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Bad Boys II (DVD, 2004, Superbit)

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Bad Boys, Bad Boys, whatchoo gonna do, whatchoo gonna do when they make part two?

Jul 21, 2003
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Pros:Nonstop action, I laughed till my throat went raw.

Cons:I'm feelin' a bit of that deja vu...

The Bottom Line: It's fun while it lasts. So is everything else.

Is it just me, or has this summer start to become repetitive? These car chases are getting totally out of hand, I tell you! I get this sound in my head -- clunk, clunk, clunk, the same kind of sound I hear driving on a road that desperately needs medical attention. Only, these clunks are the products of the summer movie hype machine, and every resounding thud represents another car chase hoisted on a public that is not as unsuspecting as "they" must think we are.

So here we go again with the typical action/buddy cop movie. Here you will find all the expected elements -- expensive cars, explosions, guns, jobs, thick wads of 100 dollar bills, coffin-sized stashes of drugs being hauled around by boat, helicopters, foreign bad guys, incompetent police officers, and most importantly, hot chicks. Hot chicks shot from below, as a matter of fact. I'm sure when this DVD comes out, that pause feature will be getting used...

Basically the plot goes something like this -- a bunch of KKK guys are burning a cross. Suddenly, out of the blue, two of the KKK guys remove their white shrouds and drop them to the ground in slow motion. Mike and Marcus, two black guys played by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence respectively, emerge with guns ready to fire.

Now that we've introduced the characters, let's see. Oh yeah, some guy is importing ecstacy into Miami and it's up to Mike and Marcus to stop him. At the very least, the movie does focus on the journey rather than the destination, and in the process we do get to know these guys a little bit. The biggest conflict is not even the guys versus the drug lord, but the guys against each other. Mike seems to have it pretty bad for Marcus' sister Syd (Gabrielle Union), but as it turns out, she works as an agent and ends up getting in a bit of trouble herself. Marcus is overprotective, Mike is just too daring, and Syd... well, she's the chick, she's not supposed to have a personality. No moreso than the Terminatrix, anyway.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence don't bring anything new to it, except that they've "broken up" hundreds of times and yet their friendship remains intact. Mike reminds me of a combination of Will Smith's character Steve in Independence Day and Castor Troy from Face/Off. Even if Mike's sideways jump while shooting two guns simultaneously is ripped right out of Face/Off with more absurdity than the lifting of the faces themselves in that movie, it doesn't bother me all that much. It's cool to see someone else do it. And it is a damn cool move.

The only real surprise here (aside from Martin Lawrence's great pair of eyes) was Joe Pantoliano as Capt. Howard. Most of his roles have been on the subtle end of the spectrum. Joe Blow seems very loosened up on this set, and if you thought Teddy was p!ssed off at Lenny at the end of Memento, wait till you see him here. Man is that guy fussy.

Nothing like hearing a CIA agent say "Request permission to tag along." Since the military wouldn't negotiate, these guys were doing it because they wanted to, thus making them a real team. Now when the "final battle" was set up, the action felt more fun than it might have been in the hands of a more serious movie. If you think it took even the slightest bit of intelligence to write that line, this movie might just be right up your alley. Here's your sign.

I'll say this much, the action in Bad Boys 2 is unyeilding. It's practically nonstop all the way through. Even the slow scenes won't find you looking away for long, unless you have a weak stomach. The sight of Will Smith reaching around inside the chest of a corpse was enough to set off a few squirms here. Even still, the movie handles this shamelessly -- "Oops, that's just his kidney."

Maybe I was just in a good mood, but I laughed harder at this movie (like, until it HURT) than I have at any other one so far this year. There were some real wicked funny scenes floating around in here, such as a scene in a video store where Mike and Marcus discuss the effect that one of Mike's stray bullets has had on Marcus' gluteus maximus, only to find out that a video camera was pointing at them and relaying the whole thing to all the TV's in the store. If nothing else, Bad Boys 2 is a gold mine for humorous conversation and one-liners. You need Jesus!

The car chase, well, it wasn't too bad. Some of the car destructions were pretty funny, as they rolled off one at a time from a truck ahead. It was especially funny when one car, still attached to the truck by a chain, got dragged behind it for a while. The boat was a little unexpected (Yeah, I know, it was in the trailer, I totally forgot!) Otherwise, it's standard SSDW. Same sh!t, different week.

The experience was fun while it lasted, but I really don't think I'd care if I never saw this one again.

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