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Cobra XRS 9965 Radar Detector

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Cobra XRS-9965 Radar Detector

Jun 7, 2011
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Pros:Does its jobs. Picks up through mountains. Voice alert. Features can be upgraded.

Cons:Only one year warranty. Touchscreen is small and windshield mount is weak.

The Bottom Line: If you want a solid radar detector, this is a good choice. The voice alert is a great feature, plus you can upgrade on it. It does the job.

     I bought this radar a few months ago for one purpose and one purpose only. It seems like no matter what situation I am in, I am always running late. After being pulled over several times and paying thousands in fines, I decided to get myself a radar detector. When I looked around, I saw a few for 30-40 dollars and some that were over 200 dollars. I decided to meet them in between and I bought the Cobra XRS-9965 Radar Detector. Even though all radars have the basic set up, this is the best one that I have ever seen or used.

     The Cobra XRS-9965 Radar Detector has a 1.5 inch touchscreen display. Yes, touchscreen on a radar detector. This allows you to easily access all of the different settings on the radar. It is very simple to use and navigate around. It has the voice alert built in alert system. It has a car battery voltage display and a car battery voltage warning system display. It has an eight point electronic compass which can be used for navigational purposes. When I bought my radar, it came with a one year warranty. Even though a one year warranty is nice, I thought it should be two at the least. This particular radar is built to have upgrades added to it, which is a pretty cool feature. You can add different things to it which gives you convenience. 

     What I loved about this particular radar is the speed recognition feature. If you have ever owned another radar or you have rode with someone that has had one, you know a radar can be quite noisy. There are times it will constantly beep. This radar doesn't do that. This radar recognizes your speed, whether you are driving slow or stopped. Once it does, it will not alert you of the radar presence. For myself, it is a great feature because you don't need an alert when your driving 10 mph. Also, I love how it points out what radar it picks up. Everything is voice alert which allows you to keep your eyes on the road. That is good for everybody. 

     My XRS-9965 Radar Detector came with the windshield mount and the dash mount also. This radar detector detects all 15 radar bands and all spectre. Depending on the exact location of where you live, your radar detector may not work as good as it should. Since I live in West Virginia, I know many radar systems do not work good within all of the mountains. With this radar, I haven't had the first issue. It has pretty good range on picking up the signal and it allows me plenty of time to slow down. So if you live in the mountains or mountain areas, this would be a good radar to purchase.

     In all honesty, the screen is quite small. I have big hands and it is difficult navigating the touchscreen, only because of my hand size. For someone that has large hands, this radar might not be for you. Also, my windshield mount has already fell a few times. But other then those two issues, I haven't had any problems. It does its job and that is why I bought it. All the extra features are just a bonus.

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