Burris AR-536 5x36mm Rifle Scope Reviews
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Burris AR-536 5x36mm Rifle Scope

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Burris AR-536 Tactical Rifle Scope

Oct 3, 2013
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Pros:A great piece of tactical equipment for the money.

Cons:Made in Chaina like everything else....

The Bottom Line: I would recommend the Burris AR-536 Tactical Rifle Scope to anyone who works in the Military, Law Enforcement fields and for Home Security.

Burris AR-536 CQC X5 Prism Tactical
Illuminated Red / Black / Green ballistic Reticle , Black Matte Scope

Built for the Tactical Carbine with the Tactical Shooter in mind.

The best thing about leaving California is a person can own guns again. While in California I could only buy or own my granddads hunting type rifles. Now here in Oregon, you can still own AR-15 semi-automatic weapons. I purchased a Bushmaster AR-15 as soon as I got settled down up here. I served in the military off and on for fourteen years and was deployed twice. So I know this weapon platform inside and out. I like the Weaver style (Picatinny) rail system. The civilians have access to all the bells and whistles. Everything except the Full Automatic feature, that the military uses. With these rail systems I am able to put all sorts of accessories on my weapon. After trying a couple other tactical scopes I ended up upgrading to the Burris AR-536 a few months ago.

These tactical scopes are great for close quarters, quick target acquisition by bracketing. One of the short comings with the lower end tactical scopes is that they are purely battery operated. So if you are busy and put your weapon away without turning the scope off, the next time you grab it, you will have NO sight reticle. This have been fixed in the Burris AR-536. I use the Green reticle for darker shooting, the Red for bright shooting and the Black for general day-light shooting. When the battery goes dead, the scope will always go back to the black tactical reticle.  The battery lasts a long time if you remember to shut them off. On the highest setting it will last 200 hours. On the mid-range setting it'll last 500 plus hours.

The Burris AR-536 is set up specifically for the 223/ 5.56  AR-15, M-16 or M-4 rifle. The scope comes with a X5 prism magnification. It has 0 MOA at 100 yards. Once you zero this scope at 100 yards you are set to shoot. There are a series of dots below the horizontal line in the scope that represent an additional hundred yards out to 600 yards. So at 100 yards you hold the top dot on your target. At 300 yards you hold third dot down on your target and at 600 yards you hold the bottom dot on target. This scope. You can also adjust for windage, rain, temperature or whatever level you are at. If you are at a sniper level they also sell anti-glare honey comb inserts for this scope.  I zeroed at 100 yards dead on and had no problems hitting a human silhouette target at 400 yards off hand with a six inch pattern. The scope is also a flat matte black anti reflect or shine. I also like the flip up scope covers. This way I don't lose my scope covers. It also comes with Picatinny rails on the top and both sides for additional accessories. I have a green lazer on one side and a surefire light on the other side of my Burris AR-536. So if the target is fifty yards or closer I just put the green lazer on the target and pull the trigger, no need to take the time to look through the scope and acquire the target. If it's from 50 yards to 600 yards I can hit the target consistently with the Burris AR-536. Any farther than that I would put my Leupold 3x9x50 on or grab my 308 rifle.


~ 5X Magnification Prism Tactical Scope
~ 36MM Objective
~ CQ Tactical Reticle
~ Illuminated Green Reticle - 5 brightness settings for Darker shooting
~ Illuminated Red Reticle - 5 brightness settings for Lighter shooting
~ Black Reticle when scope is not turned on or battery dies
~ Flip up lens covers
~ Water and Fog Proof, Multi-coated, Nitrogen purged
~ Fits on any Weaver, Picatinny Rail System or  carrying handle
~ Matte Flat Black non-glare finish
~ Picatinny Rails on Top, and both sides for accessories
~ Crystal clear, bright, crisp Optics with Focus Adjustment
~ Large Picatinny Rail Mounts and large Nuts for Quick Assembly

Snipers / Match Shooters

0.33 MOA click value
60 MOA Maximum Adjustment
Bullet drop compensated by dots out to 600 yards
Field of View at 100 yards is 20'
Shooting with a standard 62 gr FMJ round
Sharp focus diopter adjustment

More Information
Replacement battery CR2032 Lithium battery
To see the optics and reticle you can go to the Burris Web Site;


I am happy with the Burris AR-536 for targets from 50 to 500 yards. Any closer I'd use a lazer and any farther I'd use a larger rifle. The Burris AR-536 is a little expensive but it's the best there is at this point in time without going crazy on the price. I am sure Night Force or Steiner would be better scopes, however they start out at $1,200.00 I would highly recommend the Burris AR-536 to Military, Law Enforcement, home defense and WTSHTF preppers. This scope is for close quarters  to mid-range combat and NOT meant for hunting game animals. This one falls under the Tactical Carbine category. There are better scopes out there for hunting game. For the money this scope can't be beat. When I zeroed this scope I made two small pencil marks so I ca take it off use another scope and quickly put this one back on and have it zeroed instantly. Fir clearing houses everyday (very close quarters combat) I would use the Eotech holographic sight. For long distance I would use a Leupold 3X9 by 40 or 50 or the Nikon P-223. For anything in-between I will be using the Burris AR-536. Another thing I like about the scope is how it's already set up for making up to and including a six  hundred yard shot. You don't have to think about it... “if it's six hundred yards I need to hold 13 inches high”. The drop is already calibrated to this caliber in the scope.  So you just find the yardage, then the dot for that yardage and that's it. As the yardage goes further out, the dots get gradually smaller so your 500 yard dot don't cover up a smaller target. The 600 yard dot at the bottom of the reticle is a clear circle so you can see and center a small target out there.


Only clean lenses with special cleaning wipes for high-end optics like Scopes and cameras. Never use water to clean your optics. I use a can of air and optic wipes. Then I keep the scope covered all the time. Scope covers can be purchased for twenty bucks. It's just silly not to put one on a $350.00 scope.

Thanks for the read,

©2013 Joe McMaster

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