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Billy Blanks - Tae Bo Cardio (VHS, 2003)

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My heart beats in counts of 8

Aug 5, 2005 (Updated Aug 5, 2005)
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Pros:Good workout, variety of moves

Cons:Lots of moves and fancy footwork

The Bottom Line: A good cardio workout for the mind and body.

The nice thing about Tae Bo is that there are so many different DVD’s that it will be easy to find one that fits your style. That’s kind of how I feel about this DVD. This is a cardio 44 minute workout that is slower than the usual Tae Bo pace and has many different moves rather than isolating muscles. This is a workout that I would enjoy doing numerous times mostly because it’s a pace that I am comfortable with.

The title of this DVD is very similar to other workouts he has like Cardio Circuit 1, Cardio Circuit 2 and Fat Blasting Cardio. When I saw this I thought that I had seen it before but had confused it with other workouts that he has put out recently. This one doesn’t call out “cardio” like the other ones do and the emphasis on cardio (a faster pace) isn’t emphasized as much.

What is Cardio?
Cardio (cardiovasular) exercise is an effective workout for strengthening the heart muscle when done at a targeted heart rate. Billy Blanks has incorporated mandatory counting out loud for each repetition of 8. If you are out of breath and can't count you're above your target and need to slow down. Cardio fitness is great for stregnthening the heart, lowering stress and reducing weight.

Equipment Needed
No equipment is needed for this workout. The small area in front of your television is sufficient. All of the exercises are done in the standing position. There isn’t any floor working or bending.

The Set
This workout takes place in the Tae Bo studio. I really liked this room. It had white carpet and interesting colors and shapes in the background. Billy Blanks is the instructor and he had his daughter as his demonstrator. There was a group of men and women behind him following along.

Unlike most workouts, there isn’t a person to follow for a modified workout. The moves are pretty tough. His motto is to push yourself which is fine if you’re in shape, but if you physically can’t do a move it’s best to walk in place.

About the workout
There are plenty of workouts to choose from but they usually focus on sculpting an area of the body. This workout doesn’t really concentrate on one area of the body. The whole body is worked equally like the arms, legs, behind, and abs.

There were a lot of moves such as punches, kicks, in-and-outs, speed bags, leg lifts, twists, and plenty more. The workout began to get more complicated as it went on. By the end there were numerous steps that were used such as moving forward, punching three times forward then a crossover with the other hand. So coordination and using the mind was important. There were many movements that required balance. Balance and coordination was the hardest part of the workout.

Those with poor coordination and balance may get frustrated with all the patterns that are used. Balance and coordination are one of the things that help the body from falling which become more important with age.

This workout seemed to focus on a targeted heart rate which is what I was looking for. I felt very comfortable with this slower pace and feel that I got a more productive workout than with faster workouts. Slow and steady seems to burn more calories for me than working hard and over exerting.

The workout started with a long warm-up. I was very tight and went into the workout kicking and screaming because I really didn’t want to do it. But the warm up got me in the mood with simple wake-up stretches. The workout is followed by a long cool-down.

How did Billy Blanks do?
Billy was alert and in a good mood for this workout. He reminded the viewer to keep proper form several times and called out moves just before they happened. Billy was easy to understand but with the music in the background and the gang counting (and you should be too) it requires concentration to stay with the program.

He does a good job at keeping the viewer motivated by doing little things like walking up to the camera. He’s strong on motivation. In the last moments he gives a heart-to-heart about believing in yourself and allowing yourself to see how well you’ve done.

Who this is for
A slow pace for Tae Bo is really like a normal pace for any other workout. Generally Billy works the audience at a fast pace. There was a lot of fancy footwork and directional movements. If you already know Tae Bo you won’t have any problem keeping up with this workout. If you are new to Tae Bo it will be a little bit of a challenge. A beginner should know the proper form for his moves because he doesn’t really demonstrate the correct positioning or give much guidance on the correct way to do them.

I felt this was an effective workout for cardio. It wasn’t a sweat-provoking workout like he often leads. I wouldn’t dare say it was easy, but it is enjoyable and doable and a workout with a high replay value.

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