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Bissell 86T3 Big Green Cleaner

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It Picked Up All Of That With Just Water

Jul 21, 2011
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Pros:very powerful, gets up deep down dirt wtih just water, carpet dries quickly

Cons:heavy, cumbersome

The Bottom Line: This does a good job of cleaning my carpets and keep them looking new

A carpet cleaner is something my house simply can not go without. I have three dogs, numerous teenagers in and out, and a husband who tracks dirt all over the house. So when my carpet cleaner of five years decided to quit picking up water I went looking for a replacement. After doing extensive research on the carpet cleaners on the market. I decided to start looking for where I could find the best price on the Bissell Big Green Deep-Cleaning Machine.

The Bissell Big Green Deep-Cleaning Machine is not the smallest carpet cleaner on the market at 20 1/2 l x 42 1/4 h x 11 w. This carpet cleaner is also night the lightest on the market at 42 pounds. It has an adjustable-height handle which is nice for someone who is taller. The clean and dirty water tanks stack one on top of the other and lock into the base of the cleaner.  There is a flow indicator that tells you your running out of water and need to empty your tank.The clean water tank and dirty water tanks both hold 1.7 gallons of water.The Bissell Big Green Machine cleans in both forward and backward mode.This comes with a 6 in. tough-stain tool as well as a bottle of cleaner to get you started. This carpet cleaner has the longest cord of any carpet cleaner I have  ever owned at 9 ft. Long which is great for larger rooms.

- Features -
1.)Extra large brush roll- Pulls out deep down dirt

2.)Removable clean and dirty water tanks

3.)Flow indicator- monitors water and solution levels

4.)Long Reach hose and 6 in. tough-stain tool

5.) Easy-Clean brush roll

6.) Anti-tip design

7.) Adjustable height handle

After getting the Bissell Big Green Machine I pulled it out of the box. There was no set up to this other than pull the handle into the upright position. I did not need to adjust the height of the handle or anything so the machine was ready to be used.After unlatching and removing the top tank from the base. I pulled the water/solution tank out to be filled. I had been told that this could pull out deep down dirt with just water and wanted to see if it was true. So I did not add any solution just hot water to the tank.After filling the tank and putting the cleaner back together it was time to try the cleaner out.

I turned the machine on ( the on/off button is located on the back of the handle) and pushed down on the lever below the handle to release it and got started on my hallway.After going over the hallway a couple of times I could tell that the color of my carpeting was going from brown to its original tan color again. This machine is extremely powerful and really sucks up the water.  This got up all of the dirt that left my tan carpet in the hall brown with nothing more than hot water. I could not believe how gross the dirty water tank was when I emptied it out. I went back over the hallway with solution in my water tank this time. When I was done I emptied the tank again and the water was hazey and a light brown color. I had gotten out the biggest portion of the ground dirt out my first time with just the water. I could not believe. You could barely tell I had done the hallway carpet at all when I was done. The carpet was damp not wet like my carpet always was with my last carpet cleaner. This really cut the drying time in half. My carpet was completely dry in only a couple of hours instead of taking all day to dry.

This carpet cleaner reminds me of a Rug Doctor that you can rent,but with ten times more power. The Bissell Big Green is 11 inches across so this will fit in smaller areas nicely as well. I have not had a reason to try out the cleaning tool or hose yet since I have leather furniture and my stairs are to steep and narrow for me to carry this carpet cleaner up and down.

I have cleaned the carpet in my bedroom and living room with the same amazing results as I got when I did my hallway. I love how well this carpet cleaner works with just water. I now do not bother using solution until I have gone over everything with just water. I now do not bother using solution until I have gone over everything with just water. I find I get the carpet cleaner that way. This carpet cleaner has done a god job of cleaning up puppy messes, getting shampoo out of the carpet, and getting soda out of the carpet. I clean up the carpet cleaner after every use. Just remove the tanks from the base and tip it up. The roller is super easy to clean just turn it to clean. The wheels and bottom get wiped down as well as all of the connecting parts. I want to keep this machine working for a long time.

I have been very happy with this carpet cleaner. I am sure that this will last for years as it is made very sturdy and high powered. My only complaints about the Bissell Big Green Machine are that it it is heavy and a bit cumbersome. It can be a bit of work to push and pull around when on due to its suction power. I feel like I have a work out when I am done using this carpet cleaner, but I have something to show for it. This also does not heat up the water you have to put hot water in it which some people have a problem with.  This carpet cleaner is an investment at $600, but I feel well worth the price.My carpets look as good as new.

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