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Cast Away (DVD, 2006, Single Disc Version; Full Frame; Sensormatic)

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Tom Hanks-The Robinson Crusoe

Feb 3, 2001
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Pros:Tom hanks does a good job, visual and sound effects

Cons:the ending kind of leaves a viewer confused

The Bottom Line: Overall, if you like realistic movies, go see it. This is not a comedy although there is humor in some scenes, mostly irony though. Go see it anyways

Yes, this story touches a little on the famous story written by Daniel Defoe called Robinson Crusoe who in a ship wreck got stuck on an island. Well, if you've already seen Cast Away or at least a preview of this movie, you night know what I am talking about.
The guy is employeed with FedEx, on the FedEx plane he gets into the storm, the plane goes down into the ocean. The only survivor is Tom Hanks. He lives on the island for 4-5 years, while most of the movie shows what he goes through physically and emotionally being all by himself there. His only company on the island is the volley ball named Wilson that he got out of the shipping Fed Ex package that was floating on the water by the shore after a plane crash. After 5 years of his wild life, our hero becomes wild looking. He finally builds a boat (if you can call it a boat, looked like a bunch of brush and rope piled together). On the boat, he and Wilson travel for hundreds of miles before a ship finds Tom Hanks floating in his boat on the water out of energy.
Next thing you know, he is back to normal life. But wait, Helen Hunt playing his girlfriend is now married. Yes, that girl that he was dreaming of on the island for so many years, now has a family of her own. The end of the movie is something that I liked the least in this movie, there is no real ending.
I liked the movie and I would recommend to see it to those who think realistic movies are cool. There is no magic in this movie, it's all real, it's all the way it would be if it would ever happen. Tom Hanks' performance who plays the primary role in this movie is good.
I think the whole movie brings the viewer as close as it possibly can. The beginning is somewhat undefined, you start understanding the goal of the movie only when the airplane is about to crash.
The scenes that were filmed in Moscow at the beginning of the movie are not very accurate, people speak broken Russian language. I can tell 'cause I lived there and I speak it.
Overall, it is worth to see, at least once, some scenes of destruction and pain may be unappropriate for some kids.

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