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Mar 9, 2004
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Pros:a Palm , 8 Meg memory , solid build ,dependable, great s/h buy

Cons:no USB, eats batteries , no internal rechargeable battery, unexiting design, oldish now

The Bottom Line: Highly recommended as a good dependable reliable cheap s/h buy. 8 meg memory ample for most people. A palm - nuff said Tons of good free software availble

[will write fuller review later]

Great dependable organiser with ample 8Mb of memory and Speedball 16 Mhz processor. Good clear sharp screen. Solid build

Bit long in the tooth now, but a good s/h buy on eBay etc

Eats batteries, so worth getting rechargeables

No USB hot synch, slowish on serial but but OK

Not the coolest styling but OK

Does what you would expect a B/W Palm to do

Tons of great free applications available on the net and magazine cover disks

I have a genuine 'Palm Glove' case which is made by a wet-suit company apparently - and looks as if it was - bulky
but recommended

The book: 'How to do absolutely everything with your Palm hadheld' is highy recommended but try to get latest edtion as they keep updating it

I like Palms - I have 2 Palms and a Handspring and I definitely reckon that the Palm system is superior to Pocket Windows

Apparenly, when the Palm was designed in about 1997 iirc, Palm asked themselves: 'What can the hardware allow us to do in a handheld right ow?' They designed the Palm OS acccordingly

Apparently, when Microsoft designed the Windows CE OS at about the same time (which was 'rebadged' as Pocket Windows) they asked themselves instead: 'What will the hardware allow us to do at some time in the future?' They then designed Windows CE accordingly

The Palm OS is lean and mean and made good use of existing hardware

Windows CE was kludgy over-blown over-kill and got such a bad name, that Microsoft had to reinvent it as Pocket Windows

This all sounds rather remincent of the Windows v Linux

Pocket windows based machines are pretty good but are much more expensive than equivalent Palms which do most of what you want in a PDA

I personally think that the logic which says that you want a PDA to be a scaled down desktop, with all the same applications, is flawed, as most people don't, in fact

For those who do then use a Toshiba Portege sub notebook or something similar which uses proper full Windows

There is no way a 2 inch square screen can act as a scaled down 15 inch desktop monitor

Just my personal views, but that is why I will stay with Palm for the forseeable future

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 180
Recommended for: Students - Stylish and a Best Value

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