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Cirque du Soleil - Dralion (VHS, 2001)

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How Do They Do It? Cirque Du Soleil - Dralion M&L3 W/O

Nov 30, 2004
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Pros:Good clean family oriented fun


The Bottom Line: An avant-garde style of circus much more fun to watch and listen to than the usual Ringling Bros. type circus

This is my initial entry into Sleeper 54's infamous annual Lean and Mean write off, wherein submitted reviews are restricted (upon punishment in the stocks) to a mere six hundred sixty-seven words. Since I've already used fifty-one words and I don't want to visit the stocks, I better get going.

Dralion is the third video I've watched of the Cirque du Soleil series. For those of you not familiar with Cirque, it is seems to be a mergence of extremely well done circus acts, sans the animals, in a floor show format. Indeed, two versions of Cirque shows are currently holding forth in showrooms in prominent Las Vegas Hotels. I say versions because that's what they are. Unlike a play which can be replicated by different actors, Cirque is limited by what each particular performer does. This is both a weakness and a strength of Cirque and they have taken advantage of the strength to create multiple renditions, each with a different theme, music etc.

Cirque du Soleil originated in France in 1982 with a group of street entertainers performing for pedestrians. They proved to be so popular that new troupes were formed and finally went indoors in a circus/show format. Eventually the shows evolved into larger and larger productions, some of which could be considered extravaganzas (you don't perform Vegas with an organ grinder and a monkey).

Cirque du Soleil is now internationalized with performers from all over the globe, performing all over the world and for those who cannot see a show in person there are now numerous videos, which though probably not as exciting as being there in person, actually give one a better feel for the performances, with the closeups and varying shots. And how would I describe the shows? Well I can only speak for the three videos I have seen, Dralion, Alegria and Journey of ?Man.

Dralion like all Cirque du Soleil performances is a visual and audio treat. Unlike conventional circus's which utilize as many as three rings, Cirque uses only a single techno oriented ring with multi colored lighting. The sets are gorgeous and the costumes are as colorful as flowers in spring. In Dralion the singers along with the music, a form of world New Age, were so mesmerizing, that I wouldn't mind getting the sound track. The clown skits were both unusual and funny. The circus acts ranged from intricate jump roping to jaw dropping trapeze acts with much in between. It seems each act has a little different slant on what you have seen in the past. For me the most amazing acts were a juggler, named Viktor, of such unique style and expertise that it was mind boggling and a lady on her back flipping around a parasol on edge with her feet, amazing but believe me all the circus acts were imaginative and entertaining. There was one thing I didn't understand though. A couple times a giant hollow wheel was ushered out, for what I know not. It had nothing to do with any performance and was only out a minute or two and rolled back. It just seemed odd to this observer. Also the Chinese style simulated Dragons and Lions didn't play a very prominent part considering the show was named after them.


Being forced to create varied and divergent shows seems to have been a blessing. This means that audiences that have seen one version of Cirque and like it, would be likely to visit others, or as an alternative buy or rent the many videos. These videos would even be entertaining for children.

This particular show/video, Dralion, obviously a melding of Dragon with Lion, was filmed in Asia and a majority of performers were Asian. This leads me to believe that, even though some members were from Canada, each troupe performs mostly in their geographical area. Hence the videos allow audiences world wide to view these wonderful shows in the intimacy of their own homes. In summary I would strongly recommend this or any Cirque video for family viewing.

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