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Bayer Advanced Durozone Weed and Grass Killer--A Good Roundup Alternative?

Jun 22, 2012
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Pros:Inexpensive at just over $24, kills effectively, provides barrier against return growth

Cons:Must mix properly (my mistake!)

The Bottom Line: This product is very effective in killing unwanted weeds and grass. After five weeks new growth is not visible.

I've used Roundup Extended Control for a few years as my herbicide of choice for controlling weeds and creeping bermuda grass for extended periods of time. Over time I've noticed that the Roundup product has seemed to be less effective in killing my targets--it's almost like certain weeds almost "mutate" to develop resistance to Roundup, and the four month promise of no new growth had shortened considerably. I began looking around at Lowe's for another product that might perform better and with the help of a friendly sales assistant I settled on Bayer Advanced Durozone Weed and Grass Killer, which promised up to six months of protection against invading weeds and bermuda grass runners.

You can buy this product pre-mixed in a large container with a spray hose and nozzle, but I selected the 24 ounce bottle of concentrated herbicide, because I thought I might try my hand at mixing it with the recommended amount of water and using my own sprayer to apply the product. The directions say that you mix 8 ounces of concentrate with a gallon of water for the optimum effect, and tell you to shake both the product bottle AND the spray bottle before and after mixing for the best results. I prepared it according to the instructions and sallied forth on a hot, still after noon to spray.

The instructions stated that you should be able to visibly see results within a couple of hours after spraying, but my inspection later that day didn't reveal much in the way of weed and grass killing. The next day wasn't much better and it was really two or three days later before I noticed any browning up of any areas that I had sprayed. I was a little confused because I sprayed it on a sunny day, and sun is the trigger that makes most herbicides work. After much thought, I finally realized that I probably hadn't shaken the mixture correctly, because some areas were brown and dead, while other areas that I had sprayed looked pretty healthy.

I decided to give it another shot, and this time I shook the bottle very well before pouring 8 ounces of Bayer Advanced Durozone Weed and Grass Killer into my sprayer. After I added a gallon of water I shook the mixture AGAIN very well, and proceeded to respray the areas I had targeted.

The results were visible after a couple of hours. The weeds that had invaded the seams of my driveway, walkway and patio were looking a little wilted and desiccated, and the bermuda creepers trespassing in my beds looked the same way. After 24 hours, everything that I had sprayed was brown and dead, which pretty much proved to my that the product had delivered as promised, at least as far as being a killing agent. Will it provide up to six months of protection? The jury is still out on that one, but after almost five weeks my patio, driveway and walkway remain free from new growth, and the beds have a nice brown barrier around them that seem to be keeping new bermuda runners from trespassing there.

I really think that the results of my first spraying try were because I didn't properly shake the product when I mixed it. When I did it right on my second attempt the results were visible and spectacular, and I still have 8 ounces of the product left to treat the areas I've targeted again in the fall.

I should note that Bayer Advanced Durozone Weed and Grass Killer comes with a measuring cup with a pour spout that allows you to accurately measue the amount of herbicide to add to your water when mixing. The measuring cup will allow you to measure less than 8 ounces if you don't need that much to spray, making it easy to mix, for example, 4 ounces of herbicide with 1/2 gallon of water.

The entire bottle will treat around 1,500 square feet, but since I use it to "spot" spray, that was not relevant to my needs. However, if you have a large weeded area that you wish to kill, this gives you an idea as to how much ground you can cover.

I'm pretty satisfied so far with Bayer Advanced Durozone Weed and Grass Killer. When mixed and applied correctly, it means death to any weeds or grasses that you target. Will it provide a six month barrier? We shall see, but after five weeks I see no new growth in the areas where I applied the product. If I do notice any new growth, I'll come back here and update this review.

Thanks for reading.

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