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Targus Pf725a Optical Mouse

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Targus Optical Mouse

Sep 4, 2004 (Updated Apr 1, 2009)
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Pros:Super quality and compact! Does all that a full size mouse does.

Cons:The connection from cord to mouse came loose over 5 months.

The Bottom Line: It didn't hold up, but was replaced under their warranty. If I find my replacement is more reliable I will update this again.

UPDATE 2/15/05

I loved this mouse, but after using it for only 5 months it is not working up to par. It sporatically quits on me, and is not recognized by my computer. I think the connections of the thin cord to the mouse have come loose over time. Targus honored their warranty, and about 5 weeks after mailing mine to them they sent a new one.


I have been using a great mini optical mouse, but it had a big downfall, no scrolling bar. I have been using a scrolling mouse with my desk top computer for several years, and I had really gotten used to it's advantages.

Today I went to Best Buy specifically to purchase a mini optical mouse with a scrolling bar. They had a large selection in their accessories department to choose from, and I nearly bought one that was significantly larger than this one. But when I ambled down a few isles to the laptop computer section I noticed that other optical mice were also on display. Lo and behold, I spied this Ultra Mini Mouse by TARGUS. It has the scrolling bar in the middle, it is an optical mouse, and it has a retractable cord. All for the low price of $24.99.

System Requirements

* Hardware: IBM PC and Compatibles
* Operating System: Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, NT, XP
* Connectivity: USB Port (Type A)
* The mouse comes standard with a USB connection (USB 1.1)

Operating Instructions

* This Ultra Mini Mouse is a plug-and-play, it does not require any special software or drivers.

* To extend the cord (remember it's retractable) you simply hold onto the mouse with one hand and the USB connector with the other, and simply pull both ends of the cord away from the cord wheel simultaneously. I learned that holding the scrolling wheel and pulling the cord didn't work well, the cord was coming out of the wheel in large loops.

* To retract the cord back into the wheel, you pull on both ends of the cord and it will release and retract.

* To cord length is about 2 feet long, but you can retract it to your desired length. I find that about 1 foot is just right for me. If I make it too short, the wheel pulls on the cord too much and makes it harder to manipulate.

* The "Scroller Button" lets me scroll up or down, left or right, and I can alternate between open applications. The mouse allows me to browse web sites and Windows easily, just like my full size mouse.

Dimensions and Weight

This is the smallest mini mouse I have seen on the market today! It is amazing accurate, (as accurate as a full size mouse), but is a mere 3" long by 1 1/4" wide. It is so lightweight too, weighing only 1.5 ounces!


I wondered if this mouse would be as comfortable to use as the full size scrolling mice are, and it is. It feels very nice in my hand and is amazingly easy to use even though it is very tiny. I have small hands, and I have absolutely no problem using this mouse. Somebody with large hands may find it a bit clumbsy however.

The optical sensor, the latest in technology today, gives a perfect response to my mouse movements. With the optical mouse there are no moving parts, (such as the roller ball on the bottom) so there are no parts to clean, and the cursor doesn't jump or stick.

The mouse is a silver matte color, and the red light (the diode laser) is only seen on the bottom of the mouse. With our Atek Mini Mouse, the light was on both the top and the bottom and it could get quite bright. In fact there was a warning in the manual for users to avoid looking directly at the red light. This optical beam coordinates the pointer, and does not require any battery cells.

The only thing I don't care for is that the cord is not as sturdy as the "evlar reinforced cord" on our Atek Mini Mouse. This is probably because the cord is retractable and thus performs better if it is thinner.

This tiny mouse fits neatly onto the palm rest of my laptop, and would also work great in any small space, such as the food tray in an airplane. It works on any flat surface, even our leather couch!

The pointer has a very good response,and all the buttons operate wonderfully. Likewise, the tracking movements are very accurate. The left and right click work superbly.

Warranty and Technical Support

This Ultra Mini Mouse is warranted for one year. It did not come with any kind of manual, but technical support can be found by going to the Targus website: http://www.targus.com/support.asp

Product registration is also done online by going to:

After I registered my mouse I received an email from Targus offering a 15% discount on my next order from their website.

Since this mouse did not come with a users manual, a users guide can be downloaded from the Targus website in Acrobat 5.0. The diagram may be helpful if you have difficulty pulling out or retracting the cord:


Final Thoughts

I LOVE THIS MOUSE! And it comes with a nice drawstring pouch for storage.

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Amount Paid (US$): 24.99

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