only damage to it was the plastic divider in the front wheel well that protects the wheel from throwing rocks into the engine compartment. Pretty easy fix and not an expensive part at all.

I have installed an aftermarket sound system, which includes head unit, 2 speakers, 2 amplifiers, and 2 12” sealed subwoofers. The major complaint is that the trunk isn’t very deep. With this box in the trunk I can only put small groceries in it and other Honda Accords can hold a lot more in my experience. Since the rear seat doesn’t have a pass through, mounting the amps on it has really torn up that wooden support piece. The wooden piece that was the back of the rear seat is now drooping due to the weight of the 2 amps. This wasn’t the case in my Honda Accord as it has a rear pass through and was bolted directly to the rear seat versus a piece of wooden support material. It’s not that bad until I remove the subwoofer and reveal how bad it looks. The speakers were harder to get to on the front doors since the whole plastic piece has to come off.

Installing some aftermarket headlights is a easy and everything is very well laid out in the engine compartment. I like how it’s very easy to get to everything and everything is well laid out.

The front breaks are the best and had to be replaced after 3-4 years of use. Not a big deal but when I jam down on the breaks I can feel it grind. I’m not sure if that is good for the car but at least it doesn’t squeal anymore.

Not having cruise control, ABS, 4 disc breaks, window integrated antennas, nicer seat interior, and fake wood grain is all that is missing from the higher models. Well, engine and wheels also count but those are massive upgrades to the car.

The seats in the DE have got to be the roughest car seats known to man. They are upholstery seats but they are like so rough that if your wearing shorts you will see a grid pattern in your thigh cause the seats are so rough. The ES models and above has a softer material and are so much better. Just for the seats alone I would have paid the extra money to get softer seats. It was a bit inconvenient to not have retracting side mirrors for those tights garage spots.

1999-2000: Steering-column multifunction switch levers can become loose or break over time. This was an easy fix at the dealership but even at the dealership it still took 1+ hour to fix it. There was another recall but I don’t remember what it was at the moment but it was also pretty small and easy to fix.

I would say all in all due to the fact that this was my first new vehicle I would by this car again. It’s roomy and moves well for the price. I have heard a couple of times that my car looks like a 5 series BMW, that’s pretty cool. Pretty good safety, solid transmission, good looks and I have NO major parts to fail so far so I would consider this ride safe and dependable.
Amount Paid (US$): 14,500
Condition: New
Model Year: 1999
Model and Options: DE
Product Rating: 4.0
Recommended: Yes 
Build Quality  
Seat Comfort:  

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