Canciones de Amor by Cristian Castro (CD, Apr-2006, Sony Music Distribution (USA)) Reviews
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Canciones de Amor by Cristian Castro (CD, Apr-2006, Sony Music Distribution (USA))

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Canciones de Amor: a Compilation of Christian Castro's Love Songs

Sep 3, 2009 (Updated Sep 6, 2009)
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Pros:Soft music good for solitary moments of deep reflection.

Cons:Too melancholic for anyone diagnosed with manic depressive disorder unless to rush the end.

The Bottom Line: A collection of Christian Castro's most romantic hits.  It is definitely a keep-sake and good addition to a great music collection.

Christian Castro - General Background Information

Grammy Award nominated Christian Castro was born on December 8, 1974 as Cristian Sáenz Castro in Mexico City, to a well known Mexican entertainment personality Verónica Castro and comedian Manuel El Loco Valdes.  The older of two, Christian Castro also has younger brother Michel Sáenz Castro.
Interestingly enough, Christian Castro began his career in entertainment as a baby with an acting debut in the famous telenovela El Derecho de Nacer.  Later, he appeared on a Mexican version of the "Mame" alongside Mexican actress Silvia Pinal, who is herself an institution in Mexican film and television.

Christian Castro's music industry career did not begin until 1992 when he released his debut album Agua Nueva.  In 1993, he started a tour and scheduled concerts in Puerto Rico where his road to international acclaim commenced, and after the launch of his song Nunca Voy a Olvidarte, he became a teen idol and sex symbol.  Christian Castro as one of the best selling Latin Pop male artists has worked with top producers including Santander and Roman.

It is 17 years now after Christian Castro began his music career, and has since married and even had two children, with ex-wife Valeria Lieberman.  With regard to the breakup, the world has been involved through heavy press coverage surrounding the end to their marriage and the divorce proceedings and custody battle of which portions were televised internationally and left him bankrupt.

As recent as yesterday, September 2, 2009, a friend of the Castro family was asked on "El Gordo y La Flaca" an entertainment news show which is televised on Univision, to comment on a photograph of paparazzi displaying Christian Castro with his ex-wife with his two children having a good time, however, according to the friend of the Castro family, Valeria Lieberman had planned the occasion and had pre-sold the pictures that were to be taken and that there are definitely no plans for reconciliation.  It is Valeria Lieberman, per the friend that is nothing more than pretty much a snake for having to capitalize off of the reunion with the children.

Canciones de Amor by Christian Castro - The Compilation Album

Canciones de Amor by Christian Castro is a compilation album of songs from other albums and was released by BMG Sony on April 25, 2006.  Tracks on the album/CD include:

1. Tu Buscaría (You Would Go Looking)
2. Lo Mejor de Mi (The Best of Me)
3. Cuando Me Miras Así (When You Look At Me Like That)
4. Volver a Amar (To Love Again)
5. Después de Ti. Qué? (After You, What?)
6. Yo Quería (I Wanted)
7. Soledad (Loneliness)
8. Lloran las Rosas (The Roses Cry)
9. Cupido (Cupid)
10. Si Yo Fuera El (If I Was Him)
11. Llorar Por Dentro (Crying From Within)
12. Una Canción Para Ti (A Song For You)
13. Madrigal (Madrigal - in literature, a short love poem that combines verses of 7 and 11)
14. Tu Vida con la Mia (Your Life With Mine)

The album cover is made of light cardstock that appears like a photo and displays two-thirds of Christian Castro's face from right to left showing only Christian's right eye  entire nose and three-quarters of his lips.  His name which appears as if embossed on the CD cover is printed beside the lower portion of the CD along with the title of the album directly beneath his name. 

Christian Castro's musical style is a contemporary soft romantic pop, usually touching very romantic and melancholic topics surrounding relationships, and the joy and pain that goes along with it and life.  The weird thing is, as romantic are the melodies he sings, the allegations made by Valeria Lieberman during the divorce proceedings and custody battle to include physical abuse, is a polar opposite of how he projects himself on stage and to the press.  

Canciones de Amor by Christian Castro - A Personal Experience

I purchased this CD for $10.88 at Wal-Mart and all because I lost another CD of Christian Castro entitled  Azul or can't remember who I loaned it out to.  I bought the compilation CD because at the time it wasn't available at Wal-Mart although today, it is.   Regardless, I purchased this compilation for the song entitled, ¿Después de Ti, Que?  Which to this day I love to play on my CD player, which I usually save for my solitary moments and when I take a look into the past or when I throw my pity parties! 

Luckily for me, the CD also contains other favorites of mine from Christian Castro: Lo Mejor De Mi, Yo Queria and Lloran las Rosas.  The reason that I like Christian Castro's music is not only for the soft romantic latin pop melodies, it is also because of the literary value of the lyrics, since his music (lyrics and melody) is, simply put, poetic, and so is his life really.  Although I wasn't watching Spanish television when he began his career because I was still a baby, too, when he was, I have seen on one occasion the soap opera that he debuted his entertainment career in when he was just a baby, "El Derecho de Nacer," at least one of the scenes in which he appears, and today, he is always in the press with some new sighting of him with a new romantic interest that it is all you can do not to listen to the news about him, but he has had some hard knocks in life at an early age and having a superstar mother and a not absent but not present well known ladies' man father didn't much help the family nucleus needed by growing kids either, so basically I feel like I can understand where he is coming from.

I would rate this CD as excellent, but can only give it as well as him an above-average rating.  To get that excellent rating from me, a musician doesn't just have to meet all of the prerequisites of a good artist, I usually look at the track record as to how involved they have been with causes that go over and above their artistic careers, and to date, I know Christian has been rather heavily involved in his divorce and custody battle, but I haven't personally witnessed as much in the press for his "causes," whatever they may be, as I have with other artists in the same genre and I use Juanes and Shakira as prime examples of what it takes to receive an excellent rating.  They are the ones who have set the bar, not I!  His music is good, and the CD is worth every cent the $10.88, but since his competitors in the latin music genre have truly exceeded what is required of them in their careers in areas so far out of the scope of their work, that I need a little something more compelling to provide a base for an excellent rating.

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