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2001 GMC Jimmy

Overall rating:  Product Rating: 5.0

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Awesome ride

by TheBigO:      Jan 20, 2001 - Updated Jan 20, 2001

Product Rating: 5.0 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Awesome look,Great sound,Quiet, smooth ride.
Cons: High step to enter truck, back doors to narrow.
The Bottom Line: This is a great truck with plenty of storage, big power, excellent sound,nice quiet ride. No major/minor problems, since I purchased.

I first rented this truck before we decided to buy this. Since this was going to be one of the biggest purchases, besides my house that I ever will probably will make.

So we went with the one for 2 weeks to get a good feel for the truck and get to know it inside and out.

The first thing I noticed was the very nicely put together body and detail. We were lucky and went with the burgendy color truck. With the tan cloth interior, 6-CD changer, 8 speaker sound system, power everything.

At first, but always with a new car you have to get used to where everything is, but this truck makes it so easy to use and remember where and what the buttons are for.

Some of the optional features were the sound system, the alarm, the navigating and temperture guage in the mid front
of the roof of inside of truck.

There is optimal storage and cargo space here. Not quite sure of the specific measurement of it but its approximately 4 feet X 4 feet. That comes with optional cargo net and truck door net. ( I spoiled myself and got all the extras).

There is a deep storage in between the front seats which is great for maps and stuff.
The seats are very comfy. Although the rear doors of the truck are a bit difficult to get in, since they are narrower then the front doors, my kids to a great job since they are smaller. Also the step to get into the truck is a bit high as well.
The power driver seat has a large variety of settings which is really easy to use. 2 buttons with 2 features for each. One is for forward and reverse, the other is up or down. Then if you push in the one button it fills the back of the seat with air to give your back a little more support for those long drives.(You can even get heated seats, but thats very costy).

The front seats are great,the rear seats are nicely roomy, although there could be a little more space back there, since most front seats are put back some for more leg room in the front. The rear seat also folds down for even more cargo space. Which is great for hauling large items.

The controls are easy to use while driving. The radio and dash (heat & AC) are very easy to memorize and reach while driving.

The power is something else. It's ability to tow is great. I also had the front and rear tow package. Which I plan to use once I purchase my dream boat. LOL.

To fill this tank though was high. At $1.57 a gallon here it came to about $27.00 to fill. Which is a big change from my little red Toyota which took $10.00 to fill.

The identity of all fluids under the hood are EASY to find,view and fill.

It does come in a variety of colors and trim detail. The price does vary though on which you choose. I paid the extra $300.00 for the special burgandy color. With gold trim and beige and dark tan interior, with the extra (black) mats.

I also got the windows tinted, an extra $100.00.
The car alarm, which I feel is a must for such a gorgeous truck. The key ring has a touch button that will automatically open either all the doors or just one. It also opens the rear cargo door.

There is also a very nice little but important feature, HEATED MIRRORS, especially here in Wisconsin when we had our 50 inches of snow in December those came in handy in deed. This allowed my mirrors to stay snow free.

The handling was great. Cornering was good, as with any truck don't take a corner at 50 mph.

And as I read more into my owners manual I will add more detailed features on this truck.

Just excited to FINALLY be able to write this opinion about a truck I saved so long for.
Amount Paid (US$): 33,000
Condition: Used
Model Year: 2001
Model and Options: SLX Automatic
Product Rating: 5.0
Recommended: Yes 
Handling And Control:  
Seat Comfort:  
Build Quality  

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