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2000 5 Series

Overall rating:  Product Rating: 5.0

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BMW's Best Model

by slcraft:      Mar 5, 2004

Product Rating: 4.0 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Good power, acceleration, quality interior, ride, stability assist, low wind noise, power tilt/telescope wheel
Cons: Stereo, engine/tire noise, squeaks,repairs, brake pad wear, brake dust, cup holders, interior space, CD?,
The Bottom Line: Great looking interior and exterior. Great if you are not looking for tons of room or Lexus reliability and isolation. Expensive to repair and very complex.

As a BMW owner for the past 15 years, I feel that I am somewhat of an expert on the marque. My parent's owned a dealership for many years and I have had the pleasure of driving virtually all of their products over the years. I have owned several 3 series and am currently driving a 2000 CPO ( certified pre owned) 528i, Automatic.

This particular car was an off-lease trade in and was purchased in excellent shape with 40k miles on the odometer. I am well aware that this model recieves high marks from everyone including Consumer Reports *gasp!* With this in mind, I will just outline the things I think buyers should notice when they drive the car

The 2.8 liter inline six is definitely powerful and smooth. The VANOS valvetrain really makes this engine flexible even if torque is a little wanting due to the relatively small displacement of this engine. I would make sure that you can deal with what I feel is excessive engine noise at cruising speeds. The engine always makes itself known to the driver so those expecting solitude will be disappointed and should head to Lexus or Mercedes. The newer 3.0 versions or the V8 would also be a quieter choice.

I find the seats a bit narrow for my athletic build. I also dislike the fact that the front of the bottom seat cushion on the standard seats does not tilt independent of the rest of the seat as it does with the sport seat option. I also feel that front leg room is not overly generous for people over 6ft tall. The memory feature is nice for multiple drivers and the power headrest is thoughtful. I also especially like the power tilt and telescope wheel. It moves up when you turn the car off to ease egress.


Love the wood and leather but my tan interior stains easily and has aged rather quickly. My black leather jacket managed to rub off on the leather making it look dirty and detailers have been unable to remove the stains save for re-dying the seats, very frustrating. The back seat is cramped, esp. with tall drivers in front. I do not feel that this car offers the interior room it should for its size. I also miss that fold down seats are not standard equipment. There is VERY LIMITED storage space in this car so be aware.


It is awful with very little base and a lot of harmonic distortion when turned up over the half way point. BMW has always done radios poorly and I have never heard one I liked, even the Harmon Kardon option is junk. If you are an audiophile, this is NOT your car.


I would never own another car without it. This car is powerful and without the traction and stability control it would be VERY easy for an inexperienced driver to lose control often, esp in rain or snow. This feature makes this RWD car equally as good as a FWD car in the snow. THE DCS ( Dynamic Stability Control) is one of the best features on this car.


As with most cars in this price point the 5 series has front, side and head impact airbags.


Great feel and powerful. The only Achilles heal is that the pads wear out very fast and produce copius break dust!


I have never understood why we need dual air conditioning/heat in cars. This is one of THE BIGGEST gimmicks next to the stupid HOMELINK feature that no one I know ever uses. As with most cars these days save for Honda and Lexus, the controls are confusing and needlessly complex. What ever happened to rotary dials that are quick and easy to use? You have to tap a button for fanspeed and there is no {off) button to just turn the system off. You have to tap the fan speed all the way to 0 before the system will quit! Also, you have to tap two buttons up and down through the temperature range to get your setting, needlessly complex, bring back dials!

RELIABILITY: New BMWs have a 4/50k warranty that includes all service except tires pretty much. The CPO cars ( certified pre owned) have a 6 year, 100k warranty with a $50 deductable). I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that owners seriously consider the high cost of repairs and the complexity of these cars when considering long term ownership. I have never been left stranded but have had many trips to the dealership, one was the replacement of the VANOS unit due to cold start stalling and it would have cost me over $3500 dollars to fix if the car wasnt under warranty. Brakes are another VERY EXPENSIVE maintenance item. If you do city driving be aware that it will run you a big chunka change to get your brakes services as BMW does not resurface rotors, you have to buy the whole shebang if your rotors are gone. Pads last about 15 k for me so far.

You can't beat loaner car programs, period. I will never buy a car from a company or dealer without them. Roadside Assistance is also included on CPO and new cars and is a lifesaver. Service has been great at my Richmond VA dealer.


Auto up and down windows on ALL FOUR windows. Auto open and close sunroof. Remote key fob opening of windows and sunroof ( yes I know VW/Audi do this already)

Delay power shut off - so you can close windows and such for 30 secs after taking the key out ( as long as you don't open the door)

Auto dimming review mirror - once you have one you don't know how you did without it! ( optional equipment)

Rain sensing wipers - At first i thought they were a gimmick, but now I can't live without them! ( optional equipment)

Heated seats - Need I say more ( optional equipment)

Stability Control - See above

Power Tilt and Telescope Wheel- another "can't live without kinda thing.

Power Headrests - bling bling

Amount Paid (US$): 33,000
Condition: Used
Model Year: 2000
Model and Options: BMW 528i, Automatic
Product Rating: 4.0
Recommended: Yes 
Build Quality  
Seat Comfort:  

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