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Apr 25, 2012
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Pros:Slim design; lightweight; Works well; stylish!

Cons:None thus far

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Get one!

Like most computer users I have to admit that I would be lost without my mouse.  Keyboard shortcuts are fine, but there is limit to their usefulness. Where they leave off the trusty mouse steps in; there is just no way to quickly and accurately navigate a GUI without a good mouse. 

Until very recently I was avowed Windows users and of course that means I am used to the stalwart two-button mouse with the now essential scroll wheel for navigating those ever lengthy web pages.  But, tablet computers like my new Apple iPad 3 do not have mice and that took some getting used to.  Yes, I know the iPad is touch screen, but the human finger can at time be unwieldy and more than once since I’ve owned an iPad (I am on my third generation) I have needed to get a stylus, but haven’t until now, when I decided to spring ($8.00 at for the highly regarded BoxWave Corporation BoxWave Skinny Captive Stylus For Apple iPad 3.

BoxWave Skinny Captive Stylus

The slim BoxWave Skinny Captive Stylus is a 5.12” long .25” diameter, all metal stylus that weighs in at a mere 0.4 ounces.  The unit, which can be purchased in a number of eye-catching colors ships with a handy 3.5mm headphone jack adapter for transporting it with your tablet of choice.  BoxWave Skinny Captive Stylus is also engineered with a handy built-in metal clip and can work with all captive touch screen devices. 

The business end of the BoxWave Skinny Captive Stylus is fitted with a durable rubber tip that glides smoothly over the glass surface, and can be used from almost any angle.       

First Impressions: 
It took me all of a few minutes to get used to the BoxWave Skinny Captive Stylus and I love the thing.  How was I working with the iPad before a stylus?   I have to wonder what I was waiting for using a stylus makes a huge difference in the ways you can use the iPad without fat fingers getting in the way!

Attaching the BoxWave Skinny Captive Stylus in the 3.3 mm audio port of the iPad for transport is not idea because there is no way to secure it against the body of the unit, so it ends up doing a lot of banging.  Better to get a case with a stylus holder I would think, which by-the-way I did today!  I choose the BoxWave Skinny Captive Stylus because of the rubber tip (no smudges on my glass screen) and the looks; neither have been a disappointment.  For $8.00 you can go wrong with the BoxWave Skinny Captive Stylus.    

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