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2000 Mercury Cougar

Overall rating:  Product Rating: 4.0

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Give This Cat Room to Run.

by RockyBug:      Jul 30, 2001

Product Rating: 4.0 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: A real eye-catcher and conversation started.
Cons: Back seat is very tight.
The Bottom Line: The RockyBugs highly recommend the Mercury Cougar. Smooth ride, good acceleration, and great to look at.

Mrs. RockyBug, Bug Child, and I decided to visit her family in NorthEast Iowa. The only airport around is about a 90 minute drive away in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We rented a car from Hertz and got upgraded to the "sporty" class. The car was a 2000 Mercury Cougar and sure looked sleeker than the Pontiac Sunbird we were supposed to get.

There was plenty of room in the hatchback trunk for our suitcases and a couple of carry-on bags. The rear seats were split bucket-style seats and each could independently be folded down for even more room. The headroom in the back seat area left MUCH to be desired. I am 6 feet tall and my head was up against the hatchback glass when I rode in the back seat.

The car had a V6 engine that purred like a happy kitty with a piece of halibut. It had plenty of power when required and a sharp nudge of the gas pedal produced an immediate downshift and a leap of energy. Mrs. RockyBug can attest to the quickness of the passing speed of the Cougar and I hope that Hertz does not find her fingernail marks in the dashboard from when we passed a slow moving tractor and a car was coming faster than I thought from the opposite direction.

The Cougar got plenty of attention from townspeople. Most of the townies in my wife's hometown drive either Chevy Luminas or Ford F-150 pick-up trucks. The exterior color of bright blue was a great choice. Aluminum wheels added to the great looks.

The mileage was somewhere around 27 mpg and the trip computer showed the gallons left in the tank before needing filling as well as the estimated number of miles you could go before filling.

The sound system of the Cougar was adequate. The CD player held only one at a time but with my daughter's choice in music, one was enough!

The ride of the Cougar was smooth and comfortable; the engine purred; handling was exceptional; and RockyBug was very satisfied with the car. If you have read my e-pinion on my Lexus ES300, you will notice I promised Mrs. RockyBug a convertible when we rent cars. Hertz at Cedar Rapids Airport did not have convertibles but with the Iowa "earthy" aromas of the farms, no one missed having a convertible.
Amount Paid (US$): $150 per wk.
Model Year: 2000
Model and Options: Automatic transmission, CD player
Product Rating: 4.0
Recommended: Yes 
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