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Bratz - Starrin' & Stylin' (DVD, 2008)

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Stylen With The Bratz Girls

Apr 27, 2006 (Updated Apr 27, 2006)
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Pros:They address issues such as friendship,honesty, and team work

Cons:girls dress sleazy for teenagers, characters tend to have a bit of an attitude

The Bottom Line: Makes the Bratz fan happy and entertained

My daughter is a huge fan of Bratz so when she received this a couple of years ago as a gift she was thrilled. Me well I was not so sure as she was only five at the time and the way the Bratz girls dress to me was not a thing a five year old needed to see. Never the less I kept an open mind and allowed her to watch it with me. At the time I felt it was to old for her and put it up and just let her watch it again after two years time.

The movie has four main characters that are best friends Jade, Cloe, Yasmin, and Sasha. The movie starts out with Cloe picking up Jade, Yasmin, and Sasha for school in her new car. In their first class Mr. Del Rio gives them a huge assignment due the following Monday which is right after prom weekend. The girls decide to do a video for their assignment and go to a friend of theirs Koby to borrow a camera for there project.As the girls work on their homework for Mr. Del Rio's class thoughts of the upcoming prom intrude upon their thoughts.

The girls are worried about getting everything ready for prom and finding that perfect outfit for prom. Well when the girls go out shopping for their prom outfit Jade opens up to Yasmin about feeling insecure about her fashion sense and thinks she is loosing her touch. The next day in the school paper there is a piece about what Jade had opened up and said to Yasmin the day before. The same thing happens to Sasha when she tells the girls that she is worried about everything not turning out perfect for there upcoming prom. When the girls have a discussion about there worst fears showing up in the school paper Yasmin comes clean and tells them that it is her fault. She is the one doing the mystery writing for the paper and sets out to make things right by writing a piece about herself in the school paper.

It is finally prom night and when the girls get to their prom it seems as though everything is ruined when the catering company is stuck in traffic and the photographer quits as well as the dj calls in sick. Will the girls be able to save the prom? What will Mr. Del Rio think of the girls video for the class assignment?

My daughter enjoyed the movie and sat through the whole thing. My daughter may be seven now,but that is truly the test on if my daughter likes something or not. This movie kept her entertained and planted to her spot on the couch. For myself I think knowing now that she is older and knows right from wrong I do not really have a problem with her watching this. Though I do not like that they dress on the sleazier side for supposed teenagers that they do address issues such as friendship, honesty, and team work.

DVD Special Features:
Deleted Scene- The Haunted Elm
Bratz Bloopers
Bratz Love Horoscope
Bratz Fashion Mall
Bratz Trivia Game
"Summertime GIrl" Music Video
Bratz TV Spot "Girls Nite Out!"

Dvd running time 61 minutes
came out in 2004
was a gift,but have seen it for $7 (DVD)

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