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Fedex Standard Overnight Delivery: It Can be Costly, but it Works

Jun 24, 2010
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Pros:Delivers as promised; Can track packages online; Gives you peace of mind

Cons:Large, heavy packages are often too costly to consider Fedex Standard Overnight

The Bottom Line: Fedex Standard Overnight is a good, reliable service

Quick mail delivery is often crucial. For both business and personal items, there are times when you have to get something shipped and delivered to its destination in a very short period of time. When you need something delivered fast, one of the first options that comes to mind is Fedex Standard Overnight, one of the premier overnight shipment options.

Delivery Service Facts:

Fedex Standard Overnight delivery service offers delivery of your letter or package by the afternoon of the next business day. Fedex offers morning next- day delivery (referred to as Fedex Priority Delivery), and first thing morning next business day delivery (referred to as Fedex First Overnight), but the service used by most customers is Fedex Standard Overnight delivery due to its more economical price and its promise to delivery your mail in one day. In the United States, Fedex Standard Overnight delivery is good for delivery anywhere in the forty- eight contiguous states. Alaska and Hawaii residents can also use Fedex Standard Overnight delivery, but the rules are slightly different.

In order for Fedex Standard Overnight delivery's guarantees to apply, there are some limits on shipments. They must weight 150 pounds or less with a package size limit of 119 inches in length and 165 inches in length plus girth, which is defined as the length plus two times the width plus two times the depth. Fedex Standard Overnight delivery also places limits on what it will ship. Firearms, chemicals, and other potentially dangerous materials may not qualify for the overnight guarantee. Customers need to consult the web site first, to make sure.

Fedex Standard Overnight delivery promises to have your letter or package in the hands of the recipient by 3pm the following day for most U.S. addresses, or 4:30pm the next day for rural addresses. Customers should keep in mind that next day delivery means next business day. If you need Saturday delivery, Fedex offers that also, but it will cost you extra.

Fedex Standard Overnight delivery is a fast service and because of this, it can cost a good sum of money depending on the size of the package. Fedex Standard Overnight delivery offers an assortment of envelopes and boxes to ship your goods and if you visit a Fedex Kinkos service center, reps will help you select the right package for the task. The weight of your shipment and destination distance will determine your final price, which can range from as little as $5.00 for a flat envelope with almost no weight to $700 or more for a 150 pound package. Delivery can be made to an actual home or business address, or directly to a local Fedex office.

Final Thoughts:

Fedex Standard Overnight delivery is one of the most often- used delivery options by businesses and individuals when they have something that must be delivered in a short period of time. I have called on Fedex Standard Overnight delivery dozens of times over the years, both for business and for personal reasons, whenever I need to have prompt delivery and cannot take any chances. This doesn't happen much on a personal level, since most packages do not need to be delivered in a single day, but it happens with greater frequency on a business level and when it does happen, Fedex Standard Overnight delivery is the service I am most likely to use.

I first got to know and use Fedex Standard Overnight delivery more than twenty years ago. Of course, I was familiar with the Fedex name long before that, thanks to some of its memorable television commercials. Back then, it was referred to by its original name, Federal Express, and the ads would often feature nervous business people, worried to death that their job might be on the line if a package wasn't delivered the following day. Then, the ad would shift to the Federal Express company, with a narrator pointing out that this company was ready to take your package and deliver it before the close of business the next day. It was/is a great concept, and the Fedex company has enjoyed much success due to its next- day service.

I cannot count the number of times I have used Fedex Standard Overnight delivery, but based on my experience, Fedex Standard Overnight delivery has come through far more often than not. I can think of only a few times when my package wasn't delivered the next day- usually due to the weather or some other problem. More often than not, Fedex Standard Overnight delivery comes through and delivers the package on time. When I first used this service many years ago, I would often call the recipient business, just to make sure they received the package as promised. What I found is that the package wasn't necessarily there at 3pm on the button, but it was reasonably close- usually within an hour of 3pm. This has always been good enough for me. I have found that when most businesses tell you they want something the next day, they simply mean they want it before the close of business. Whether it is 3pm or 4pm, it still qualifies. I should also mention that it is very common for the order to arrive much earlier than expected. I just sent a small package Fedex Standard Overnight delivery a couple of days ago and when I tracked the package, it turned out it was delivered at 8:45am. In other words, I received Fedex First Overnight delivery service speed even though I only paid for Fedex Standard Overnight delivery.

My experiences with Fedex Standard Overnight delivery have been mostly from the business side. And it's a good thing, because the delivery fees Fedex Standard Overnight delivery charges are often more than I would be willing to pay. In fact, in the case of a heavy package, you must seriously ask yourself if overnight delivery is truly necessary. As you can see from the price quotes above, a large package at the 150-pound limit can easily cost more than $700 (!) to deliver by the next day. Switch to Fedex Second Day Delivery, and the price is cut in half.  Switch to Fedex Ground delivery, and the same package can be shipped and delivered for only about $100. This is a substantial difference, and this is why I often tell people I work with to make sure they have important shipments and letters ready to mail far in advance of when they are due. Waiting until the last minute- especially with a large, heavy package- can end up costing more money in shipping charges than the price of the item itself.

Fedex Standard Overnight delivery can be initiated by visiting a Fedex center or by calling Fedex directly and requesting pickup. Fedex centers are located all over the place and since the company purchased Kinkos, they seem to be even more commonplace than before. If I have the time, I like to visit the Fedex Kinkos center so that I can select my package, check my options, and get the best possible rate. Once the package is on its way, I like that I can track its progress from the Fedex web site. You can track by tracking number, reference number, or by your Fedex account number if you have one. Your tracking number is listed at the top of your US Airbill statement (the one Fedex gives you, as part of your receipt) and it makes for a quick and simple way to comfirm when your package was received.

Overall, Fedex Standard Overnight delivery is a very good service and one I will likely continue to use indefinitely. Fedex Standard Overnight delivery rates aren't cheap when you have a large, heavy package, but this service is still very good nonetheless for its accuracy and timeliness. Like the ads used to proclaim, sometimes you absolutely, positively, have to achieve delivery overnight and Fedex Standard Overnight delivery is ready to fulfill your needs.

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