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Corona Bypass Pruner Bp 3160 (038313000608)

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Treat Yourself to a Good Set of Hand Pruners

Sep 16, 2009 (Updated Oct 18, 2010)
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Pros:Sturdy, cuts well. Slender profile, comfortable for smaller hands.

Cons:A bit pricey (but worth it)

The Bottom Line: I'm happy with these pruners and would recommend them to other gardeners.

I admit it. I abuse my gardening tools. These Corona bypass pruners (model 3160) are no exception, but they are tough and can take it. I've dropped them on hard surfaces. I use them to cut larger branches than I should and sometimes use them to pry or dig things up when nothing else is handy. I've left them outside in the rain and put them away wet and muddy. After a few years of heavy use, the metal and handles are stained, but the pruners are still a pleasure to use. I sharpen them occasionally.

About the Tool

These clippers have a slender profile. The blade is curved and strong. The handles remind me slightly of those found on wire cutters. I guess it's because they are slim and feel like they are all of one piece with the sturdy blade, and the whole clippers have been drop forged. The handles have a reddish orange coating that makes them comfortable to grip and easier to spot when they are on the ground.

Underneath the blade is a little metal loop that can flip up to snag a hook on the handle and hold the handles closed when not in use.  It took a little practice, but I can easily flick it up or down with my forefinger when I'm using the clippers. The handles easily move apart, which is how it should be. When you use hand pruners, you want most of your effort to go into closing the blade, you don't want to have to put a lot of effort into opening the blade too. However, some other, cheaper pruners that I've used have a springier feel, which tends to make me put more effort into keeping the handles together when I'm not ready to cut. I don't feel this way with these pruners. The handles open easily, but not so easily that I have to put extra effort into keeping them together when I need to. The hook-and-loop feature helps--I find that I flick the loop on and off without thinking about it.

If you look closely at the blade, you can see the model number stamped onto one side.

How They Work

I have small hands and the pruners fit comfortably in them. We have a lot of trees, bushes and vines, so I often spend hours snipping and raking. My hand feels less fatigued than when I use my other cheap pruners.

The slender profile makes it easy to insert into small gaps and for me to see what I'm cutting.

I like the easy way the blade slices through slender branches. The cuts are clean and there's no tearing of the skin/bark. This model is meant to cut branches of 3/4-inch or less. I tend to use it mostly on branches that are 1/2-inch or less. I've at times used it to cut branches that are bigger than 3/4-inch--but I don't recommend it. If the wood is soft you can get away with it, but if the wood is hard you risk damaging the pruners. After I was hacking away once at some thick, hardened deadwood (I really should have used loppers), the blade felt a little loose afterward, though it seems fine now.

I don't recall having trouble cutting through green wood with these pruners, but sometimes when branches are dead and dry the wood turns very, VERY hard. I've had a trouble cutting through these, but can't imagine that any other pair of hand pruners would have an easy time.  In those cases, even if the branches are skinnier than 3/4 inch, it's probably better to use a pair of loppers.

I've used lots of other pruners, most of them cheap--costing maybe five dollars or less. There's one that I used to think was fancy, with a thick foam pad on the handle and shiny, thick metal blades. I use it mainly to recut flower stems before I put them in a vase. It doesn't cut as cleanly--it usually leaves some bark that ends up tearing. It can't cut as many stems at once as the Corona. And even though it hasn't had heavy use it sort of exploded one day (there is a springy metal piece that pushes the handles apart and it caused the whole thing to go kablooie when I was snipping off a few rose stems).

Instead of buying another one of these for $5, I'd get a Corona bypass pruner. I got mine from Ace. (I know everyone goes to Home Depot/Lowes, but I've often found that Ace has a better selection of better quality tools).

According to the Manufacturer's Website, the Specs Are:

*Cutting capacity of ¾” diameter
*Resharpenable forged Radial Arc® bypass blade
*Fully heat-treated, forged steel alloy construction
*Slant-ground, narrow-profile hook
*Precision-made, self-aligning pivot bolt
*Sap groove
*Non-slip, cushioned grips
*Forged for strength
*Lifetime Warranty

Another pruner you might want to consider is the Corona 3180.  It's similar in shape to the 3160, but the blade is not as curved and the pruner is heavier and bigger, with thicker handles. I haven't used it, though I have held it. It's not as comfortable for my small hands, so I would stick with the 3160.  However, if you have medium to large hands you might prefer this heavier model as it is supposed to be able to cut branches up to 1-inch and has a wire-cutting notch.

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