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Barney - Barney's Halloween Party (DVD, 2009)

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Let's Make This the Happiest Halloween!

Jan 23, 2002
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Pros:Singing, Dancing, Colorful Costumes and Sets, Craft Projects, Children LOVE it!


The Bottom Line: If your family loves Barney and Halloween, this is the perfect video for you.

Barney's Halloween Party was our family's first introduction to the perky purple dinosaur... of course the infamous BARNEY! My daughter's god parents gave it to her for Halloween. She was 9 months old at the time. I can honestly say that our house has not been the same since. My daughter is absolutely mesmerized by Barney! She squeals and bounces around. She dances and is literally hypnotized by his movies.

Barney's Halloween Party stars of course Barney and his cast of friends: Hannah, Curtis, Steven, Kisha, BJ and Baby Bop. There is a special appearance by the twins, Ashley and Alicia. The video starts with Hannah and Curtis decorating the tree house for Halloween, later Barney and their friends Steven and Kisha join in the fun for some dancing and singing. Barney and the kids take a trip to Farmer Dooley's farm to learn about autumn, apples and pumpkin patches. Of course, there are plenty tunes and tapping of the feet to go along with learning about life on the farm. The kids and Barney go to the school to help Mrs. Kepler and Principal Boyd with decorating for the Big Halloween Party that is happening that evening. We learn how to make Paper Spiders, Ghost Footprints, and Halloween Owl goodie bags. The projects are really cute, and I think older children would love making them. They also paint pumpkins to decorate the school playground. Of course there is as usual, singing and dancing to go along with all of the craft projects. Later Barney and friends go to the big school Halloween Party. Everyone looks so cute in their Halloween costumes! The gym is decorated festively as all the school children play games and have Halloween fun! There is the Big Parade of Costumes, a pinata, as well as a C..C..C..Cold Dance routine by the Twin Penguins and Barney. Baby Bop and BJ decide to go Trick or Treating with the Principle "Pirate" instead of going to the party. They review Halloween Safety, as well as the ins and outs of Trick or Treating. Unfortunately they keep forgetting things in the tree house, so their Trick or Treating is cut short. BJ gets only Celery and Baby Bop and Orange! But never fear... The kids and Baby Bop work a little magic and share there Halloween Candy with BJ! Barney and Friends make this the Happiest Halloween!

As with every Barney video there are previews of other Barney videos that you can buy. My daughter actually enjoys the previews as much as the main attraction. At the beginning there is a short clip by the Wiggles. These are 4 British men that sing and dance to unique children's songs. The one on this video is The Monkey Dance. The Wiggles play their instruments as they dance with a group of children. It is a really cute song and my daughter loves it!

As I said, my daughter just loves Barney! She loves the music, the dancing and watching the kids interact with our favorite dinosaur friends. It puts her in such a wonderful mood. As the opening credits begin, she gets so excited and bounces up and down. She started watching it when she was 9 months old, and still loves it now that she is a year old. She NEVER has gotten bored with the video. If we let her, (which we do not, mind you) she would watch this video hours on end. We watched the Halloween video way past Thanksgiving. Then we were lucky enough to get the Christmas Video from her godparents! Hmmm? I smell another review a brewing.

Well before I had Children I always said that MY kids would never watch Barney! I sure was wrong. It makes me happy that my daughter enjoys the video so much that I can look past the annoying little kids and their over exaggerated acting. You actually do get use to it after a while. The songs are catchy and upbeat, but sometimes a little TOO catchy! We watched the video so many times during past few the months, that I would lay in bed and hear the tunes rolling over and over in my head! UGH!

If your family loves Barney and Halloween, this is the perfect video for you. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a frightfully good time!

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