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2003 Honda Insight

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2003 Honda Insight World's Best Gas-Mileage

by tryagainplease:      Nov 19, 2003

Product Rating: 5.0 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: World's best gas-mileage (60 miles to the gallon), and smooth exterior design.
Cons: Not for loads of passengers, and as powerful as a 3-cylinder engine can be.
The Bottom Line: If you're looking for a first car that can pay for itself with fuel conservation, I would recommend this car. That is if you can bite-the-bullet for the initial price.

Innovation, Design and One Small Engine

Honda created and designed the Honda Insight by 1998 and had it successfully prototyped by then. By the year 2000 it was stocked and became an arm, and a success of Honda’s.
The Insight is a fine example of the innovational ideals of Honda. Honda makes they’re prints… small, sturdy, cheap and of course some exquisite gas mileage abilities. And what do you get when you take this up the next level? Well, you get the Honda Insight of course. It is what you could call the super car of its time. The true gas mileage would be unbelievable and impossible if it were not for the Hybrid Engine with it’s IMA system, and feather design.

Honda’s method to achieving this car was more or less like this…

-Light Weight
-Strong “but” simple Hybrid engine
-Effective recharge of battery while in use
-An effective IMA (Integrated Motor Assist)

The IMA is also a key limb in making sure fuel consumption is at its maximum conservation.
Meaning the IMA will attempt to control gas usage in all situations, such as braking, idling or other instances when gas would be wasted. All though the amount of gas that is actually saved is petty (but still decent), it is what makes the Honda Insight the lowest fuel-consuming car in the world.

-The Honda Insight

The Honda Insight was made to be fuel conservative. All parts were made for durability (while maintaining their properties) and for their lightweight structure.

Engine Performance, Design, Quality

Small…the engine (the actual v-3 engine) is very small. It is a 1.0 liter VTEC Engine, that doesn’t pack a punch. It can move the car (just enough), that you can barely make it to speeds that are legal on the highways.
But with smaller engines, come higher gas mileage (better gas mileage I mean). So with a smaller engine you won’t have to go stop at your local gas station, stock up, and come back the next day.
Gas is expensive, that is how it will always be. Prices will change better of for worse, but in the end, you probably are going to be spending over a few thousand dollars on gasoline every year.

So with the Honda Insight comes a new possibility of change (in your wallet). No more going to the gas station everyday which, some of you out there who have SUV’s would understand (I am not blaming down SUV’s, I own one and am happy with it…but I praise my Honda Insight). So will you sacrifice power, for distance…? Of Course, who wouldn’t?
If you aren’t swimming in cash (but you would like some) the Honda Insight is a good investment that will pay for itself after time. And how does this little car pay for itself? Well it’s in its little Hybrid Engine. The process is somewhat like this…

You start the car –“electric”

You drive the car down your street to get to some ramp leading to an Interstate Highway –“gas”

You get on the Highway maintain a steady speed -“gas/electric”

You get off the car continues to switch back and forth (or use both halves of the engine) to get the maximum gas mileage.

That is a blunt example of how the Insight works and saves you, your money. What you just saw plainly was a system inside the car called “the IMA system”.
It is a fuel conserving system that will consider and decide what percentile of the engine it should use to minimize fuel burning. The IMA system will actually be controlling the engine more than you will. It will decide when certain things click on (and off) to make sure you aren’t running the IMA system just to get to your local gas station.

Also the 1.0 liter 12 valve SOHC VTEC –E 3 Cylinder engine is made of some of the lightest parts available. Mostly because it doesn’t matter how small the engine is (even though small engines usually are light), it matters if you have a light engine. They made the engine light enough so carrying itself would not be a task while carrying it’s passengers as well.
Actually the entire car is made out of sturdy lightweight parts (I mean they made the gas tank plastic [durable plastic of course no worries for you mate] do release so weight towards the rear of the car). Just don’t be skittish at the point that the car is made out to be light, because everything is of good quality and…that I believe will bring me to safety.

