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Bose OE2 Headband Headphones - White

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Bose: Overpriced or Worth the Price?

Feb 1, 2013
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Pros:Excellent/Competitive Sound Quality (Bass, Treble, and Frequency), Clean Look, Durable, Very Comfortable


The Bottom Line: The Bose OE2s are the paramount choice for anybody with a little spending money looking for exceptional rerecreational headphones.

Because Bose is widely considered one of those brands that is fairly expensive but doesn't supply quality that correlates with that price, buying one of their products often yields queries of concern. However, I find it safe to say that these headphones deliver beyond what is expected both of the legacy left by Bose and the price at which they are purchased.


Another common brand name headphone that is even more well known for its high price and low quality are the Beats by Dre. These headphones take oodles of cash to obtain and yet provide sound quality that isn't bad, but can be find similarly in cheaper headphones that may be less stylish. Is this the case with When compared with other recreational-based use heaphones such as the Beats or Skullcandies that are in the same category as Bose, Bose tends to blow both out of the water in its sound quality. Its frequency pick up and sound equalization is phenomenal in comparison to other headphones in its class. It will pick up low sounds such as bass and higher melodies as well without creating that unwanted bass boost "overload" often found in Beats and Skullcandies. This creates a sound that replicates music or other media in the way its supposed to heard without over-distortion or overall phenomenal sound that is worth the price. The sound even compares to study headphones like Audio Technica or Sennheisers that easily outclass it both in price in many cases and in technology. These bulkier headphones allow for higher frequency ranges than Bose more often than not, but the OE2s are not too off from competing with these heavyweight powerhouses!


The Bose OE2 Headphones are Over-Ear Headphones by definition. These are the hardest types of 'ear-devices' to make comfortable as they naturally press against your ears and create the cramped setting. But I am elated to state that this is not the case for these headphones. The plush padding often leave your ears forgetting there is a device hugging them against your head and the 'memory-foam' like texture molds to your ears for maximum comfort. Also, the top of the headphones offer an adjustable head fastener that fits to virtually any head size allowing for flexibility. Although it may not be the most pressing matter for some, for many the look of the headphones are a big deal. Though they may not be as fancy looking as the Beats, Skullcandies, or Deadmau5s, they still have their own unique look. The OE2s have a clean finish that suits almost any person aptly and doesn't have that bulky feel expected from heavyset headphones. Their sleek lightweight designs makes me appreciate their look over Beats the more they are used.


If your a user of Skullcandies or someother brand of headphones that focus on looks rather than functionality, your probably used to headphones that break with little rough use. The Bose OE2s are not like that. It comes with a simple cushioned carrying case that makes on the go transport easy and accessible. Also, the wire is nice and thick preventing tangling and twisting that can distort the wire and leave the sound staticy. Plus the headband and earphones are made of durable, solid material that withstand extremes of weather and the occasional battering.

The Final Synopsis

In all, I hope you don't plan on battering these as the Bose OE2s are a phenomenal pair of headphones. Although they can be a little pricey they are well worth the buy as their sound quality, comfort, and durability will compensate for your light wallet!

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