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Bull Durham (DVD, 2008, 20th Anniversary Edition)

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Like a Walk-Off Grand Slam, Bull Durham Leaves The Baseball Fan Cheering!

Feb 15, 2004 (Updated Feb 15, 2004)
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Pros:Nobody has ever blended baseball & romance like Kevin Costner. Sarandon Sizzles.

Cons:None, unless you hate baseball and/or sex!

The Bottom Line: Costner, Sarandon & Robbins present a sizzling & accurate picture of life, love & baseball! One of the best ever... in any genre!

As pitchers & catchers begin to trickle into Florida & Arizona; the first real sign that winter is giving way to spring; hope itself springs eternal for every Major League Baseball team, from the mighty New York Yankees & World Champion Florida Marlins to the lowly Tampa Bay Devil Rays & Detroit Tigers. Can there then be a better time to review what might just be the best baseball movie ever filmed?

Bull Durham blends romance and baseball like no movie before or since. Kevin Costner will be remembered for this movie if he is forgotten for every other he will make for the rest of his career! A very sexy Susan Sarandon and a young Tim Robbins round out the love triangle that happens on and around the baseball diamond. It is an unforgettable movie that tells the behind-the-scenes story of struggling minor league baseball players as they learn about life and dream of making The Show.

Costner is Crash Davis, a twelve year minor league veteran who finds his Class AAA League contract bought out by the Class A Durham Bulls. The reasoning? Crash is a catcher who is the ultimate pro; very serious about the game. His project is one Ebby Calvin LaLoosh (Robbins), a wild and sex hungry pretty boy pitcher with "a million dollar arm and a five cent head."

At their first meeting, Davis ends up decking LaLoosh with a solid left punch; the first of many wake-up calls for LaLoosh to take his talent and job seriously.

But what Ebby Calvin lacks in dedication to the job he makes up for with obsession with sex. LaLoosh is selected by Annie Savoy (Sarandon) who has made baseball her own personal religion. She feels that each season she is "called" on to select one player to make her project and help on the the major leagues. She accomplishes this through a recipe of poetry, psychology, mumbo-jumbo, and of course good, old-fashioned, unbridled sex! Early in the movie she gives LaLoosh the nickname of Nuke because he is "a regular nuclear melt-down" in his rush for sex.

The movie covers the bulk of the 142 game minor league season and chronicles Nuke's gradual rise to stardom as he begins to listen to Crash's advice. It also has some serious sexual and romantic overtones as Annie realizes that she has feelings for Crash rather than Nuke but they are on hold because she is "committed to Nuke for the season."

If you love the game of baseball; especially as it is played in the minor leagues; you'll be enthralled at the accuracy in the portrayal on the diamond. If your thing is romance; you will not be disappointed as Nuke is finally called up to the Show, as the players refer to the Major Leagues; and Crash and Annie finally connect!

Costner has made several sports themed movies and many more with seriously sexy scenes. None in either genre can surpass the steam that fills the celluloid in this film. This is another of those films that will no doubt find its way to my "top ten" list, should I ever decide to put one together! If you've never watched this movie, why not make it part of your own spring training as we prepare for another season of "America's Pass-time!"

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