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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 2 (DVD, 2009, 6-Disc Set, Canadian; Repackaged Full Frame)

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A Season of Big Moments

Mar 16, 2007
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Pros:Great plot twists, symbolism and angst

Cons:Still not enough commentaries, but maybe that’s just me.

The Bottom Line: Season Two establishes the style and intensity of the rest of the series. Watch it.

Season Two of the cult classic “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer” ran from the fall of 1997 to the spring of 1998 on the WB. A great season, it introduced new characters Spike (James Marsters - “Smallville”) and Drusilla (Juliet Landau) who quickly became audience favorites. Also added to the cast is Daniel “Oz” Osbourne (Seth Green - “Austin Powers” series), new romantic interest for Willow Rosenberg (Alyson Hannigan). It also showed the audience that, with Joss Whedon, nothing is ever predictable.

“When She Was Bad” - The season begins with Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) returning from LA where she spent the summer with her father. While trying to act like the events of last season haven’t affected her, Buffy is nasty to Cordelia Chase (Charisma Carpenter), “dances” with Xander Harris (Nicholas Brendon) and snaps at Angel (David Boreanaz). To make matters worse, the Anointed One is trying to resurrect the Master. Fav. Quote: “Whatever is causing the Joan Collins 'tude, deal with it. Embrace the pain, spank your inner moppet, whatever, but get over it.” - Cordelia

“Some Assembly Required” - As Buffy and Angel dance around their Romeo-and-Juliet issues, librarian / Watcher Rupert Giles (Anthony Stewart Head) tries to fire up some romance of his own – with computer teacher Jenny Calendar (Robia LaMorta). And someone in Sunnydale is robbing graves, trying to create their own perfect date. Fav. Quote: “I just think it's rather odd that a nation that prides itself on its virility should feel compelled to strap on forty pounds of protective gear just in order to play rugby.” - Giles

“School Hard” - Two new vamps, Spike and Drusilla, appear in Sunnydale as Buffy tries to juggle school and slaying. Principal Snyder (Armin Shimerman) threatens to get Buffy into trouble if things don’t go perfectly on Parent-Teacher Night. For once, things appear to be going well. Everything’s ready and Willow is keeping Joyce Summers (Kristine Sutherland) away from Snyder. Unfortunately, Spike decides that he can’t wait for the appointed night and crashes into the school. Fav. Quote: “Okay, that's it. I'm puttin' a collar with a little bell on that guy.” - Xander

“Inca Mummy Girl” - Jealousy rears its head when Xander falls for a mysterious exchange student with something to hide. And the lead guitarist for Dingoes Ate My Baby, Daniel “Oz” Osbourne, asks the question that he’ll spend the next few episodes trying to answer: “Who is that girl?” Fav. Quote: “That's great! You're not a preying mantis, are you? Sorry, someone else.” - Xander”

“Reptile Boy” - Tired of waiting for Angel to step up, Buffy accepts an invitation to attend a frat party with Cordelia. Which, of course leads to party where Buffy and Cordelia find themselves being offered to a creepy reptile-god. Fav. Quote: “- I told one lie, I had one drink. - Yes, and you were very nearly devoured by a giant demon snake. The words ‘let that be a lesson’ are a tad redundant at this juncture.” - Buffy & Giles

“Halloween” - New baddie Ethan Rayne (Robin Sachs) creates some chaos as he turns many Sunnydale residents into their costumes, including Buffy. Unfortunately, Buffy decided to dress up as someone not-so tough which leads to Spike searching for the now-helpless Slayer. Meanwhile, some darkness from Giles’s past is uncovered. Fav. Quote: “She couldn’t have dressed up like Xena?” - Willow

“Lie to Me” - Creating jealousy among Angel and Xander, an old friend of Buffy’s appears and reveals that he knows Buffy’s secret. However, Ford (Jason Behr - “Roswell” and “The Grudge”) has secrets of his own. Fav. Quote: “You have too many thoughts.” - Xander

“The Dark Age” - Ethan Rayne returns as the group learns dark secrets about their favorite librarian, secrets that put everyone’s lives in danger. Fav. Quote: “Do you want me to answer that, or shall I just glare?” - Giles

“What’s My Line” Parts 1 & 2 - A pivotal two-part episode in which effects of last season’s finale are felt, Xander finally gets a girl, Oz finds his girl and the group receives their nickname – “the Scooby gang.” Creepy assassins are, again, sent after Buffy who is finally feeling happy with her relationship with Angel. Spike finds a cure for sick Drusilla which involves her sire – Angel. And Kendra, the Vampire Slayer (Bianca Lawson - “Save the Last Dance”) is introduced. Fav. Quote: “I am the bug man, coo coo ka choo.” - Xander

