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Coby CVE40 In-Ear only Headphones - Silver

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They're not Bose - but they're not bad, either.

Jun 26, 2009
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Pros:Decently made, decent sound, look just like any other headphones.

Cons:Nothing outstanding about them. Not concert-quality or noise-reducing or anything like that.

The Bottom Line: I'd buy these if you're prone to having to replace headphones regularly. They're okay, and easier on the wallet than bigger name brands.

The Coby line of products, to me, have been high-end treats at low-end prices, i.e., a portable DVD player that lasted a few years rather than a few days, which was what I expected at its price point, as well as some other little gadgets.

These headphones are in line with what I expected. While they're not concert-quality by any stretch of the imagination, they're also not bad. I really didn't hear a difference between these and the ones that came with my son's iPod nano: This could be based on an indifferent ear, or that I simply didn't know what flaws to listen *for*.

They were bought to replace the ones the Nano came with, after daily use and abuse from the 13 year old caused fraying of the wires. And of course, I, the Mom-Who-Freaks-Over-The-Strangest-Things, insisted that he'd get electrocuted or something, using something with exposed wires. Yes, I know that the iPod isn't plugged into an AC outlet when he's using it with headphones. Yes, I also know that he won't use it while out in the rain. And yes, I'm aware that it's very improbable that he'd burst into flames should the exposed, frayed wire been left as it was; he wanted new headphones because the sound was "crackly." But of course, I went into panic mode and sought out a replacement pair.

Forget Apple. The headphones the iPod came with were less than 6 months old when the wire crapped out. Again, it wasn't normal wear and tear - he's a rough kid - but why pay more for something that is going to need frequent replacement?

The Coby CV-E40 Consumer Headphones were purchased at a local store at one of the lower-end prices listed on Epinions. Tack on my 7% state tax, and I feel they were a bargain. So much so that I probably should've picked up a few spares to set aside for when the next wire gets exposed, or whatever else he'll do to make these inoperable.

So far, they've held up to his abuse. The sound, as I noted, really made no difference to me; he hasn't complained either. I'll attribute it to the headphones not having any real, noticeable difference. Could it be the quality of the music files (good) with the headphones (maybe not top of the line) making them sound inoffensive? Maybe.

Could it be that neither of us are, say, professional sound techs that would truly be able to have that picky ear to detect if these are acceptable or substandard? Maybe.

I'd like to think of us as the everyday consumers, who look at the pricepoints first, and then try to get the most bang for our buck.

I'm not embarrassed of the Coby name; it's been good to me. I'll soon have a 26 LCD television by this maker to review (the kid's grandparents just shelled out $300 for that for his upcoming birthday.) I mentioned the DVD player that lived for a few years.
And these headphones, like I said...if he's not complaining, why should I?

They're as comfortable as any others that look just like these. I find them hard to tell apart. They feel just like the ones that came with the iPod, and those also feel like the dollar store ones I picked up for myself for my netbook. There's nothing outstanding, positively or negatively with feel.

Or, as stated, with sound.

I'm going to rate this an "average" product. I wasn't feeling like the guy in the old '70's Maxell commercial, with his scarf flying as the Flight of the Valkyries blasted out of speakers bigger than the average fourth grader, but I wasn't cringing with disgust at the tones that came through, either.

And again, there are lots of variables. Would these sound as good with a different mp3 player? I can't answer that, because I didn't try these on mine, only on his iPod. (Mine, which I reviewed some time ago, has been misplaced.) If it was a cheaper player, maybe it would be a cheaper sound. But would that be the fault of the player, or of the headphones?

I'd leave it to you to decide, but for the money, and if you or your children are as rough on headphones as my son is, this is a purchase that can't hurt you too much.

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