Safety yes, it was designed for collisions as well

Well, actually I may be contradicting my heading but…nothing is really designed for collisions.
But things are designed to be safe in a collision, and that is what the Insight was designed for.
The Insight has light parts yes, but can still handle fine in a head on collision, or even avoid one. The Insight has anti-lock brakes, which will make some quick, non-planned stops. And the Insight alone is made light; so if you remember Newton’s…I think, second law. It states the law of Inertia, wait I can’t remember, maybe it wasn’t even Newton, maybe it was just the law of Inertia. And if you know what Inertia is then you’ll know that this car can stop pretty fast (Inertia: The more mass an object has the more of a tendency it has to keep going the same direction, and the more mass an object has at rest the more of a tendency it will have to stay at rest). Well, to this bluntly, you can stop a go-kart fast because it’s light; you can’t stop a tractor-trailer as quickly (ever notice those runaway truck stops for semi’s that burn away their brakes).

So, another thing that might have clouded you mind, or make you want to turn away from the Insight…is gone.

So their you have it, the Insight is safe(ish). You’ve got air bags, and you’ve got one light car to drive circles around drunk drivers. And you may not take the safety seriously but I mean it, the Honda Insight is made and certified with some of the World’s highest collision safety standards.


Anything light in my opinion handles like a breeze. The Honda Insight has an aluminum frame and is low riding to the ground to reduce roll, and wind flow underneath the car. This makes the car feel to you as if the car were hugging the road, providing stability and control.

Honestly, the car handles like a Honda. What do I mean by this? Well the car is light, low to the ground and aerodynamic. So you really won’t find any flaws with the car’s handling, or run into any convenience factors. Like, this car will fit into every car garage (as long as it isn’t matchbox size), and will be able to park itself in tight spots with room to spare. And yes getting into those small parking spaces is a breeze.

So handling, is very hard to touch since, it handles so well all I can say is… it handles like a Honda. So there you have it…

The Exterior/Interior

The Honda Insight was made with a smooth sleet exterior design not for looks, but for increased aerodynamics and less wind resistance. But nonetheless, the Insight has a sleek exterior. If you’re wondering what types of optional add-on’s there are for this car…well there is no need to ask because there are none. Yes, I mean it, there are no extra options you can add to this car. Why? I would believe because Honda has made a standard of everything in the Insight so all models have the same resulting gas mileage and performance.

So exterior is as you would see it. But Interior can’t be the same right? Well actually there isn’t anything else to add…no moon roof, cheap gizmo’s or some extra gauges. Everything is standard in the Insight, you choose your limited interior selections and that’s it. This is a positive trait to some, to others it’s slightly dull. But at least when you have a car that standards everything, you won’t have to worry about getting crap, and all the good stuff is optional.

My interior is as simple as it could be. All black on dashboard, and all black on the seats (well to be completely accurate, the middle of my seats are burnt gray), nothing special as you can see (I’m afraid of color).
The Interior won’t need any spicing up either, they’re enough valves, gauges, and switches to make the car look modernized enough. Even though I said the car is made to be light…by no means did I mean the car was stripped down (actually it’s the opposite).
So, very much like Honda their isn’t a lot of things for you to choose (which makes some people feel they are being limited, but I just think why have options that you won’t even choose), but you’ll find another reason of appeal from the car.

And yes the seats are comfortable (well I can’t believe how the only two seats in the car would be uncomfortable). So don’t worry about long road trips.

Mine O My Limited Options

Well the following are my options…but they are all standard, so what I have is what you can expect, just to let you know.


-ABS Anti-Lock Brakes
-Dual Front Airbags (SRS)
-Dual Side Impact Door Beams
-Power Windows
-12 Volt Accessory Outlet
-AM/FM/Cassette Audio System
-Climate Control/AC

Just your average options as you plainly can see. But just so I can say I told you this, I’ll tell you the exterior features.

-Dual Power Mirrors
-Impact Absorbing Bumpers
-Remote Entry System
-Rear Window Washer
-14” Lightweight Alloy Wheels

Did I mention that it’s the world’s most fuel efficient car?

It doesn’t get better than this…this is the world’s most fuel-efficient car in the world. So if you want to get a car that’s fuel-efficient and you don’t need to seat more than 2 people. Well than this is your car. Trust me, if you love spending money as much as you like saving it…this is the car to get.

I hope this review was helpful to you…
Another great Honda Car/Truck is the http://www.epinions.com/content_108070342276>� Element” (Check that out if you’re in need of a semi-SUV).

Amount Paid (US$): 18,400
Condition: New
Model Year: 2004
Product Rating: 5.0
Recommended: Yes 
Build Quality  
Seat Comfort:  

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