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Bose Tri-Port Headband Headphones - Silver/Black

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Incredible sound, incredible comfort, incredible brand

Dec 30, 2007 (Updated Dec 30, 2007)
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Pros:Bose replaced broken headphones at no charge, superb sound and comfort

Cons:Frame is somewhat flimsy and broke when removing them from my head

The Bottom Line: I absolutely recommend these headphones to anyone. The price is well worth it - it represents superb quality and an amazing replacement policy.

I picked these up for a sound class I took back in 2003 that required "good, ear covering" headphones thinking I'd use them for the few weeks the class ran and then pack them away somewhere. Whoaaaa baby, was I was wrong about that! These quickly replaced all my old headphones and have been glued to my head ever since!

I can't say enough about the comfort of these headphones. They truly are "all day" headphones with their soft padding
(no bulk, and it never pinches) and light weight. I've lent them to many people over the years and everyone is just speechless at how comfortable they are to wear!

Sound Quality
No other headphones I've worn come anywhere NEAR the sound quality that these headphones emit. The sound is incredible, and with their muffling qualities, exterior sounds are greatly minimized. It is truly like being transported to a world of crystal clear, beautiful sound.

Peace and Quiet
While they aren't "noise canceling", they sure are good at muffling exterior sounds. I love to put them on in noisy environments, even without music playing, just to have some peace and quiet. I find the battery that most noise canceling headphones require to weigh the headphones down too much, so these are a nice compromise. Combined with earplugs, not even a classroom full of loud, rowdy guys is able to compete!

Con: Frame Breakage / Pro: Bose Replaced Headphones
Something unique to my experience with the Bose headphones is my experience with having broken my first pair. They somehow survived three years of heavy use while I was in school, but broke shortly after taking my first desk job. The frame snapped when I removed them from my head. I was heartbroken (but fully prepared to buy a replacement pair of the same headphones) when I decided to email Bose a photo and a description of the problem to inquire about a repair.

Not only did Bose reply quickly, but Bose sent me a new pair of headphones in exchange for the broken pair. I should note that the headphones were slightly over three years old at this point. I feel like most companies would have told me I was out of luck. For this, I highly, highly recommend these headphones and the Bose brand.

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