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Bissell 33N8A Canister Cleaner

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Bissell 33N8 Handheld Spotbot…A Must Own!

Dec 1, 2013
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Pros:Effective Cleaner/Extractor, Reasonably Priced

Cons:Can Be Messy if Improperly Handled

The Bottom Line:

The Bissell 33N8 Spotbot is a most effective cleaner/ extractor for carpet and upholstery stains along with those associated with pets.

The joy of owning a dog is one that isn’t appreciated by all but somehow appreciated in a way that it endears you to those that do. There’s a certain understanding about that facet of humanity where dog lovers just get each other; allow me to share this one instance.

I met a woman in the real estate industry who was a principal in a large broker. I would run into her often and though feel I’m approachable and friendly, for some reason I just felt she had the opposite opinion of me. She was always off-put in my presence and our encounters were always short, to the point and almost clinical, a situation that lingered for about two years and after numerous run-ins. I was running my dogs through town and ran into her. She made a point of stopping me and got down on her knees and just devoured my dog’s faces! I saw her turn at that very moment; her terse exterior melted away and we had what amounted to the first of many, many friendly encounters and dealings. I have met and continue to know so many people on account of my dogs, an experience I relive almost weekly, just part and parcel of the dog ownership experience. Owning dogs is work, no doubt, but like any other pursuit, you need to right tools for the job.

While we have literally done away with carpeting altogether, we do have rugs that often require some touch up due to dogs tracking in mud or dirt and that’s when the Bissell 33N8A Spotbot comes out of the closet.

Having owned the original Spotbot, it became clear to me that I needed to replace it when it finally died after years of use. I had used that machine primarily to clean up after hairballs and carpet spotting from puppy accidents, as rare as they were.

The new Bissell 33N8A Spotbot has taken the best of that base model and improved upon it. Manufactured with pets in mind, the Bissell 33N8 Spotbot can essentially be used for any spot, be it spills or hardened stains on upholstery, carpeting drapes and can even be taken out to the car. At our house we have used the new Bissell 33N8 Spotbot to remove tracked in dirt from our dogs and I’ve used it for freshening up the carpeting on my automobiles from dirt tracked in from the dogs with great success.

The Bissell 33N8 Spotbot is an automated machine that is capable of cleaning a stain from initial wetting, scrubbing, and application of your preferred chemical to extraction and fluffing all on its own incorporating the enclosed bottom mounted brush and agitator unit. You simply place the Bissell 33N8 Spotbot over the stain and walk away until the unit runs through its cycle. In addition the 55 inch hose and brush and trigger attachment allow you to manually clean any stain where you control the application of cleaner and extraction process, my preference, although both work equally well.

Top mounted controls include surface and set in controls for the automated process along with Hose for manual control and the stop button. Indicator LEDS include: spray, suction finish, brush and power which apply to automated operation.

The Bissell 33N8 Spotbot is a carpet cleaner/ extractor not a portapotty. If you had an incidence where you had to clean feces, or urine the Bissell 33N8 Spotbot would come into play after you have thoroughly removed any matter, hard, soft or liquid so the unit could remove the stain. Using the Bissell 33N8 Spotbot to remove urine or feces amounts to an improper use of the Bissell 33N8 Spotbot and could understandably result in unexpected malady.

The current version of the Bissell 33N8 Spotbot is greatly improved in that the extracted liquid container can now be thoroughly and easily cleaned with any dishwashing detergent. After each use the final step is to extract one or two soapy tankful into the 32 ounce extraction container followed by a clear rinse and then allow the unit to dry outside or on a rubber boot tray. The sixteen foot power cord is handy for moving around in a car or large area. Bissell has an array of chemicals to assist you in tackling your stains. They claim the  Bissell 33N8 Spotbot is 99% effective in deep cleaning stains, and while it’s difficult to quantify stain removal, I can state from my prior experience and my current use, the Bissell 33N8 Spotbot is worth every penny of the 4129.00 we spent buying it. A limited one year warranty is something you want to pay attention to, registering the machine or, at the very least, holding onto receipts in the event you need assistance downstream.

At the end of the day, the Bissell 33N8 Spotbot is most certainly the right tool to own if you own pets or simply a little careless with that cup of coffee as you walk about your home.

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Amount Paid (US$): 129.00

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