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Updated my review after purchasing a Liberty!

by shawnat007:      Oct 13, 2001 - Updated Nov 5, 2001

Product Rating: 5.0 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Refined styling, suspension setup, V-6, tow capacity, interior layout
Cons: Low MPG
The Bottom Line: Overall, this SUV stands out among the rest The best of both worlds is what the Liberty is all about. It's this year's most underrated SUV!

Now that I've owned a 2002 Salsa Red Liberty for a week now, I just cannot believe the value you get for such a competitive price! The more I think about all the features, the more I appreciate the design and engineering that took place to create this unbelievable machine. This will be the SUV where all SUV's will be compared!

EXTERIOR DESIGN: Unmistakable identity
The Liberty's design stands well above all other cookie-cutter "utes"! The attention to distinctive detailing and creativity shines from front grille to tailpipe. Yet there is no mistaking the identity of this Jeep. It is well balanced and proportional. Nothing looks out of placed or arbitrary. In a world where everything looks the same, I have pride in something that is unique and endearing. It represents a part of Americana and a tribute to the origins of Jeep ruggedness.

INTERIOR DESIGN: Stylishly functional
If Jeep's intentions were to keep it simple yet effective, they did an unbelievable job! The quality and fit of every component is exceptional! No rattles or squeaks. Everything fits perfectly and seamless. Its "utilitarian" feel is complemented with just the right amount of European flair. The brushed aluminum plating is like no other! Everything is well thought out and executed. Nothing is excessive or out of placed. The best blend of function AND style of any SUV!

PERFORMANCE: Strong and effortless
With 210 HP V6, you won't complain. This is the smoothest SUV I've ever driven. Power is just right. Transmission is as smooth as it gets, with Jeep's trademark "Lo4." "Rubicon proven,” is all you need to mention to doubters. An IF combined with rack and pinion steering is unbelievably responsive and smooth for such a heavy SUV. While braking may not be the best, it is more than adequate. Everything feels solid and tight! Plenty of passing power and towing capacity.

COMFORT: Among the best
The leather seats are very comfortable for long trips. Add the heated seat option, and you can spend all day in them! The back seats are surprisingly spacious with more legroom than the typical SUV. Harsh bumps in the road will be felt (although minimally) since the back seats are riding over the rear axle. This SUV smothers out all bumps like no other. Sound noise is among the best in any vehicle class. The 6 speaker Infinities are definitely worth the upgrade! Stereo controls on the wheel are a “must-have” for safety and ease of use.

My hat goes off to Jeep for re-igniting the passion we have for American automobiles and innovations. It is this passion that has given us the beloved WW2 Willys and countless other American classics. I hope this tradition continues as it has in the new Liberty. No other SUV has sparked my imagination and heartfelt pride that I have for my Salsa red Liberty! With an identity and history unique to Jeep, I sincerely recommend a test drive in this SUV. Until then, you won’t fully comprehend what a gem the Liberty is…

Amount Paid (US$): 25500
Condition: New
Model Year: 2002
Model and Options: Limited with option G, sunroof, heated seats, tow
Product Rating: 5.0
Recommended: Yes 
Build Quality  
Handling And Control:  
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