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Brazil (DVD, 2006)

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Lost In Brazil

Aug 1, 2001
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Pros:Interesting cinematography

Cons:Confusing and Convoluted

The Bottom Line: When watching this film.... bring some aspirin along......

I must say... this was a very very very weird film. It was hard to follow and make sense out of it. So, if you ever really want a headache for some peculiar reason.... rent this film. Otherwise, if you want to stay sane... keep away. I really wanted to like this film but I could not. It was interesting to look at and might be cool with the mute button on. I had to admit, the cinematography and special effects were amazing especially considering the film is from 1985. Alas, those were the only good parts of the film. What I want to know is, what was going on most of the time? The guy who wrote and directed it also directed some Monty Python flicks but he must have been on some heavy drugs while making this film. He just seemed to think of many different actions sequences and scenes and then push them together without having them fit coherently with each other.

People who are paranoid about the government might get a kick out of this film. It does overdo certain aspects of how our government might become by showing things such as crowded places and excessive paperwork. People are worked hard and looked at very closely. I personally do not think of the government that negatively so even that part of the film didn't do much for me. However I looked at it, I just couldnt enjoy this film. "Brazil" was made in 1985 but I kept thinking it was from the 60s because of the psychedelic feel of it. It didnt really offer any solution to the problems and instead decided to blow everything up in the it's path. Jonathan Pryce, the main character, did a decent job. He did what he could with the character given to him. Yet the character was still to dark and confusing to understand. I tried to hold on to him as one of the few people who made sense in the movie but even that failed. Robert De niro was surprisingly in this film as well, I hadn't expected that. Yet I believe he was wasted in this film, just held to a really small and unimportant part.

I would describe the plot but I wouldnt know where to begin. I guess it could be about a man trying to find a decent job and stay out of trouble in a very weird futuristic world. I just can't figure it out. I am even trying hard to find things to write in this review and yet even since I saw it just about 2 weeks ago, I'm having trouble describing it. I guess you could say there is nothing out there like it, yet in a way I'm happy that is true. I know that this film is a cult favorite and I'm sure I'll be bashed by some for the negative review but I found it impossible to like. The film was exteremely hard to follow. I didnt understand most of the characters because they seemed to not even act human. Maybe this was an alien film... who knows? Its hard to think back to the film because it just feels like a whole big mess. If I ever do watch it again, I'll be sure to bring some aspirin along.

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