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Blue's Clues - Telling Time With Blue (VHS, 2002)

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As Time Goes By

Mar 13, 2004
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Pros:Promotes time concepts, patterning, sounds and listening and patience in a fun way


The Bottom Line: A great addition to your child's video library that is very educational and fun at the same time. A must have for any Blue's Clues fan!

Telling Time with Blue is just 1 of the 25 Blue's Clues tapes that Courtney has and I thought I'd better get around to reviewing them because it's going to take me a long time to get through all of them!

About Telling Time with Blue

Telling Time with Blue is just one of the many Blue's Clues tapes that you can buy and as with most Blue's Clues tapes, it has 2 episodes of Blue's Clues on it. Telling Time with Blue was released in 2002 by Viacom, the parent company of Nick Jr., and runs about 50 minutes long. Maybe longer if you decide to watch all the previews at the beginning (Peanuts, Rugrats.....)

The 2 episodes on Telling Time with Blue are "Blue's Surprise at Two o'Clock" and "What Time is it for Blue?".
As you can see, both episodes have something to do with time. Let me give you a synopsis of both:

~~Blue's Surprise at Two o'Clock~~

No sooner have we been welcomed into Steve's house than Steve is teaching us how to read the second hand on his watch. You see, he wants to see how many seconds it will take for us to find Blue and he even puts his watch up to the screen so that we can see it count off the seconds. Steve's watch stays around to help us with time throughout this episode. As it turns out, it only takes us 5 seconds to find out where Blue was hiding. It turns out that Blue has a surprise for us at 2:00 and we all play Blue's Clues to figure out what the surprise will be. On our way to the kitchen to find our 1st clue, we count off some more seconds and low and behold, it only takes us 8 seconds to get there! The kitchen was the perfect place to go because we find our 1st clue there which is orange juice. Once we get done drawing orange juice in our handy dandy notebook, we go to the bedroom and visit Tickety. Tickety Tock practices telling time with us and really goes into a lot of detail to explain it all to us. Next comes mail time! and we rush into the living room to receive our mail except, where is Mailbox?? We call "mail time" a few more times and then we hear Mailbox call out that he'll be here in a minute. Steve finds this to be the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how slow a minute can seem at times. Steve's watch pops back up on the screen and we watch as each second ticks by agonizingly slow. Poor Steve actually falls asleep from sheer boredom! Finally, at the one minute mark, Mailbox pops in and we get our letter. The letter is from our friends who are making Tickety Tock out of styrofoam as an art project. After we read our letter, we happen to find our 2nd clue! Ok, we really didn't find it, it just kinda fell out of the letter. Nevertheless, it has to be written in the handy dandy notebook!

Wait a minute, where did Blue go? Oh, she skidooed into that book, which happens to be Ticktey's favorite nursery rhyme, Hickory Dickory Dock. We follow Blue into the book and find ourselves inside a grandfather clock. Grandfather Clock has a game for us to play called "race against the clock". Basically, we have to figure out in 5 seconds what a picture is suppose to be as it's revealed slowly to us. Because we're very smart people, we figure all 3 pictures out and we also figure out that those 3 pictures are related to the kitchen. When we skidoo out of the book, we find ourselves in the kitchen where we also find our last clue. It seems the freezer door keeps opening up and as freezing cold air comes out, so does a clue. We all surmise that freezing must be our last clue.

So we have orange juice, a popsicle stick, and freezing as our clues. Can you figure out what Blue's surprise for us at 2:00 is??

I have to say that I find this episode to be extremely educational! This episode really goes into depth as far as telling time goes yet it's done in such a fun way that children won't realize that they're learning something. A few of my favorite parts were when Steve fell asleep while waiting for a minute to go by. It really emphasised how sometimes time can go by so fast and other times it goes by so slow. Courtney also likes that part because when the timer goes off to show that a minute has gone by, the sound of it startles Steve out of his little nap and he jerks upright with a surprised look on his face. Courtney bursts out laughing at that scene every single time! While she may be too young to learn how to tell time, Telling Time with Blue has taught her the words clock and watch. She now points to every clock in the house and happily announces "clock!" quite proudly.

