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Cats & Dogs: Wonderful Premise, But Far From Purrrfect

Jul 7, 2001
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Pros:cat's rule

Cons:dog's drool

The Bottom Line: 2.5 stars

This is a difficult review for me. Part of me adored this film, that is the child part in me. The other part of me, the real person, feels the film is a huge disappointment. I've been pumped up on seeing this film for sometime. I'm a huge animal lover, dogs and cats, I have them both. The problem is, the film I created in my head, the film I thought I would be seeing, is much different than the film I saw today.

The film has a wonderful premise. Cats and Dogs are at war with each other, they have been for hundreds of years. The war is brewing right under our noses, and none of us have a clue. All of the animals can talk, they have high-tech gadgets, and they seem to be quite a bit smarter then us humans. It's simple, original, and clever. Too bad the film doesn't live up to it's potential.


The cats are the main reason to see the film. Let's face it, dogs might be the good guys, but cats are the interesting ones. I found the most entertaining scenes in the film involved the wonderful felines. We have the Siamese ninja cats, who parachute out of air planes, and do espionage that would make James Bond jealous. It's a wonderful scene in the film watching them fight the pup with their high-tech gadgets.

Then we have the Russian kitty, who uses his cuteness to divert the humans in the film, but don't be fooled, he's a trained killer. One of the best scenes in the film, is when the bad little kitty goes up against his two rival dogs. The weapons, the violence, it's wonderful. It's like a Looney Tune cartoon coming too life.

Mr. Tinkles is one of most wonderful villains of the year. He is the maniacal genius who tries to take over the world. He's as adorable as he is lethal. Voiced by Sean Hayes (Will And Grace), Mr. Tinkles is by far the most hysterical, entertaining character in the film.


The dogs are of course the heroes of the film. They are sweet, friendly, and completely boring. Most of the celebrity voices are for the dogs. We have Tobey Maguire (upcoming Spiderman), he's the voice of Lou, short for loser. Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon, and Michael Clarke Duncan supply voices for the other K-9's. My favorite of the dogs, is the ugly little Peek, voiced by Joe Pantoliano (The Sopranos). What a homely little dog! I wanted to take him home with me.

One of the problems I have with the film, is that we are suppose to root for the dogs. Why? They are not nearly as intelligent or likable as the cats. It's a problem that the film makes. The villains are much more entertaining than the heroes. The film makers shouldn't have been so biased, and they should have made the film less obvious in this department.


This is where the film really suffers. Jeff Goldblum is too damn bizarre in the film to be likable. Which is a shame, cause he is usually the best thing in his films. Elizabeth Perkins is completely wasted in the film. The kid is distasteful. In my film of Cats and Dogs, he would be mauled, eaten, and shat out on the grass by the Alec Baldwin dog.

I liked the film. I just wanted a whole lot more, and it could have been. The film in my opinion is disappointing, but i'm sure families will love it. I'm recommending the film because I can't get enough of those evil kitties. Plus, Mr. Tinkles said he would burn my family and I alive if I didn't.

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