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Bee Movie (DVD, 2008, Full Frame)

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The Bee Movie and the return of Jerry Seinfeld

Apr 24, 2008 (Updated Jun 6, 2009)
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Pros:Hilarious, Family Friendly

Cons:Minimal use of Chris Rock

The Bottom Line: Very funny, clever, and great for the entire family!

I have been waiting for this movie to finally be released on Blu-Ray before I watched it. Since the format war was over and done with a couple of months ago, I didn't think it would be long before there was a Blu-Ray edition. Yet, it took too long to get here, and so I rented my copy from Netflix. It turns out that I may buy it after all. The DVD had a vibrant and detailed picture on my HD monitor, the audio was incredible, and I cannot fathom any vast improvement on Blu-Ray. Unfortunately, this DVD is about as expensive as a Blu-Ray.

The Plot

This story is about a bee named Barry B. Benson. Barry graduates from school today and is ready for the real world of bee labor which he will endure for the rest of his bee life. His best friend Adam Flayman is excited to be graduating into the work force, but Barry is scared of the notion that he will be at the same job for the rest of his life. The jobs available for him all have to do with the production of the honey, whether it is heating, cooling, stirring, etc.., and the only job that interest him is that of the Pollen Jockey. These bees get to leave the hive and venture into the unknown as they gather nectar and spread pollen.

Instead of picking a job on graduation day, Barry tags along with the rest of the pollen jockeys. Through a series of unplanned events, Barry ends up trapped inside someone's apartment as is about to get smashed by a pair of Timberlands. His life is spared by Vanessa, girlfriend of said Timberland wearer. He went back in to see Vanessa the next day because he thought that he should thank her. Barry ends up breaking the #1 Bee Rule, and spoke to Vanessa. The two become fast friends and start hanging out with each other.

During one of their days together, they were in a supermarket where Barry discovers shelves and shelves of honey. That's when he began his investigation and discovered how humans had amassed so much honey - they stole it from the bees! Barry, with the help of Vanessa decides to launch a class action suit against humans for enslaving bees and stealing their honey. Will Barry and the bees win a judgment in their favor? Will Barry and Vanessa become more than just friends? What will Adam think? Discover all the answers when you rent or buy this movie.

My Thoughts

This is Jerry Seinfeld's greatest outing since his sitcom Seinfeld wrapped up. Jerry, of course is the star of Bee Movie in the role of Barry B Benson. If you're a fan of the Seinfeld show, then the humor in Bee Movie will not offend. This appears to be the perfect vehicle for Jerry's style of humor. The jokes about stinging, flying, being stuck to a windshield, and making honey appear to be very natural for Seinfeld. You find yourself constantly rooting for Barry the bee, despite how misguided his thought process could be. He could mess things up pretty badly from time to time, but he never stops being the story's hero.

For the first half hour of the movie, I couldn't help but compare it to Woody Allen's Antz movie. They were much too similar in the way that Barry, (like Woody's Z) was quickly unsatisfied with the life's work that they were born to do. They both needed more, they both ventured outside the hive or the ant hill. Maybe realizing the similarities, this storyline became merely the catalyst for a bigger plot for the remainder of the movie. The result is that Bee Movie is a far better movie than Antz, in that it was more accessible humor and you may even learn something about bee life while watching. While Antz was slightly more tailored to adult humor, Bee Movie was more kid friendly.

Bee Movie hosts an all-star cast of stars including Chris Rock, Rene Zellwegger (as Vanessa), Matthew Broderick (as Andy), Kathy Bates, Ray Liotta, Sting, Oprah Winfrey, John Goodman, Larry King and more. Ray Liotta and Sting play themselves, and in good humor they poke fun of themselves much to our enjoyment. Chris Rock is a mosquito named Mooseblood, which Barry Benson meets on a truck windshield when he accidentally gets smacked by one. Chris Rock was hilarious in the tiny allotted time he was allowed, and it made me yen for more.

Bee Movie is truly great fun for the entire family. I think kids from maybe 5 or 6 and up will be very entertained, and the adults who already love (or not) Seinfeld from his sitcom will enjoy the same brand of humor that we're used to. I'm going to follow the advice of my son who said as he watched the credits started rolling on our rented copy, "Buy it!"

UPDATE: It looks like Bee Movie is coming to Blu-Ray after all. It will be released May 20th, 2008, I'm going to reserve mine.

The Bee Movie
Released: 2007 in theaters, 03/11/08 on DVD
Rated: PG
Duration: 90 Minutes
Starring: Jerry Seinfeld, Rene Zellwegger, Matthew Broderick, Chris Rock
Directed By: Steve Hickner & Simon J. Smith

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