On the back of the case for Telling Time with Blue, it states that the episode "Blue's Surprise at Two o'Clock" promotes time concepts, patience, and predicting & anticipating. As you can see (or I should say read), this episode most certainly promotes those very things!

Ok, now on to "What Time is it for Blue?"

~~What Time is it for Blue?"~~

We are once again over at Blue's house to play and it happens to be clean up time so we help Blue put her toys away. Steve has forgotten what comes after clean up time so we play Blue's Clues to figure out what comes after clean up time every day. Just like we did in "Blue's Surprise at Two o' Clock", we head towards the bedroom to
visit with Tickety. On the way there, we come across our 1st clue slung on the back of a rocking chair. It's a blanket and naturally, we draw it in our handy dandy notebook. After that, we continue on our way to the bedroom to see Tickety. Unfortunately, Tickety wasn't aware of our presence and when Steve said hello, he scared her so much that all her parts came flying off! Poor Tickety!! We all help to put Tickety back together and in doing so, we identify the different parts that make up a clock. Oops....we forgot to pick up the bedroom! We finish clean up time by putting away toys, clothes and shoes in the closet and in doing so we learn all about patterning as we figure out what comes next. For example, on the shoe shelf, we have Steve's boots, Steve's sneakers and Steve's slippers. Then we have Blue's boots, Blue's sneakers and Blue's......what? By looking at how the pattern for Steve's shoes went we can determine that Blue's slippers is what belongs on the shoe shelf next. After we finish picking up the bedroom, we walk by a book shelf and come across our 2nd clue, a book! We draw a picture of a book in our handy dandy notebook and before we can begin to look for our last clue, Mailbox announces it's mail time! The letter is from a friend who is showing us her favorite times of the day at school. She likes music time, play time, and lunch time the best.

We again start to look for our last clue when Blue skidoos into a picture of a jungle and of course, we decide to come a long. Once there we are informed by the King of the jungle (a lion) that there are some animals hiding and if we want to bring them out of hiding we have to imitate the sounds that they make. We listen carefully as we hear a frog, an elephant and a monkey. We then imitate those animal noises ourselves and sure enough, the frog, the elephant, and the monkey come out of hiding!

After skidooing back home, we finally are allowed to find our 3rd clue, which happens to be a pillow. Ok, we sit in our thinking chair and our clues are a blanket, a book and a pillow. Can you figure out what time comes after clean up time?

What I like about "What Time is it for Blue?" is that it gives children another way to think of time. They go through it every day themselves, like lunch time or bath time, so they should be able to relate pretty easily to this episode. Courtney's favorite part of this episode is when Steve and Blue are in the jungle identifying the animal noises they hear. 2 of her favorite animals that she likes to imitate are shown, a frog and a monkey, and periodically for the rest of day, she'll come up to me and say "ooh ooh ooh" and then it's my turn to say "aah aah aah" and then she says "monkey!" I won't even go into our little frog game we play (too hard to explain) but suffice it to say that after watching this tape, she's insistent that we play it!

On the back of Telling Time with Blue, for the episode "What Time is it for Blue", it states that this episode promotes time concepts, patterning, and sounds & listening. Again, just like "Blue's Surprise at Two o' Clock", they are most correct!

Taken as a whole, Telling Time with Blue is an excellent tape to add to your child's video library! The creators do a wonderful job explaining time concepts and I love that each episode has it's own. The time concept for "Blue's Surprise at Two o' Clock" is telling time and the time concept for "What Time is it for Blue?" is times of the day. This teaches children that there are many different kinds of time. Children also learn patterning, animal sounds, how to tell time, how fast or slow time goes and even how to make your own orange juice pops (oops....just gave away the answer to one of the episodes!). The best part is that the whole time our children are watching Telling Time with Blue, they don't realize that they're learning anything. They just think they're having fun with their friends Blue and Steve. What more could a parent want in a children's educational video?

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