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Nov 11, 2012
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    Imaginative stamp pads having dazzling colors, washable inks and delectable fragrance are useful for creating scented inspirational symbols,  game cards and boards and more.

Note: as with most of the items I review in this category the items are not toys, games, game pieces, game boards, game machines or game devices or Software or Office Supplies per se, rather these are classroom type materials developed by educators and intended for use with Early Childhood, and primary and older age Elementary students in a classroom or home school setting.

This product is an INK STAMP PAD


Center Enterprises™ Manufacturing Company Incorporated Orange Scented Stamp Pad conforming to industry and governmental standards regarding safety in situations where small children can be expected to be present, measures 3.5 X 2.25 inches, with hinged top lid, provides agreeable glowing plum tinted, grape scented excitement to Osage County First Grade classroom Little Learner work pages. 

Generated via harmless inks scented stamp pads supply a pleasant, appealing mechanism  for use in the Early Education arena; scented stamp pads deliver fragrant, concrete validation that Little Learner completed work tasks is correct, up to standard and significant.

While not used everyday; stamp and sniff stamp pads are utilized from time to time.  Whatever thing used to motivate and reassure becomes humdrum if it is used too often.  On the other hand, a appetizingly scented stamp placed at the top of a work sheet to designate that this page is extraordinary, is completed sufficiently well and is something for Little Learners to feel proud about, becomes tedious if it is always the same color, scent or graphic placed on top of every page completed. 

I use a diversity of small and large stamps including smile stars, holiday theme, smiling faces, motivating words, Garfield paw print and the like in the Osage County First Grade.

I actually began using scented stamp pads first when I was teaching inCaliforniaand a parent sent an orange scented stamp pad on the first day of the new school term with his Kindergarten girl.  That stamp pad was created by Center Enterprises™ Publishing Company Incorporated and was planned as a class gift.  Both Little Learners and Mrs M were captivated with the color and the fragrance.

As it turned out; our school sat in the midst of several huge orange groves, and the word orange even used in the name of the school itself. 

Much of the southern area of theSan JoaquinValleyis filled with grape vineyards, grapes and raisins are recognized, eaten and enjoyed daily during much of the year in the area.  Using a grape scented ink stamp pad for presenting a well done approval stamp always brought, and continues to evoke, a smile to Little Learner lips in California and Oklahoma classrooms where I am teaching. 

Imaginative stamp pads supplying dazzling colors, washable inks and delectable fragrance are useful for creating scented endorsement symbols, scented game cards and boards, theme focused flash cards, and more. 

Presenting hard-wearing, nontoxic, washable grape scented, wine hued ink originated to cleanup quickly and without difficulty or leaving behind stains or smears, makes cleanup trouble-free.  I like to laminate many instructional and classroom tasking materials, ink having washable capability may smudge and blur should liquid be dropped on the ink stamped, work task piece surface. Little Learners are prone to drop many things including task cards and to drop bits and pieces atop classroom materials.   

Laminating provides two fold results; materials are protected against coughs and sneezes, spills and – I didn’t mean to – situations, and the laminating film causes colors to become more intense.  I find laminating will mask the grape scent thus I use plain purple stamp pad for task cards and the like to be laminated.

Happy to recommend Center Enterprises™ Manufacturing Company Incorporated Grape Scented Stamp Pad

NOTE:   other scented pads from this Publisher are available including bubble gum, blue berry, strawberry, orange, cherry and more


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NOTE: The following is information regarding Center Enterprises™ Manufacturing Company Incorporated.

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Internet search including reading the Center Enterprises™ Manufacturing Company Incorporated website indicates: Established in 1975 and incorporated inConnecticut; Center Enterprises, Rubber stamps and accessories that live up to Your Expectations,  based inWest Hartford,CTis a private business entity noted as an Educational Supplies and Equipment, Mail Order entity.

The Center Enterprises catalog features imaginative and instructive core curriculum wood mounted, vari sized individual rubber stamps as well as an extensive selection of stamp pads, accessories, and embossing powders.


Center Enterprises
30 Shield Street
West Hartford,CT06110

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