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Basic Instinct (DVD, 2001, Special Limited Edition)

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"What are you going to do? Arrest me for smoking?"

Apr 15, 2008
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Pros:Classic movie lines. Keeps you in suspense.

Cons:Roxy looks a little rough.

The Bottom Line: Not for children, but I highly enjoyed it.

I admit it. I couldn’t figure out if Catherine Tramell did it or not. I had to listen to Sharon Stone on “Good Morning America” (I think) being interviewed and telling that a certain scene in the movie (which I will not divulge) clears things up. I still had to watch that scene at least three times. Because I went back and forth, did she do it? Didn’t she? (I can never figure out how films end. I was probably the only person around who couldn’t figure out that (AND HERE COMES A SPOILER FOR ‘THE SIXTH SENSE’) that Bruce Willis was dead until his wife dropped the wedding band at the very end.

Anyway, this film is probably best known for its “knee crossing” scene. Ok, I’ve looked. Closely. And I think it’s more imagined than actually seen, but anyway. Of course one of the best lines in all of movie history (and I love movie quotes) is after Catherine Tramell, who’s being interviewed by the police for murder, lights up a cigarette, to which she is told that there’s no smoking allowed. To which she says, “What are you going to do? Arrest me for smoking?” That’s a classic.

I email 2 movie quotes every Friday to a very limited selection of friends and I think that was one of the first ones I quoted. My parents have yet to get any - not even a very classic “Gone with the Wind” quote. My heading now on my Friday email movie quote to them is “Why do I bother even sending this?”

One of the things I like about the film is the music. Mainly just instrumentals - no words. I think that really adds to the “feel” of the movie. Music can make or break a movie I think. I remember buying the soundtrack for “Bram Stoker’s Dracula”. Awful. With the movie fine, but without the movie, it just was boring. Maybe it could be played in the background at a Halloween party, but that’s about it. I think I sold it on eBay.

It’s got a little bit of something for everyone - well adults anyway. Lesbanism, voyeurism, violence, suspense, jealousy. It’s got almost all 7 deadly sins.

Anyway, will you become a better person by watching this? Will you ponder world events? No way!!! But you’ll have a heck of trying to figure out who is the murderer.

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