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Billy Blanks - Billy's Bootcamp Collection (DVD, 2005, 3-Disc Set)

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Aug 19, 2005 (Updated Aug 19, 2005)
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Pros:Well-rounded workouts, cardio and strength training

Cons:Workouts are pretty hard.

The Bottom Line: If you need motivation to make a change in your health this is a great place to start.

I noticed Billy's Bootcamp series on the Billy Blanks website and wanted it though I was not sure exactly what it was all about. The promise of guaranteed results in just 7 days sounds tempting and once I decided to buy I had problems finding somewhere to buy it from.

I finally found the box set in the As Seen on TV store in the mall which is in a green box and Billy is wearing a yellow shirt. The set has a few more items in the box if you order it from Billy Blanks website which is in a brown box and Billy is wearing a blue shirt:

What's in the Box
(DVD or VHS available)
- Billy's Bootcamp Basic Training (55 minutes)
- Billy's Bootcamp Ab Bootcamp (35 minutes)
- Billy's Bootcamp Ultimate Bootcamp (55 minutes)
- Billy Bands resistance bands
- A 7 day simple menu plan

Some boxes include:
- Bonus live cardio workout
- Energy formula supplements (What the ingredients are is a big mystery. Use caution if taking medicine.)
- Signature dog tags

Note that there is another series to release soon titled Billy Blanks Boot Camp 1 and 2 which is a different set than this.

Resistance Bands
The resistance bands were what made this package attractive to me. If you rent these DVD's or buy them as singles you won't be getting the Billy Bands. The bands can be purchased separately on for $15.

The band is like a tube of plastic which stretches and creates resistance as you pull on it. The bottom parts slips over you shoe and remains there. Since the bands are not connected together you are free to move around. The handle is comfortable and won't slip out of your hand. The bands are used with the leg and arm exercises.

The bands are not supposed to produce muscles like weights do. The purpose of the bands is to tone muscles, not build bulk. The folks in the workouts use the gym so I wouldn't worry about looking like Billy Blanks because that's not going to happen with this system. Muscles burn more calories every day so the goal with this system is to become lean.

These are not adjustable in length. My son does Tae Bo also but he was too short to use these.

The bands are made of latex which some people may be allergic to.

Keep out of reach of children.

The bands should not be used without the instructional video.

The Instructions
Not a lot of information comes with this box set. There is one pamphlet in the box which gives an example of a 7 day menu to follow. It specifically says that this menu is not to be followed for more than 7 days.

It gives 10 suggestions for getting eating wise if you have a weight-loss goal.

There is also a one month calendar listing which workout to do. There are 4 DVD's listed on this calendar even though only 3 come with this particular box.

The Workouts
I have reviewed each of the workouts separately so I will just put an overview here and the link to the individual review will provide my opinion in detail.

Basic Training
This is the first workout and is used to take the viewer back to the basics. You'll probably remember these moves (not with fondness) from your high school years or from military boot camp. Not all of the moves are calestinics but many movements are such as jumping jacks, push ups, sprint in place.

The bands are used through most of the workout. Throwing a punch or a side kick with the resistance bands is really fun.

The workout is set up in the save fashion that all of the Tae Bo workouts are. There is a warm-up, workout, cool down and a motivational heart-to-heart speech by Billy about reaching your fitness goals.

If you get the 3 DVD pack that does not include the cardio workout I would recommend Billy Blanks - Tae Bo: Fat Blasting Cardio to fill in the gap. The DVD is used once in week 1, twice in week 2 and week 3 and once in week 4. Since the Cardio DVD did not come with my set I am not sure if it is the same but I have seen fat blasting cardio and it does use the resistance bands. The workout about killed me without the bands so watch out!

The workout for this series is called, Billy's BootCamp Cardio BootCamp Live! and has a September 05 release date.

Ab Bootcamp
This is a 35 minute DVD which does not use the resistance bands at all. The first half of this workout is done from the standing position and then finishes off with floor exercises. There is a lot of instruction in this workout to be sure that you are performing the moves correctly. Billy explains the moves in detail and uses his daughter, Shellie, to demonstrate the correct and incorrect way to do them.

