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Barb Wire (DVD, 1998)

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Apr 23, 2001
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Cons:The movie is not an hour of "sexy outtakes"

The Bottom Line: I don't care if they are fake, they are all real on the outside. In BARBWIRE, Canadian money is worth more than USA money, Funny.

BARB WIRE on DVD is a must for any Pam Anderson fan, if for no other reason than her topless dancing. The unrated DVD contains what is called "Sexy Outtakes" this section of the DVD should get more play than the entire rest of the movie.

Sexy Outtakes is really not an Outtakes at all. Rather Sexy Outtakes is a full 9 minute topless dance by Pam Anderson who exhibits gymnast-like qualities from someone with a body which is certainly NOT gymnast-like. Beginning hanging upside down from a red colored bar, she is sprayed liberally with water. The camera pans all around her, and eventually she climbs down from her perch and dances around while being sprayed by the water. All the while Pam is dressed in a black, leather-like outfit with the top wide open. All during this performance, a song plays in the background. This is certainly a well choreographed dance, as on occasion her hands do run all over her two greatest assets. I've already watched it twice. As you can imagine, the only OUTTAKE about this is Pam taking her breasts out for us to look at. This is certainly admirable. This scene deserved OSCARs for best female performance, best song, best costume and best breasts of the year. This is truly an erotic performance.

The beginning of the film picks up at this dance club, and we get to watch slightly more than 4 minutes of the dance continued, but with a worse song, "Word Up" a different version was also used in Austin Powers 2 for some reason.

Other special features of this DVD include a photo gallery. There are no nudey pictures of Pammy in the photo gallery. Disappointment!

Theatrical Trailer, shows us the one preview aired in theaters, which tells us Barb Wire was coming in 1996. This may be a 5 year old film, but Pam's body appears timeless and will never age on DVD.

The movie itself is really a silly story which takes place after the Second American Revolution.
The character, Barb Wire is a former resistance fighter who lives in the last free city in America, Steel Harbor. Barb Wire is essentially a mercenary. She rescues kidnapped people, acts as a bounty hunter to capture those who have skipped out on their bailbondsmen, and as a side job, she runs her bar "The Hammerhead" which seems to be the most popular place in town. Notably, Barb lives at The Hammerhead and has a nice hot tub upstairs, where she will be covered in bubbles at one point.

Some freedom fighters approach Barb in the film with the desire to get out of America, to the safety of Canada, where they will be able to share the secret they have which will bring down the rulers of America and hopefully make it free again. That is the basic premise of the film. Included in the film is a side story of the Resistance fighter who Barb was once in love, until he betrayed her. He also is trying to get to Canada, along with some special contact lenses. Barb doesn't care about the cause, only the money the lenses are worth until her bar is trashed and some people close to her are killed. At that point she becomes the avenging angel who takes up the cause of the resistance to get the two freedom fighters to the plane leaving for Canada.

Lots of leather, lots of cleavage, lots of shooting, and the car/bike chases ensue afterwards, the perfect formula for an action movie. We see Barb has a great UPS-like truck which is converted to pretty much the ultimate battle wagon. Barb's attire is also lovely, leather everywhere and lots of Ammo, and guns. But what is boggling to the mind is the belted ammunition she wears. Barb carries no weapons which take belted ammo. Barb also has the amazing ability to fire two large caliber handguns at once. A feat which surely can be accomplished by a woman of her cup size.

The acting in the movie itself, (do you really care?) is totally adequate. Barb plays a hardass with allegiance to no one but herself, and the supporting cast are also all one dimensional characters. The acting by Pam is not to be confused with her much better role in her television show V.I.P.. Barb Wire is a strong, empowering woman who gets what she wants, is dependent on no one and doesn't wish to be seen as a "Babe", and don't call her that either, men are dependent on her.

Many have said this film was done as somewhat of a tribute to Casablanca, but I've never seen Casablanca, and I bet it doesn't have Pam Anderson in it. I probably never will see Casablanca, as there are 9 minutes on this DVD which I have to get back to watching again.

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