Bali Blinds Bali 46"x46" 2 ˝" Northern Heights Shutter Style Wood Blind…Smooth Operator!

Jul 28, 2013
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Pros:Basswood Construction, Durability. Smooth Operation


The Bottom Line:

Bali Northern Lights Wood Blinds is a refreshing change from the cheaper knockoffs that have flooded the market.

One of the joys of my home office is the peaceful feeling I get sitting at my desk, listening to music or even having a movie playing I the background as I go about my daily routine. It didn’t happen overnight but I took great pains to make it the room it is today. My most recent improvement was in the window treatment. Having previously had a warm earthy colored set of light, yet airy drapes, they were also capable of shutting out the light when it got too warm and even insulated the room from the cold as well. It indeed was a good run but they got a bit tiresome, leaving me in need of a change.

Recently spending time in Houston, we stayed at a Hyatt where our room had wide bladed Venetian blinds that provided a dramatic lighting in the room. They happened to be white and lent a soft, bright yet relaxing ambience to our room. While shopping at a local big box store, I happened upon the Bali Northern Lights Wood Blinds in a saddle brown that I felt would change the tone and character of the room but was undecided between it and the white I was familiar with, so I bought both, opting to return the one I didn’t like and replace it with my chosen blind.

Out of the box they come with brackets for top and side mounting, which were my chosen installation, inside the window. The wooden slats are elegantly stained North American Basswood and are manufactured from real wood, not a faux, a traditional wraparound valance is included. Right mounted lift and left mounted tasseled twin tilt cords work smoothly with little travel required to open and close fully. I didn’t have to remove a slat, which made life easy and perhaps a reason I chose the Bali model.  Adding to their appeal, Bali offers a limited lifetime warranty that guarantees the blinds material and workmanship.

Installation literally took 10 minutes each working at a relaxed pace from unpacking to finishing the installation and requires you have the capability to handle a screw or drill driver. All the hardware necessary is included with three different size fasteners to further customize the installation to your install. The dark color enhanced the rooms sand paint offering remarkable pub-like ambience which was a refreshing change!

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