I am sure that you will find that 35 minutes is long enough to work on your abs. The moves are entirely different than older style ab exercises and are not just sit ups and crunches.

The moves are designed to be easy on your back. The bottom portion of your back will be used as well. The moves were not modified at all and were not beginner moves. I thought this was a pretty good workout for the abs but I feel like there were many other workouts speciafically belly dance workouts that achieved better results in my opinion than this workout did.

Ultimate Bootcamp
This is the hardest workout in the series and a very advanced 55 minute workout. Do not be surprised, it will truly challenge you. The steps are very basic and easy and there is not a lot of Tae Bo moves in this workout however there are many repetitions. The Billy Bands are used in 20 minutes of this workout. The burn will focus on your arms in the beginning and then move on to the burn in your thighs and rear. Last but not least the abs get their moment to shine.

The bootcamp theme really shines in this workout. There is special bootcamp music playing in the background made for this workout. Billy spends a lot of time motivating and encouraging in this workout in a military style.

Billy's agenda in this workout is to help the viewer realize that they are in control of their health and by doing this workout today with put you in a better position tomorrow.

This is the last DVD in the set and is on the calendar for three of the five workouts in week four. The previous workouts were intended to get you ready for this workout. I have been doing several Billy workouts for months now and I wasn't ready. Just when you master Billy's moves he goes and changes everything! Good for the body to learn new things though.

What do you mean boot camp?
The theme of this workout is a military boot camp. The setting is decorated with red white and blue. The crew is wearing camouflage outfits.

The first DVD throws in some calisthenics which is classic of military training. The goal is to break a person down and build them back up as a stronger person.

There isn't any drill sergeant yelling or cadences. The whole theme is more for marketing than anything else, as far as I am concerned. They could have just as easily called this strength and endurance training.

The fact is, you must be in shape to go into the military and most people do not make it through basic training. There are sincere grunts and struggles from the people behind Billy working out. This series makes you fight for what you want. It makes you rough and tough if you will. This series is making me strong, I can feel the difference.

Weight Loss
It is possible to lose weight from this but do not expect miracles right away. The box claims Guaranteed results in seven days but the results are based on you following the enclosed eating plan which is 1400 calories a day. Everyone knows that decreasing intake and increasing exercise will produce favorable results.

I don't have time to count my calories and I can not do the same workout 3 days a week but I have been using Billy's workouts 3 or 4 times a week and feel and see the results. I'd say the results are more in toned muscle appearance than in weight loss which should really be the goal anyway since no one knows what you weighed in at. If you put effort into the workouts and stick to them it will definitely be worth the money I think.

Keep in mind that it's not possible to spot reduce weight.

I am an x-military chic so I dig this series which reminds me of the good ol' days but I would not recommend it to any of my friends because all of the DVD's are really tough and physically challenging. Everyone I know has some quirk about their health that keeps them from doing something which is the main reason I would be cautious who I recommended such an expensive series to. The first and last DVD would be very hard on the knees, the ab workout is stressful to the lower back. Using the workout bands wouldn't be something I would use if I had upper back and neck problems or previously shoulder injury.

I do not think it is an intro workout so wouldn't curse this on anyone that is seriously out of shape unless they were strong-willed. You don't have to be over weight to be out of shape either. Muscles were never meant to move in the directions that you will be training them in these workouts. Also, this is different than the regular Tae Bo workouts which will be a challenge for your body even if you are experienced in Tae Bo.

I have found that I love the fast pace and like to be challenged beyond my capability. Billy requires the user to count out loud and be part of the workout without excuses. None of the moves are modified, you just keep up the best you can. I do a lot of workout and find that I benefit a lot from the Billy Blanks workouts. I find myself feeling stronger and more coordinated the more I do them.

I really feel that this series was worth the money and noticed the price has dropped so an even better deal now. You can buy the DVD's separately but I think the Billy Bands are the best part of this series and you can only get them in the box set. They really speed up the workout results.

You know the old saying, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. Well indeed the guaranteed results in 7 day is true but the catch is that you will have to work really hard for it. You will see that the results don't necessarily mean weight loss. This is better though. I'll take a pant size over the scale numbers any day. Billy will get you where you want to be if you give him the chance. V for Victory!!

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