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Dec 8, 2012
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Stout, durable folders crafted of handpicked, lignin and acid free papers and imprinted with harmless inks especially originated to be blur and stain free.

Note: as with most of the items I review in this category the items are not NECESSARILY toys, games, game pieces, game boards, or items for use with game machines, or office supplies or soft ware per se, rather these are classroom type materials designed by educators and produced by educational manufacturers and intended for use with Early Childhood, primary and older age Elementary students in a classroom or home school setting.

This product is file folders


Barker Creek™ Publishing and Lasting Lessons Denim File Folders are offered as an element of a set of coordinated themed materials including these double-sided letter sized 1/3 cut, 3 tabs, 12 to the package. 

These folders feature a reliable denim design intended to coordinate with the Barker Creek Western themed offerings.  These letter-sized file folders 4 each left, center, and right tab, printed on acid free paper for holding important papers, file folder games, work sheets, photos, announcements, programs, and other mementos and the like without fear the work stored will fade or otherwise deteriorate.

Stout, durable folders crafted of handpicked, lignin and acid free papers and imprinted with harmless inks especially originated to be blur and stain free; these folders are unparalleled for creating long-term, gripping file folder games.  Such games are a major structure for many Early Childhood programs where teacher made games and materials especially developed to buttress Little Learner understanding of Math and Language Arts concepts are used nearly daily.

In spite of all the amount of educational, strengthening type materials I have put together used and continue to use with multiple classes of Little Learners for many years spent teaching; there does always seem to be one more curriculum situation for which I do not yet have an augmentation tool ready. Every class is different, a Rose may be a Rose may be a Rose, nevertheless, a First Grade class is a new creature each and every year. Having available clever, coordinating, materials is a genuine assist for those of us who have good ideas, but little artistic talent.

I have long found letter-sized file folders handy for classroom necessities.  I use folders for making file folder games, some folders are used for storing work center materials, test results, work pages, teaching materials and reinforcement games and materials.   I find these ingenious folders to be advantageous for perking up classroom interest, organizing file cabinet, home office, genealogy file box or other file devices; these folders are as attractive as they are functional.

Manufactured of expressly chosen raw materials preceding generation of first-rate papers to be imprinted with harmless inks designed to meet or exceed industry and governmental standards as regards items to be used in situations where young children can logically be expected to be in attendance.  These particular folders offered have been produced for educators and others who face expense and deficient of specific materials to be had to address a knotty problem we are facing in the classroom with THIS class THIS year.

These fun denim folders are especially useful in the Early Childhood classroom where we do much Language Arts including phonics, alphabet, letter, sounds, phonemic awareness, word decoding and the like throughout the school term.

I find folders handy for storing many 8.5 x 10 inch letter size documents including pictures, copy page masters, books of masters, tasking sheets, task cards, announcements, news and  magazine clippings, notes and letters, small soft cover publications, letters and notes, genealogy documentation, certificates and assorted keepsakes. 

Happy to recommend Barker Creek™ Publishing and Lasting Lessons Denim File Folders.

Note:  I find these folders to have a bit less pow than do some of the more brightly hued and patterned ones also from this publisher.





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The following is company related information regarding Barker Creek Educational Products :

If you, as I, have an interest in company information in particular information regarding where items are manufactured and by whom, I prefer Made in USA when available, where they are offered for sale, safety standards regarding materials used and suitability for classroom usage due to expertise of the publisher and product designers,  or other pertinent classroom based information as available; as well as Breast Cancer Awareness and Support carried out by the company, if any

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Internet search including the Barker Creek Educational Products website  indicates:  launched in 1999 Barker Creek Educational Products opened with a single; product one book, the Draw•Write•Now®, Book One.

Items offered by Barker Creek Educational Products are developed by teachers and parents who are frequently searching for better tools to assist children’s learning.  Criteria used for creating and evaluating new products, includes: is the product  educationally sound and does it address an important, fundamental learning skill;  is it a hands-on, interactive tool;  can we bring it to market at an affordable price without sacrificing quality;   will it function in both a classroom and home environment and, will kids love it and want to use it for a long, long time?

Continuing growth allows Barker Creek Educational Products newest catalog to offer over 40 new products to help children master language arts, math and social studies skills in addition to others in their growing stable of works.

Barker Creek Educational Products business plan includes that Barker Creek Educational Products will be used by children for generations to come.

In Barker Creek Educational Products’ ongoing efforts to "Go Green," Barker Creek Educational Products’ works with printers to utilize earth-friendly, soy-based inks whenever possible. Barker Creek Educational Products’ strives to print on recycled papers that is recyclable, or has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as being managed as an environmentally friendly, sustainable resource.

At Barker Creek Educational Products satisfaction is the top priority; we stand behind our products 100%.

Barker Creek Educational Products
P.O. Box 2610

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