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Jun 29, 2002 (Updated Jun 30, 2002)
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Pros:used to be a good company...

Cons:lost packages, delayed deliveries, wrong recipients!!!

The Bottom Line: Worst tracking system and customer service. They NEVER know where your package is!!!

Fedex used to be a good company... that was a few years ago. Now, they just suck. We do about $1500 worth of shipping with Fedex and almost every package we send out is either delayed, lost, or mis-delivered. Whatever happened to their "absolutely positively guaranteed overnight" motto... "the world on time" -- yea right. In addition, Fedex customer service have their heads up their butt... everytime you call for tracking information, they have no idea where your package is. Instead, customer service reps are trained to pull out any old excuse from their bag of bull crap. One might say, "yes, your package is with the courier now" and then if you call again, another service rep will say "oh, it's been delayed on the plane due to severe thunderstorms" and then before you know it, you call again and the rep now tells you, "oh, a Mr. Harry Dumass signed for your package." Do you know who "Mr. Harry Dumass is???" No, they delivered to the wrong recipient!!!! When you asked where it was delivered... they can't tell you!!

Here are my stories...
First off, Fedex priority overnight does NOT guarantee by 10:30 am delivery. Their priority overnight guarantee is for 12 noon. The 10:30 am is misleading. Anyhow, on Thu, 6/27, I ordered some blank shirts to be FEDEXED priority from LA to Worcester, MA. This package should have arrived by 10:30 am but it didn't. We were scheduled to run a print job that day but the package never arrived. This job needed to be done for a Monday morning meeting so it was imperative I got my package that day.

When I called the FEDEX customer service rep at about noon to track my package, the rep said the package as of 7:30 am at the LA airport and did not make it on the plane. I asked "why??" and the rep did not know but would call me within the hour to let me know. An hour or so goes by and nobody calls me back. This is typical of their customer service. So I call FEDEX again, this time, asking to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor said the package was on the plane at 2 am and is now in Newark. When I asked about the discrepancy from the rep first telling me the package was still in LA at 7:30 am and now in Newark, made no sense at all. The supervisor said she did not know. I asked when they expect to have it arrive in MA and I would pick it up from wherever it is. She said she did not know.

Meanwhile, our printer is willing to come in on Saturday to do our job but only from 8am-noon. When I asked the supervisor when I will be able to get my package, she said Monday or I could request a Saturday delivery. I then asked when on Saturday, she said probably about noon. And noon is not even the guarantee... you can expect packages to arrive as late as 6 pm on Saturday. I said noon is not good enough, I wanted to have it delivered earlier. She said that it can't be done. I asked if I could pick up the package myself. She said Customer pick up is not open till 10 am on Saturday. In my opinion, FEDEX is not trying hard enough. This is a package that is suppose to be delivered priority overnight and they are treating it like the package isn't important.

I decided to find out when the package will arrive in MA sorting facility and I will pick it up directly there. She said anywhere between Friday 5 pm to Saturday 5 am. Good, I said. I can drive down and pick it up anytime as long as it is before 8 am Saturday. She said she would check with the facility manager to see if I can do that. While she was checking into this, we scheduled the printer to come in on Sat (they close at 4pm and I still didn't hear back from FEDEX), hoping we would retrieve the package that day. About an hour later, the FEDEX supervisor calls back and says the package is in the MA facility now but can't be picked up. I ask why and she just says I have only two choices Sat or Mon delivery. I asked the supervisor to put me in touch with the facility manager to make special arrangements for me to pick it up there and she said she couldn't do that. I didn't give her my answer.

My package is here in MA and I can't pick it up??? There has to be a better solution. I did some research on the web and luckily found the direct phone numbers of the FEDEX distribution centers from an interoffice memo. I immediately called the distribution center and explained my situation. The facility manager said "YES, I CAN PICK UP MY PACKAGE!!!" She said to call back in about an hour and it should be ready for pick up. By 8 pm that evening, I had my package in hand and business was back on schedule!!!

My problem with FEDEX is the way they treat priority overnight packages. If I don't have to pay the extra price of a priority overnight package, I won't but obviously, I do, because it is PRIORITY. On a micro-level, FEDEX is fine. However, FEDEX at the customer management level is bad. They really never know where the package is. And when you try to speak to a supervisor, it takes at least 20-30 minutes of hold time to get them on the phone. And even with a supervisor, they don't treat your delivery as a priority. They never offer solutions to meet your urgent needs even when things can be done.

Another problem with FEDEX is the misdelivery issue. We were expecting another priority overnight package of some confidential business/legal documents to be delivered to us. The shipper had the correct name and address so there should not be any problems of a misdelivery. At 10:30 am, I go online to check the tracking and notice nothing has been updated since the time it left the shipper. I call FEDEX asking them to track my package. They say its on the FEDEX truck scheduled for delivery. Good, I think. (Little did I know, it was being delivered to the wrong address!!) I call at about noon to see where my package is since it has not arrived. Apparently, the package has been signed for by a(let's just use this fake name to hide the identity of the real person) Harry Dumass. ARGHHHH!!!! I ask where??? And FEDEX stupidly repeats MY ADDRESS!!! I said there is no Harry Dumass who signed for the package (and we have a very small business operation here -- only 2 ppl in the building). Desperately, I try to find the phone number of this Harry Dumass but don't even know what city to look him up. I try the city we are in and there is no listing by that name. I call FEDEX to ask them WHAT HAPPENED??? WHO IS HARRY DUMASS??? And they just give me the same answer, Harry Dumass signed for your package at your location. Again, I ask to speak to a supervisor. By now, it's nearly 3pm in the afternoon and no one knows where this package is. The supervisor said she would look into it and call back. This time, no call back. I call again and said I want to speak to the driver who delivered that package. Obviously, they won't do that, but I think it put some fire under their toes to call and find out from the driver what happened to the package. The supervisor calls back in about an hour and said she won't know until the driver comes back around 5 or 6 pm. To make a long story short, we got our package the next day after they finally figured it was delivered to another company in another location that didn't even have the similar address as us.

This is a short one. I dropped off an overnight priority FEDEX package to a FEDEX customer service person at the drop-off location. I told him this needs to go FEDEX priority overnight, as he can see on our FEDEX form. He said no problem. I waved, he waved and we said our good byes. When I went home that evening to track it... the tracking number kept coming up invalid. I called FEDEX and they said there is no package by that tracking number. That's strange... it is the right number since I have a copy of the FEDEX slip. I type again, slowly, the exact numbers as they appear on the slip... and again, it comes up as invalid. The next day, I rush over to the FEDEX drop off office and ask "WHAT HAPPENED TO MY PACKAGE??" They check my tracking number and say... hmmm... it's invalid... but I explain I dropped off the package last night to the man who was working here. Later that day, they ask the man about the package. He says he remembers me dropping off the package, but not sure what happened to it. ARGHHHH!!!!! And now without a "valid tracking number" I can't even place a claim to this lost package.

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