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Coby CVH42 Headband Headphones - Silver

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The Coby CVH42CIR is like a reliable Junky CAR!!!

Apr 13, 2009
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Sound/Speaker Quality

The Bottom Line: If your looking for something cheap, this is for you. They will break on you sooner than later however. 

As I finished writing a review for my favorite pair of headphones (that are waterproof). I started thinking back to my other pair of beloved headphones. That would be the Coby CVH42CIR, they are perhaps the best piece of crap that I'll ever purchase in my life. I remember walking around my high school, proudly wearing my giant Coby's while all the earbud wearers gawked and said "dude those are so old school" 

Price- I picked mine up for 4$. They are defiantly one of the best lower priced headphones you can get. They are a steal for the price unless they break on you the first week you have them. Which leads us to. 

Durability- I'm not going to go out on a limb here, these headphones will break on you! Now my brothers broke on him 3 weeks after he bought them. His right speaker got blown out immediately, then the left headphone broke off when he was pulling them out of his backpack. So i'll list the things that usually break on these headphones quickly. 
1.) No matter how good you take care of them the black foam covering on the headphones will fall off. 2.) The speakers are easily blown out if played to loud for long periods of time. (as in 2 hours) 3.) The connecting piece often breaks. It is fragile and will snap if put under to much pressure. 4.) The plastic casing that keeps your headphones in will frequently come unsnapped, forcing you to shove the mini speaker back in and tape/snap it back together. (if your lucky) 5.) the plastic protection around the chords can wear off easily, and cause the speakers to short out. 

Comfort- These headphones do very good in this category. These headphones fit comfortable over the top of your head and onto your ears. You adjust the plastic connecting piece to fit just about any size head. These head phones wont hurt/mangle your ears like alot of the earbud headphones. They also are very hard to have knocked off. Also the chord is very long, which can to entanglements. But you defiantly wont be glaring down your computer at work cause your chord isn't long enough for you to lean back. 
Performance- These headphones are very loud,(but like i said you run the risk of them blowing out). The sound quality will diminish after a month or two. However it has so many durability you may only enjoy its top sound fro a few weeks. So i have to give these headphones a bad score on that. I would rate it at about a 3.5 out of 10 in the headphone world. 

Overall- These Headphones are like a crappy car that you own. It can blow up on you, break down on you, and your almost always fixing this or that. It does however make you fond of it. These headphones are a cheap buy, and for good reason. They can last you anywhere from one week to a year. Buy these only if you expect about 3 weeks of loud low quality comfortable listening, nothing else. 

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