“Ted” - Guest star John Ritter (׆ Simple Rules”) plays Ted, Joyce’s new boyfriend. Buffy isn’t fond of the new man in her mother’s life but everyone chalks it up to petty childishness. Things take a dark turn when Ted slaps Buffy and a fight erupts, with drastic results. Fav. Quote:” He's a clean clown!... I have my own fun.” - Willow

“Bad Eggs” - In a typical high school tv plotline, the Scoobies are given eggs to ‘parent.’ No one knows that these eggs really hold creepy, mind-controlling creatures that play body-snatchers with the students and staff of Sunnydale high. Relationships grow more intense among the couples. Can anyone say ‘symbolism’? Fav. Quote: “I'm gonna beat you like a redheaded stepchild.” - Lyle Gorch

“Surprise” - Beginning the tradition of bad-Buffy-birthdays, this first of an intense two-parter took the show to a new level. Secrets of many kinds are revealed as a visitor comes to town, Oz joins the Scoobies for a birthday party and Buffy finds an arm in a box. Spike and Drusilla are not only alive – or as alive as vampires can be – but they are assembling a demon known as The Judge. After much exertion and angst on the part of our heroine and the love of her life, Angel and Buffy return to his mansion and... well, you know... with tragic consequences. Fav. Quote: “Looks like Mr. Caution Man, but the sound he makes is funny.” - Xander

“Innocence” - In the second half of a two-parter, the results of Buffy and Angel’s intimacy is revealed, Willow catches Xander and Cordelia kissing and Jenny’s connection to Angelus is exposed. There’s also a missile launcher in a mall. Fav. Quote: “Uh, arm.” - Oz

“Phases” - As Buffy deals with Angel fallout, the Scoobies discover that there is a werewolf in Sunnydale. And, in true Whedon fashion, it is someone they know. “Well, I like you. You're nice and you're funny. And you don't smoke. Yeah, okay, werewolf, but that's not all the time. I mean, three days out of the month I'm not much fun to be around either.” - Willow

“Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered” - Amy Madison returns as Cordelia decides that dating Xander isn’t worth the stain on her reputation. Succumbing to peer pressure, she dumps him and Xander blackmails Amy into casting a love spell. As one might expect, the spell backfires and Xander becomes the object of everyone’s obsession. Fav. Quote: “Can you focus for a minute? You just turned Buffy into a rat.” - Xander

“Passion” - Angelus steps up the torment of Buffy and friends, sneaking into houses, leaving pictures, killing fish. Angelus is also tormenting Spike by blatantly flirting with Drusilla. The episode goes darker than any before as Angelus murders someone close to the Scoobies. Fav. Quote: “Passion is the source of our finest moments. The joy of love... the clarity of hatred... and the ecstasy of grief.” - Angelus

“Killed By Death” - Buffy becomes extremely ill and is admitted to the hospital where she sees one of Whedon’s creepiest monsters, Der Kindestod. Fav. Quote: “Tact is just not saying true stuff. I’ll pass.” - Cordelia

“I Only Have Eyes For You” - Big surprise, Sunnydale High is being haunted. One time student James (Christopher Gorham - “Ugly Betty”) was having an affair with his teacher in 1955. When she tried to break it off, bad things happened and James is reliving that moment, and forcing others to do the same. While trying to stop James, Buffy receives the chance to get closure with Angel. Fav. Quote: “Something weird is going on. Isn't that our school motto?”

“Go Fish” - In a formula ‘spoiled sports teams’ plot, Sunnydale’s swim team is having issues with members turning up skinned. Bonus though – two swimmers are Shane West (“A Walk to Remember” and “ER”) and Wentworth Miller (“Prison Break”). Fav. Quote: “Hey, if you saw this thing, you'd run like a woman, too.” - Xander

“Becoming” Parts 1 & 2 - In an intense two-part finale, Kendra returns and Buffy discovers that Angelus is going to try to destroy the world. An unlikely alliance, a secret revealed, a horrific death, a chance at redemption and an awesome swordfight all lead up to one of the most heart-wrenching, edge-of-your-seat finales on the show. Fav. Quote: “The big moments are gonna come. You can't help that. It's what you do afterwards that counts. That's when you find out who you are.” - Whistler

While the extras and commentaries are better than season one, I think more could have been added. However, this season truly does set the bar by which other seasons are judged. The style and mood of the show were established here. Any fan of should own this set.

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