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Brand Castle Blooming Cupcakes Kit, 6-Count

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Kids will get a kick out of making their own dessert in a flowerpot.

Jun 21, 2012 (Updated Jun 21, 2012)
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Pros:Very unique and simple.  Many possibilities for those with imagination.

Cons:Need more than 6 flowerpots.  Works best with fluffy lightweight frosting.

The Bottom Line:

Not limited to cupcakes.  Kids can create many different no-bake desserts with the reusable silicone flowerpots. 

I don’t usually get specialty items for baking because I do not want to store extra things but the little flowerpots stack neatly and would not take up much room.  The kids love to help out with cupcakes so I knew they would enjoy the Blooming Cupcakes Decorating Kit.  The kit retails for $12 each but with only 6 flowerpots in a box I had to get 2 boxes.  I recently saw a “worms in dirt” dessert at a restaurant I wanted to recreate at home so I purchased some gummy worms to have on hand in addition to the little serving sizes of decorating sprinkles that were included in the package.

My daughter was very excited when she saw the kit and couldn’t wait to make them.  Everyone in the family thought the appearance of the freshly baked cupcakes were neat but that was before they were frosted.  We used white whipped frosting from the grocery store.  We tried to replicate the design on the cover but ours were flat.  The kids were pleased knowing we made these ourselves but the cupcakes were in no way suitable to present to guests.  We poured the batter to the fill line noted on the inside of the pot but the cake did not rise high enough for the look we wanted.  The frosting had to go inside the flowerpot which didn’t look right to me.  We were able to do 12 pots with a box mix and still had plenty of batter left over.  The next time we will fill the pot higher than the fill mark to give the cake more height.  We lowered the temperature by 25 degrees as suggested on the kit and the cupcakes came out very moist. 

The biggest question everyone had was how to eat the cupcake?  The flowerpot is silicone so we don’t want to eat that.  The cupcake can be squeezed out easily but it falls over on its side because of its height so it no longer looks appealing.  A fork can also be used to eat it like a piece of cake out of the flowerpot if you like a mouthful of frosting, and a separate mouthful of cake.  My daughter used her flowerpot like an ice cream cone and did not need a plate or fork. 

We used whipped pre-made frosting from the store and it is just not the way to go because the frosting needs height that can be created best from a cake decorating bag.  The way the frosting and cake are layered in the flowerpot does not work very well in comparison to a traditional cupcake.  The flowerpots are novel, but they are not the best tasting.  The leftovers were a bit soggy after sitting overnight.  The silicone seems to hold the moisture differently than a paper wrapper does.  As promised, the silicone did not absorb any smells or stains. 


The final product can go many different directions depending on the color frosting.  It is easy to achieve a spring look with white or any pastel frosting.  The cupcakes would be perfect for Easter topped with jelly beans or dyed coconut.  Lemon frosting with something representing bumble bees would be cute.  A version of strawberry shortcake can also be assembled in the cups.  A version of a flower on a cookie stick would work well.  This is also a good base for worms in dirt or similar creations using a chocolate or pralines frosting.  It would be easy to add a lollipop, small cookie, cereal topping, or a surprise inside.  There are so many possibilities. 


If your child wants to create a dessert with the flowerpots, pudding is the way to go.  My daughter made an instant chocolate fudge pudding and poured them into the containers.  The instant pudding was ready in just 5 minutes which was the perfect time for her.  She then added whipping cream for the topping and a piece of candy and sprinkles for garnish.  More ambitious chefs could make a crust on the bottom or use cookie crumbles on top.  Another idea is banana cream pudding with a wafer on top. 

The serving size for the pudding is ½ cup so the pots are a perfect size.  We used 8 for this dish but more would be needed if adding a crust.  The pudding presents much better than cupcakes because the whipped topping gives the much needed height.  The dessert can be eaten directly from the flowerpot.  Serve with a plastic spoon to reduce the chance of messes. 


I was scared to try brownies because I figured it would make a huge mess but the box said it could be done.  Ours turned out fine with the help of a cupcake liner inside each flowerpot.  A mini cupcake pan spaced every other one is the perfect size to hold the flowerpots while filling and baking.  She used a brownie box mix to make 12 flowerpots then dusted them with powder sugar after they were done.      


The instructions on the box suggested using the flowerpots to hold snacks.  This is a good size for portion control and would be ideal for candy such as gummy worms, M&M’s, or candy pieces.  The silicone is very bendy so may not be a good idea for all ages. 

Crispy Rice Treats

The instructions say your favorite recipe for crispy rice treats can be used in the greased flowerpots to create a mound.  We haven’t tried this but I’m thinking Fruity Pebbles or Cocoa Pebbles would really complement the flowerpot well. 


The finished product makes a really unique cupcake that looks awesome standing alone.  I could see a single cupcake presented in this flowerpot as a birthday treat to a friend or co-worker.

The packaging the flowerpots come in also looks interesting so could be a unique present for the right person.   


The product is dishwasher safe however they are very lightweight and could fall through the dishwasher rack.  Nothing sticks to the silicone so they are easy to clean.  The flowerpot can be turned inside out for cleaning if necessary. 


This box of 6 silicone flowerpots sold by Brand Castle retails for $12.99 Users may find themselves quickly needing a second set as the cupcakes are no larger than a typical cupcake.  The flowerpots are reusable and dishwasher safe.  The flowerpots are a little hard to manage on the first use but once you get the hang of it creativity will take over.  Decorative cupcake insert papers can be expensive over time, so I feel like this product will pay for itself in time.  The kids love to decorate their flowerpots and the container adds interest to an otherwise ho-hum dessert.   

This has been a fun product for us to use so far on summer break.  My daughter frequently asks for something to be made in the flowerpots.  When I suggest we use something else, she insists on the flowerpots.  I’ll have to admit, it does make a fun activity.

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